Friday, December 12, 2008

Kunming Xishan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kunming Xishan Forest Park, located in the western suburbs of Kunming, which rise amid the 15 km between. By Huating Temple, the Temple too, the three Qing Court, Lung, and other scenic points. Huating Temple at an elevation of 2050 meters of the mountain, was founded in the 14th century, the scale of the magnificent Temple temples, Kunming is well-known Buddhist holy sites. Tai Temple was built in 4, the beginning of the century, flowers and trees flourish, delicate fragrance attacks, the Temple of Wang Hailou, in the view of Dianchi Lake is a good place for sunrise. Samcheonggak and the goal is to build a group of the main peak in the Western Hills Ocean Hill cliffs on the buildings, there are 11 nine-storey Tower. Longmen stone works, including the Rock Road, the ancient room, the ancient columns, ancient caves, such as Buddha, is the Western Hills win Of the essence. On the goal, as the lean on a railing next to the cliffs Baizhang; Yuan Wang, you might see, the sea and sky Isshiki, 500, panoramic view of Dianchi Lake.

  This is a rise amid ups and downs, forest green, Shiratori contend, the beautiful scenery of the forest park. The dense forest cover, green and luxuriant year, Huating Temple, Temple, the Qing Court, the three temples, and other ancient temples in the shade pavilions Maolin Xiuzhu deep.

  Western Hills called the Tang Pi-Shan chicken; million next year, too, said Hua Shan; in its west, people used to call it the Western Hills. Western Hills overlooking peaks, like a sit-in Dianchi Lake of the Sea "Sleeping Beauty", her face, chest, abdomen, legs, To drop into the water by the hair, are fresh in our memory, the clear outline.

  Lung Teng-sunrise view, in the face of vast Yan Bo, 500 of the Dianchi Lake, it is refreshing, brings endless reverie.

  People's well-known musician Nie Er's grave was also placed in the tomb in the garden.

  In addition to the above attractions, Xishan Forest Park, the most valuable forests should be very fresh air, from a height overlooking the Dianchi Lake in Kunming and the whole feeling is different. Hiking in the spring is a good place.

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