Friday, December 12, 2008

Nanxi College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Youxi County in the south of the mountain foot of the public, was Zheng Yi Ren Chai premises. Announced that the Northern Song Dynasty and the five-year (1123), the father of Zhu Xi Zhu Ren Wei Youxi County, resident Quguan after this. Southern Song Dynasty built a four-year-yan (1130), Zhu Xi was born here. After the death of Zhu Xi, the county magistrate Li Jiaxi repair in the first year (1237) donation In the construction of the text Ancestral Hall, Temple Chai Wei, and respect Banmufangtang Church Road, and other construction, Zhu and his son worship. Bao ?? the first year (1253), thanks to the amount of Methodism Song "Nanxi College." Million the first year of positive (in 1341), to build the Second Temple, the Ming and Qing dynasties after the expansion of frequent repair. College solemn simplicity, the floor area is 100 M, Temple Chai Wei and watch the first book, Square Yuk, Yuk Ting, and other construction. Tong Li is among the plaster statue of Zhu Xi, Zhu is a hand-written on both sides of the plate in conjunction Four: "The school started this Heshun Qijia of this thrifty Zhijia of this Xun Li Bao's family in this." Its walls hung back on behalf of the eight portraits of ancestors. College in Fang Tang, Zhu Xi an early age to study for the Department. Zhu Xi's "View of the book felt" poem read: "Banmufangtang Kam-open sky clouds were hovering; Drainage asked so clear that many, as to source." The "Banmufangtang" here refers to. Koji next 11 years (1498), Fang Pu county magistrate presided over the expansion of Banmufangtang Deep and Tong Jian in the pavilion, in order to pass the stone bridge, named the "live water pavilion", to repair all this. College are on the left side of Guzhang 2, the towering branches, more than 30 meters high, Wai trees were 10.8 m and 7.8 m, according to legend for the childhood-sik Chu, said, "Shen Zhang Lang" (Zhu Xi Shen Lang for the nicknames). In 1987, Governments to be turned into parks, covering an area of more than 1600 square meters. Zhu Xi's still near the main road in Song 2007 (1171) back at Youxi hand-written, the early years of the Republic carved up the "Chai Wei Zhi-old" stone, the tablet is about 2 meters, 0.7 meters wide, the strongest force pen, pen Fei Yi potential. Ming and Qing dynasties have all repair Nanxi Chi College. "

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