Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nine Fu Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Shan Nature Reserve, located in nine south-west of Youxi County, protected areas cover areas belonging to the humid forest zone in eastern China, in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest zone, central Fujian, wearing a western Fujian Mountain - Jiufeng category Castanopsis evergreen in the northern Shan Lin Area With a typical area of forest cover - in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, the abundance of forest resources , The forest coverage rate of 96%. The distribution of wild plants in the region of 171 Section 1113 kinds of wild animals, 171 kinds of Section 58, the frames are built on the west side of the temple, has a long history, is the highest peak category, 1222.4 meters above sea level, four Qi, Saga rocks, plants everywhere, Journey Into Amazing Caves . In the region Li complicated, spring streams throughout, Fu nine largest rivers, is the main stream, runs through the heart of the central zone, with a total length of 10 km, the river rapids in the multi-Fei Bao, stoning dangerous shoals, good water quality; this unique mountain forest characteristics of the micro-climate The main performance of the season for the uniform, moist Wenliang, the summer resort, Tour the best place to go. Nine from the Fu Shan is the provincial capital of Fuzhou recently the focus of forest along the 316 national highway 170 kilometers away from Fuzhou, Nanping 60 km, and convenient transportation.

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