Saturday, December 13, 2008

Water Yixian Tian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yixian Tian water, Lake scenic area is very representative of one of the attractions. Yan Wei Qiao wall here, the two peaks each other crowded Gassho rolling, soaking up the water mountain, forming a dark green strip Lane, that only a small boat and wipe off cliffs. Shek Pik on the left side of the five Chinese characters "Yi Xiantian water", is the former State Secretary for Tourism written by Liu Yi Now boat down slowly, the water Kuanjin 2 meters, more than 300 meters long, cliff about 100 meters high and look to the only remnant first day, looking down at only one Shui-Guang vein. Water Department to do suddenly into a circular pit, I looked up, surrounded by cliffs, only the middle of a blue sky, there is no sitting View of the day feeling that you have all of a sudden become the "Jingdizhiwa." Li cliff acquire between five prominent rock edge, called off the five-horse trough. Here there are pieces of rock, as the Goddess of Mercy on their sides like. On the cliffs covered with various types of plants, including Dan Lan, Chlorophytum and revive grass, and so on, there are two pools Zhi Xie Fei Quan top-down, sound Zheng Ran, the more colors, such as Bi Tan. Here fresh air, if it is summer, you can also enjoy the generous gift of nature in "natural air-conditioning." ??

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