Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mannan rock ?? - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ganlu Temple of the Mountain Gate, the Tablet is the title of the Song Dynasty Scholars Shu Zou wrote a poem: "If the air-lan, the first of the number of Yunshan; Chien Zhang Lian Hard flow, Cape Wukesong places. Xiaoyu and Buddhist temple, the cream of trees Ye Hong; Looking back on the cliff looking over the thought before the peak. "Ganlu Temple of the performance of the architectural features and the surrounding scenery in the fall. The If the Koran "is the temple. Time flies, still water, temple incense is still ongoing, the Maple Aoshuang stand still, it only Qiujin Gusong short of the two. Ganlu Temple strange construction. Mannan is a natural rock in the narrow Open outside the cave, about 80 meters, 30 meters deep. Up and down the hole for the conglomerate, in For the sandstone, rock filter inside the net, sweet spring water seeping Ganlie such as mannose, called Longquan, the temple was known as the Temple Mannan. Shaoxing Song 16 (Year 1146), a monk setting dependent wall of the temple construction. The upper part of the cave more than 30 meters wide, wide, only the lower part of more than 10 meters, was down three Shape, this ancient geographical disadvantage into a building on the edge, canoe tower in order to resolve the situation on the rocks under the narrow width of the problem. Ground to a pole, the top four pavilions built, the entire Chongyanxieshan-floor stack including Shangdian Court, the Court mirage, Guanyinge, Nam Court building, and so on, all columns supporting a war, no shelter at the top of the Unique style. The temples are all wood construction, with T-shaped arch connected to the first, a nail useless. According to research, the 12th century, when Japan re-inspection tour of Fujian to the source Master, after returning to the world-famous Todaiji Temple in Nara large permitted use in the construction of a "plug-arch", is sampling in Gan The T-shaped rock arch in the first. The 50's, were classified as level mannan Temple heritage unit, the Beijing Institute of Architectural sent to a special study, "people illustrierte" on the Monastery of the photos. The early 1960s, the temple monks and nuns careless use of fire to the whole temple burned. Now the building is 1964 Niangen The original architectural style re-built. ??

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