Saturday, December 13, 2008

Liquan rock - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Water in the northwest side of the riverbank is Liquan rock, rock in a Zen temple. Liquan in Shek Pik on the left side of the rock with a crack, a clear spring from about 70 meters high in the air and Zhixie, can not flow throughout the year long, sweet water, known as the Liquan, rock Liquan also named. Liquan Monastery, founded in 2002 in Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 113 ), Bingluan destroyed in the Yuan Dynasty, the reconstruction of the Ming Dynasty and later destroyed by the "Cultural Revolution" period, in 1982 on the basis of the original rock in accordance with the rehabilitation. There are two Mountain Gate, the first tier of the cross "Liquan Temple", the second tier of the cross "Chao Yun ancient temples." There are two doors couplet, a "day-Jian sprinkling rain, the hole wave Wall of water "and the other a" hidden stone-day open face, Quan Liu, audio, "both written in a very vivid reality. In this high temple built about 30 meters, 15 meters wide, 18 meters deep of the great Yan Xue, in the main hall for Danyanxieshan-style two-story wooden building structure, that there are no shelter, Dongnuanxialiang. Tsui Chung Yan former lush, elegant environment. Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty Dili has been under six southern, You do the rivers and mountains of southern and left a lot of interesting stories, legends, he went to the Taining. One day, Emperor Qianlong came to the rock Liquan, see elegant quiet here, he wanted to rest for a while. As the journey tired, he would lie down to sleep. Although the Qianlong emperor and ordinary people have to dress up as But he's coming phase, the temple monks at a glance conclude that he is the emperor today, the monks will convene public Guidao together on the ground, shouting "Long live the Wu Huang." Qianlong wake up, and still be confused, and asked them: "Long live the where?" Monk said: "His Majesty a long period clothing, physical-long phase, Jinkou tell, is certainly long live." Qianlong Emperor had no choice but to acknowledge. On the same day, the monks gave a dinner in honor of Qian Long, during which there is a Taining local dishes, Qianlong think the Cantonese cuisine in English, asked Cai Ming. Monk replied: "Bai Jin Xiang Kok, Red-billed parrot green." Listened to the Qianlong very happy for him immediately protect the country and Zen master, and a red scarf reward. Back to Beijing, called Qianlong Ting dish cooks do, no one has done it, had no choice but to send advice. The spinach dish is the common bean oil speculation. ??

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