Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seven-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven-dong located in the County Town Daisuke Fu Shan foothills, Tun Kuo-you-River, 19 km from the county seat, radish from the rock Phoebe Lin Nature Reserve is also very close. Seven-dong as a result of the legendary fairy seven Xiafan named after this, maze-like cave at upper, middle and lower three holes for a typical karst. Widest point hole at 25 meters, 20 meters in height, more than 340 meters long, has a hole the original milk Sin Temple, the "Cultural Revolution" were destroyed. In a narrow hole through the first, and then through a spacious corridors, halls up there, such as along the downstream flow, the holes are gradually and finally stopped. At the next hole you Creek River, stalagmite inside the cave, stalactite full Linlang , The strange magic; more underground river is a wonderful undercurrent In the meantime, the unfathomable depth. ??

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