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Yongfu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangping located in the southern city, is well-known Huamuzhixiang. Local production of azaleas, camellias, orchids, are renowned for Daphne. Tieshu, excelsa, sweet-scented osmanthus, Clivia also colorful. Some of the flowers exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions. Yongfu into the town center, built in 1986 shows that the first month of tea Female statue, carved a positive title written by Lu Dingyi "Yongfu Hua Xiang", describe. The town has a "ten Terrace", where the streets full of various kinds of flowers, wood-wing cuckoo flowers, Daphne Western Hills garden, Li Zhuang Lan garden, and so on, forming a colorful landscape of flowers. In short, is a mountain Yongfu Garden-style resort, Shanqingshuixiu climate, beautiful scenery. In addition, the local has also preserved many ancient buildings, is worth a visit.

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Seven-san - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang County is located in the north, 4 km away from the county seat. Here gray trees, evergreen the four seasons. According to Shanghang County set: "Hang Chuan Zhong Ling Yuk Sau of the mountain, this is the first." In recent years, the construction of the open-air mountain Zuofo, nine Songjeong, Shang Jing of Taiwan, Fu Shouting, the Office of Teachers, Chunhui Court in more than 20 attractions, Zuofo Nyorai Buddha from the outside to see Block, It is 23 meters high is a five-storey building, as a Buddhist, Buddhist Court for the two-story, three-Welcome to the Office, four, five for the Buddha head, the whole majestic tall statue of Buddha, is the first in Fujian Foge large.

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Conference on the former site of the Gutian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang County is located in the town of Gutian agency under the Shanxi Lu. The site was founded in 1848, Liao was Hall, also known as the source of Temple million. Here in 1917 to become the "primary harmony." In May 1929, to enter Hong Sijun Furuta, the school will be renamed the "dawn of primary school." December 1929 28 To 29, the Communist Party of China in the fourth Red Army of the ninth Congress held here. Presided over the meeting were Hong Sijun Qiandi Committee leaders Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Hong Sijun party at all levels, soldiers and local party organizations on behalf of the representatives of more than 120 women representatives attended the meeting. According to the meeting of 19 In 9 of the CPC Central Committee on September 28 to the Red Army's Fourth Military Commission Qiandi instructions of the letter, summed up the Nanchang Uprising has been the experience of building the Red Army, criticized the non-proletarian ideology, in order to adhere to the ideology of the proletariat to build the party and the people's army . The meeting unanimously adopted presided over the drafting of Comrade Mao Zedong's "China has Fourth Red Army forces of the ninth Party Congress resolution "(also known as the resolutions of the Gutian Conference) returned to the Mao Zedong before the new secretary of the committee Qiandi Committee. Furuta meeting summed up the Chinese Red Army set up more than two years of experience, our military and political work laid the foundation for the army with all the old army to draw The line has become a new people's army. Gutian Conference resolution of the Red Army and the Communist Party of China is building a programmatic document, which the party and army building has played a major role. In March 1961, the State Council as the former site of the Gutian Conference will focus on the national heritage unit. In August 1986, it was Fujian Province, one of the top ten spots for. In December 1989, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin visited the site of the Gutian Conference, and wrote the name of the "inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Gutian Conference, to strengthen the party and army building," the inscription. In January 2000, China Central Television, "One Heart One Mind," Art Troupe in the former site of the first to be held in the new century Out.

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Lin Guan Zhishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guanzhi Shan scenic area of 123 square kilometers, the core area 53 square kilometers. By Guanzhi Shan, Shek Wu, an Walled bamboo, the flag Danzhai, Jiulong Hu composed of five resort.
Development began in Guanzhi Shan Song Yuanyou years, the pavilion built in the Shihmen Lake House building, planting Shochiku to become conversant Doujiu place. Mountain landscape show , Unique. Cliff left many ancient stone up the house and Pavilion, and other cultural and College. The remaining half of this yunting, Wind Pavilion, Dongshan College, College Xiuzhu, Ganoderma lucidum, such as Um Cliff, as well as more than 40 stone. The most precious of Lin Guan Zhishan board when the hand-written Hengbian "Merry Jiang Zuo," the existing grass at Dongshan Inside; also famous Qian Long years of Ji Xiaolan, and the Fujian Institute of admirals wrote when the "step up Dongshan" authentic work.

In recent years, Guan Zhishan scenic building a great development, rehabilitation of the Hill traveled roads, planting more than 10,000 flowers, the construction of the pavilion and longevity, Hillside Garden Ningbi and tourism establishments, cutting-best Cheng, "first mountain water" after the area of roads, improvement of tourism services, each year hundreds of thousands of people close to tourists.

In particular, if the positive side of the mountain, Bai Yumi board the gentle slope, we can see that there is a branch of the century-old Qiu Jin-song standing Shan Kong, it is that Guan Zhishan The most famous of a welcoming song. In fact, Guan Zhishan all over the ancient pines, but by the end of the Qing dynasty war, the "Great Leap Forward" and the steel-making deforestation of the "Cultural Revolution" period of indiscriminate cutting of trees destroyed, and almost bald Guanzhi Shan Shan, only this old song because in the long cliff on Can not cut and survived. It's branches and Qiu Jin Ting Bo's attitude People's aesthetic pleasure. Songnan face in welcoming a few meters is a six-column pavilion, where visitors can tour welcoming song's quiet grace.

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Changting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

New Zealand writer Rewi Alley has said that two of China's most beautiful mountain city of Phoenix is in Hunan and Fujian's Changting. Changting County, Fujian Province is located in the western part of Fujian-Jiangxi border, is the fifth largest county in Fujian Province. Has a long history of the local culture, Hakka culture and revolution is the former site of the unique local tourism resources, 1 94 years for the county by the State Council announced the third batch of national historical and cultural city. Changting from the late Qing Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty are the states, roads, the House legacy is mainly inhabited by the Hakka people, "the capital of the Hakka." Changting to the long history has left a rich cultural heritage, there stands a towering three in the Tang Dynasty city gate tower Court, in the Tang Dynasty Dali ancient city wall, two-Tingzhou and the ancient tower Yin Temple House. Changting revolutionary relics of the Soviet government in Fujian Province are the main site, Xin Geng Chairman Mao's old house, and so on. Changting also save a lot of Hakka houses during the Song and Ming dynasties, which inherited the Centaline-style mansion, along the axis on both sides to start Progressive layers, before and after the symmetrical layout stringent. Such large-scale residential areas to accommodate dozens of families living in the most typical Changting Wei Wu, and the Hakkas, is the Hakka people together to form a clan of the "Walled City family." Changting the landscape can not miss the scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers and local history Xiangyingchengqu colorful culture, the Wolong Hill, al Xiangshan, the official Square, North Korea and the cave-Doo, are not looking at the scenery. Traffic: visitors can take the train to the city of Longyan, Sanming City, or the city of Wing On, and then car to Changting. First in Longyan City more convenient Changting 140 km from the city of Longyan, are more than 10 per day Travel Direct Line. In addition, Xiamen Wucun bus station in the morning and 6:20 pm 14:20 Changting have a direct bus, 6 hours can be. Room and board: The hotel is located in Changting county's Hakka main road - the middle of the road sign trillion, house prices from 20 yuan to 120 yuan range, quiet environment, clean bed Changting to travel, taste our visitors, many Hakka-style snacks, such as the Hakka noodles, fish balls Changting meatball and egg white, the taste is very delicious.

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Wild Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen wild valley unique ecology of the original natural landscape, enjoy the "Taiwanese Jiuzhaigou" reputation, covers an area of about 6227 mu:
A tropical rain forest is the largest dinosaur theme park of artificial rain forest, moving with the sound of the dense vegetation of the natural background music, Dinosaur Valley, crocodile Beach, wetlands ecology, and other vegetation;
B Jinxi Canyon mining "of forests, Valley, Fei Bao, the Castle of the clean water, forest," featuring well known. Jade valley clean air, Manshanbianye rare vegetation, wildlife occasionally traces of negative oxygen ions, winding canyon trails, natural waterfall splashing Chu Yu-fei, walk-for-King, the legend touching; C Silver Creek Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon in the primeval forest, across, upstream, rock climbing, caving, high wire across the bridge; all the way forests, bamboo, Bitan, waterfalls, stone, caves, steep cliffs, beautiful natural scenery unique . River Plate are clean and beautiful granite structure. Is a subtle exploration of the nature Good line. Tourism is a team with the experience and challenge the limits of self beyond the experience of the trip!

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Gulangyu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gulangyu of Xiamen Island is located in the southwest, a trip of Xiamen Island and 600 m wide Lujiang, and ferry up to 5 minutes.

  Gulangyu was originally called "round sand", alias "Yuen Chau Tsai," the Ming Dynasty called "Gulangyu." South-west of the island was made to cater for a rock, when high tide water Chung, waves hit the rocks, like the sound Lei Gu, They said, "Gulang stone," Gulangyu be named.

The late Ming, a national hero Zheng Chenggong have troops there, surviving on water Riguang Yan-speaking Taiwan, Shi Zhaimenguzhi. In 1842, after the Opium War, Britain and the United States, France, Japan and Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and other 13 countries in the establishment of the consulate on the island, , Businessmen, missionaries, traffickers have set foot on Gulangyu, house building, the church-based, do Co., to build medical
Hospitals, schools, land speculation, traders workers to set up a "consular corps," set up "and Industry Bureau" and "joint trial court," Gulangyu into the "International Settlement." A number of wealthy overseas Chinese have also come to the construction of housing , Villas, to do telephone, water utilities. In December 1942, Japan exclusive Gulangyu; victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan, Gulangyu before the end of colonial rule for more than a century of history.

Gulangyu only area of 1.91 square kilometers, is the largest satellite Xiamen Island, 20,000 were permanent residents. Rock on lofty, tall and straight-hung show, as a result of a long swat by the waves, the formation of many of the Valley and Qiao Ya, beaches, reefs, cliffs, Yan Feng, Xiangyingchengqu.

Gulangyu short street, criss-crossing, quiet clean, fresh air, green trees on the island, the flowers, especially the small building with the red tree Young, extremely beautiful.

Gulangyu row upon row of buildings, in the shade of tropical and subtropical forests, Riguang Yan Qi process, the group of off-ou ... ... composed of a beautiful picture.

Gulangyu is "the cradle of Musicians," "Piano Island", there is little Gulangyu Piano 60 Taiwan, and its density in the nation's number one. As long as you walk in every corner of the track will be heard from time to time, the Gang Qinsheng sweet, melodious sound of a violin, acoustic guitar, lighthearted, touching and beautiful songs, to the beat of the waves, particularly attractive environment. Music has become a special Gulangyu magnificent landscape. Gulangyu many family piano, where there are music schools, concert halls, symphony orchestra, piano museum. Every holiday, holiday, the family held regular concerts, some three generations together a show so that families, groups, social atmosphere full of music.

Gulangyu music is full of talents, awards Chinese and foreign music are the pianist Yin, KONOMI Star, KONOMI Ping, Ai Xing, and so on. China's first female vocalist, conductor Anna security, vocalists and singer Lin Junqing, bass singer ball Wu, the famous conductor Chen Zuohuang, and LI Jia-lu, Zhuo Yi-long, and so on, can be described as dazzling stars.

Gulang "Building Expo", there are a number of building strong European style of the ancient Greek Doric column of the three, love Ao Nike, the Collins show its position, the Rome-cylinder, the Gothic steeple of the Islamic Circle Top Baroque-style relief, the gatehouse of the fireplace, balcony, bar hook, arch windows conflict. Yan try, colorful Filled with classical and romantic color.

Gulangyu has been repaired a road around the island, a total length of 6 km from roads, tunnels, Quqiao, to battery cars.

Round-the-island road to ferry terminal as a starting point, to the east Haoyue Park - Dade Hutchison Beach - Sea View Park - Chuang Shu Hua - Hong Kong after Aberdeen
Beach - a hero Cairn Tunnel - Gulang stone - Gulang Villa - Chinese sub-tropical plant introduction garden - the school of arts and crafts - Houses in Australia - swallow-tailed Hill - travel Qiutian three terminals - Underwater World - Ferry Terminal; to the west and vice versa.

  Gulangyu the night seemed quiet elegant. In particular night Construction, represents a natural scene of the Riguang Yan, a representative of a foreign construction styles of the Eight Diagrams floor, represents the style of piano music Island Office of waiting and standing in the follow-ting on the statue of Zheng Chenggong, and so on, in the light of different colors under the transparent mapping Well-illuminated, the light-emitting Yi Yi. In particular, there are a number of laser rays across the sea and air Lujiang, changes Drag, the dizzying chaos.

Only a river view Gulangyu night, as if a large pot together with Chi-head of the beautiful flowers, Xiamen and Zhongshan Road of neon, high-rise building of searchlights and spotlights a number of color, making the other more beautiful, shining brightly, so that the island, sea, the sky three-dimensional Space brilliant charming

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The first cross-Hu Jiang Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang bridge was originally called Tiger Bridge, located in Kowloon Jiangbei the lower reaches of the river, Zhangzhou-fu on highways. Dong of China's ancient bridge is one of the top 10 of the bridge. It's Luoyang Qiao Quanzhou, Jinjiang, the Anping Bridge, the Fuqing Long known as the ancient bridge together, "Fujian four stone." In recent years, was "the world" books as the world's largest bridge Shilianghe According to the "History of Reading side Meanwhile Minutes", said: "The southern stone bridge, cross the first tiger." Jiang bridge this stream, Liouying Jiang Gu Cheng was originally a crossing pass Jin, Jiang Bridge "in the county's party Toraaki" Yin is a tiger, the tiger, said Watanabe. Cross-strait confrontation between the mountains here, and more Among a Myriad Jiang wide flow urgent, choppy, crossing Jia Zhou, Jin-inch Feet, shocking. Chen Song Dynasty so that the "Tiger Bridge rehabilitation in mind," Cloud: "Ben East, such as thunder, and into the unpredictable, the site was re-Tao Li defended by the stream, like Allium Carpenter in the ghost workers, Cuoshou monensin." Note here crossing the bridge dangerous. Southern Song Shaoxi-year period (1190-1194), Zhao County Bo even here the construction of pontoon boats, the precursor to the history of bridge-building here. But the pontoon bridge, "dangling lift toss, had to shiver with cold tolerance," and destroyed by the wind and rain damage, tired easily repeated. Jiading 2007 (1214) Johnston County began in the summer of this base for the stone pier and wooden bridge construction. But the depth of urgency flow, riprap has been broken up, the delay in work. A , Saw the tiger sub-negative river, swim across the section of rapids, that is habitat for a while, and then travel rates again, finally reached the other side. Craftsman bridge, suddenly seeing this understanding, and disappeared through the exploration and found that travel a tiger line, there are underwater rock, such as Fu. As a result, Mr Leung Shing-Shop location to build the bridge pier, wood and tile roof cover, said name "Tongji Bridge," also known as the "Tiger Bridge." Song Jiaxi the first year (1237) wooden bridge was destroyed by fire. Zhangzhou County initiative Shao converted stone bridge, and private money donated 500,000. Azeri Shang Li Bu Yan Zhong Yi and Zhuang Shou-so summer that the dream Son into the gun. Treasury is set aside silver cord million, launched the monks Tingrui master copy of all to the relief. Three-year-old two-month, resulting in stone , "The three thousand-foot long, high-site is room for improvement, water Shai (bridge opening) 15, the cross-beams were 50 sites in eight or 80 feet long, six-foot-wide there are odd. Kiosks to knot things open Between persons. "At this point, the tiger Yi Bridge ran a hundred stable for decades. After Yuan, Ming and Qing generations, and many stone bridge repair damaged repeatedly, a total of dozen In particular the 16 Ming Jiajing (1537) on behalf of the Tour Li Xiang Shilianghe seek to build bridges, organized by Sun Yu County construction in the near future, as a result of the transfer failed; 18 Jiajing (1539) on behalf of Wang Qing Shi Tour sand once again set aside treasury Irrigation by the County Board raised four public works, the efforts of the people, every other year in winter and built a new bridge Shilianghe Cheng. "Shilianghe 80-foot length, width, the thick-foot, water Shai 15, a three-Liang, Shu by its wide, stone plate to indemnify its cross-seam, 20 feet wide, 2000 feet long , Are also new. "Liang Shi most nearly 200 tons. In ancient times Shilianghe to the exploitation of such a huge, and its degree of difficulty is unimaginable. And by what means, Shilianghe tools so you will be transported to the river bank, pier on the shelves, still a mystery. This "under the weight Kennedy, to Prime solid. Did not rise, the turbulence can not be angry, not hot fire, hurricane can dump." It is a miracle in the history of bridge construction. Shilianghe planes now remain stable above the pier has become a spectacle to attract many foreign , Tourists. Britain Needham inspection visit, "Chinese History of Science and Technology" in an article: "In other parts of China and foreign countries can not find anywhere else it can be compared to the same." Now, Jiang is still stone bridge across the River , The National Highway 324 into line fortress.

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Kaige (Xiamen) Golf Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kaige Golf Course, located in Xiamen City, with 415 km-road, 10 km long by the granite walls surrounded an area of 250 hectares (an area larger than Gulangyu), is an independent space. Wall inside a quiet, freedom and security, is to play recreational, leisure and resort life to live, rare See the best place. Club complete victory community planning in the region with the Central Hall, with an area of 10,000 square meters, generous and elegant appearance, with the presidential suite, sauna, Chinese and Western restaurants, large parking lot outside, as well as the design of artificial hills, waterfalls, swimming pools, water slides , Villas, etc. Song of the golf course very beautiful, east and south sides hope the sea, the beauty of the West Hill mountain, east plains Tongan 250 hectares of hillside gently, to build a golf course, as put on the green carpet of green flash Xuan Yan. 14, standing next to the hole Gao Gang, the villa in the hills, the Mountain View-sighted, sea , Overlooking the green fairways, sultry and the United States and one bogey and envy! Songs such as the advantage of the carpet grass, the sand white as jade, well-designed fairways, greens, so that the ball had numerous golf course division was also "very beautiful here." Song is a perfect 18-hole golf course, whether the structure set up , Length, difficulty and quality of construction, maintenance with world-class golf course in the world. She is precious in the first fairway, the ball is covered with thick along the sand, sand covered with the advantage of the soft grass TIFTON, go above and the long-haired carpet as flexible. The second is precious sand, snow-white sand of the sand as jade, Do not soft.

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Entertainment Television City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongan District located in the five significant cross-strait Zhendong River, an area of 1000 mu, 1100 meters from east to west and 800 meters wide north-south. Around for the green and luxuriant forests cover the hold, tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment as one tourist destination. Tongan movie is a natural and man-made landscape with the style of the ancients Together, set the essence of China's ancient architecture, folk customs, modern high-tech entertainment and film and television production in one of the large-scale integrated theme park. She advocates the world's response to "return to nature," overseas Chinese "to visit ancestral roots" craze, in a timely manner for the tourists at home and abroad, urban and rural residents show the Han culture and tourism garden art entertainment Xintiandi. Movie will be entertaining, intellectual, artistic, participatory melting into one, making her the richest flavor of the times of high-quality amusement park. The first phase of the movie is quite spectacular antique man-made landscape, "Tiananmen Square" and "Hall of Supreme Harmony", "Yang Xindian," "South Shing", "long , "" The Ming and Qing Street, "six buildings as the main body, and at the same time building for film and television production, Performing Arts Plaza, as well as hotels, restaurants, goods and services, cruise ship visitors Accessibility by water, land-based mini-train, electric cars in six In your area to visit and enjoy the fun.

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Tai Shan round - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Shan round at the Tongan 1 km east, as a result of the mountain range upon range of hills and downs, lie a few kilometers from the city should FLIP Hill came like a rolling wheel, named. Tai Shan round of the beautiful scenery, a lot of scenic spots, including the famous "Eight round of the Hill" round of Pinnacle Peak, the Air returnees Xun, green marsh Hexiang, Taying Dongxi, moonlight Rock You Vatican Temple bell, the shrine of Stephen Liu, Shi-Ting looking back. There are mountains, stone, Stephen Lin natural landscape named the King 18: Chimonobambusa Wind Song, the song flows beginning, a child breast pump, Maitreya belly open, spit out the unicorn, Danfengchaoyang, toad spit tobacco, Herbie al-Indian , Spit Yunlong fog, incubators Swan, was inserted Jinhua, five horse trailer, Lin Towering, Kwun Yam sitting alone, Lin Feng-long turtle, and so on. Since ancient times it has become famous southern tour. Poet history of letters, Aston celebrities, this Xianhuanmingru Pijinxingyin, leaving a number of poetry and calligraphy Cliff stone. Among those who have a well-known Song Zhu Xi, the first Tongan Xian main book (the equivalent of the Secretary-General County), are endowed with "Brahma Temple Tour" "Brahma concept of rain" and other poetry, and Hill left in the round "Chimonobambusa Wind Song" and "Long War Song" and "Bringing the Pavilion," "stone-kyu," Cliff stone. Since the passage of time, took a long, round spots have been to undermine many of the Hill. Since reform and opening up as a big round of the Hill Tongan key tourist areas, and between the Government and the people Support of the Government reason few men and women willing to pull out the huge sum of money and donors, reconstruction and rehabilitation of a number of scenic spots, so then again style attractions. The current round of large hill of the main attractions are: Brahma Temple pagoda Brahman, the round of the Mountain Gate Hill, Wen Gong College, and so on. Brahman pagoda is a provincial heritage conservation unit. Tai Shan round of the Mountain Gate " Round Hill, "Song for the words hand-written proxy scientist Zhu Xi. Wengong College, also known as Ziyang's College, the College is a government-run hospital and a portrait of Zhu Xi stone" Wengongshushe Jianting in mind, "Stone. In addition, the country name Site It is a national hero Zheng Chenggong was built in large round of the Hill look-out post the hill.

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12 Beishan Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kitayama, also known as Michael Hill, Department of Tongan District branch of cattle Ridge Mountains, along the Silver City in the north, is the great barrier wall. From the foot of the mountain, "Kwong Lee Temple," up to 300 meters, to "water-hole day," Yung outside shading, ridge upon each other rocks, pine and cypress green, vague Feibao the roar could be heard. Tongan at the northern mountain , Although not growing thunder of the grand style, but the quiet Yajing, a clear spring from the old quarry area 500 meters high, falling down level by level, through various high level of fissures and Shi Xue, the plot has become a 12-ching can be seen At the end of the pool, they said Longtan 12. Twelve of the Longtan, the gap is not due to falls, Wan Si Article silver beading. "Bottles of Taiwan" Looking up at the falls, the ginseng-like shape, it is also known as "ginseng waterfall." Tam's size, shape, depth varies, but the bottom are clear, pure White Plus. Tam was the largest in the fifth, the track surface more than 3 meters, about 2 meters deep, from the eighth, ninth and looking at the gap between the dam and then falls on the sky, under the title Rock, water from the sky seems to be in the fall, the scenery is magnificent! Boulder falls on the left side of the "Sin Yuen", Master of Science in the Southern Song Dynasty is the authentic work of Zhu Xi. Squatting on both sides of the ridge have many more tiger spirit, cattle, goats, parrots, such as rocks, there is a god to the footprints left by the Guanpu away and forget the immortal car . "Water-day" next to stop a flat stone Angeles, more than 50 meters above the Longtan, straight-walled, such as cutting, Rocky engraved with the top surface of the glorification of this county magistrate in Tongan poetry of rain. Gar-ching 40 (1561) spring drought, the county magistrate Tan-ting, Taiwan, bottles, to mobilize people to this Qiu Yu, Qiao every God for the United States, Hong Just fire, the rain is falling. Yi Ren moment, "Taiwan's Lin Yu bottle" to commemorate.?????, Zhang Quan county magistrate in the next moment, "Ze cream under the people" 4. Longtan Bentu falls all the way through bamboo dam, Guan Hin five, wearing a temple, into the Dongxi and then into the sea, is about 20 years. In the 1960s, under repair from the northern Treasury, following Longtan water, and the Treasury building next to the "Overseas Chinese Farm", there are more than 10 countries and regions overseas, the Chinese settled here Jianye. Longtan standing Shan career, under the eyes look Shuitianyise, Mongolia and air graceful, bamboo is like a reservoir dam-Pacific, shining as a foil to the lush of Jiangmen, shows that the future prosperity! Yamashita's "Kwong Lee Temple", also known as "kings and the northern palace", also known as "Zhong Hui Zun Temple", is the Five Dynasties Min King brothers know mutiny trial opened the birthplace of Fujian, has also hung on the door, "Fujian ancestors who "And" Min opened the first "horizontal inscribed board. In 1982, Kwong Lee also by the temple rebuilt, and building a Mountain Gate, Canton , Came to cherish the memory of the "Fujian ancestors who" break the performance of Waste Management of visitors flooded.

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