Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yongfu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangping located in the southern city, is well-known Huamuzhixiang. Local production of azaleas, camellias, orchids, are renowned for Daphne. Tieshu, excelsa, sweet-scented osmanthus, Clivia also colorful. Some of the flowers exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions. Yongfu into the town center, built in 1986 shows that the first month of tea Female statue, carved a positive title written by Lu Dingyi "Yongfu Hua Xiang", describe. The town has a "ten Terrace", where the streets full of various kinds of flowers, wood-wing cuckoo flowers, Daphne Western Hills garden, Li Zhuang Lan garden, and so on, forming a colorful landscape of flowers. In short, is a mountain Yongfu Garden-style resort, Shanqingshuixiu climate, beautiful scenery. In addition, the local has also preserved many ancient buildings, is worth a visit.

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