Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tai Shan round - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Shan round at the Tongan 1 km east, as a result of the mountain range upon range of hills and downs, lie a few kilometers from the city should FLIP Hill came like a rolling wheel, named. Tai Shan round of the beautiful scenery, a lot of scenic spots, including the famous "Eight round of the Hill" round of Pinnacle Peak, the Air returnees Xun, green marsh Hexiang, Taying Dongxi, moonlight Rock You Vatican Temple bell, the shrine of Stephen Liu, Shi-Ting looking back. There are mountains, stone, Stephen Lin natural landscape named the King 18: Chimonobambusa Wind Song, the song flows beginning, a child breast pump, Maitreya belly open, spit out the unicorn, Danfengchaoyang, toad spit tobacco, Herbie al-Indian , Spit Yunlong fog, incubators Swan, was inserted Jinhua, five horse trailer, Lin Towering, Kwun Yam sitting alone, Lin Feng-long turtle, and so on. Since ancient times it has become famous southern tour. Poet history of letters, Aston celebrities, this Xianhuanmingru Pijinxingyin, leaving a number of poetry and calligraphy Cliff stone. Among those who have a well-known Song Zhu Xi, the first Tongan Xian main book (the equivalent of the Secretary-General County), are endowed with "Brahma Temple Tour" "Brahma concept of rain" and other poetry, and Hill left in the round "Chimonobambusa Wind Song" and "Long War Song" and "Bringing the Pavilion," "stone-kyu," Cliff stone. Since the passage of time, took a long, round spots have been to undermine many of the Hill. Since reform and opening up as a big round of the Hill Tongan key tourist areas, and between the Government and the people Support of the Government reason few men and women willing to pull out the huge sum of money and donors, reconstruction and rehabilitation of a number of scenic spots, so then again style attractions. The current round of large hill of the main attractions are: Brahma Temple pagoda Brahman, the round of the Mountain Gate Hill, Wen Gong College, and so on. Brahman pagoda is a provincial heritage conservation unit. Tai Shan round of the Mountain Gate " Round Hill, "Song for the words hand-written proxy scientist Zhu Xi. Wengong College, also known as Ziyang's College, the College is a government-run hospital and a portrait of Zhu Xi stone" Wengongshushe Jianting in mind, "Stone. In addition, the country name Site It is a national hero Zheng Chenggong was built in large round of the Hill look-out post the hill.

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