Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kaige (Xiamen) Golf Club - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kaige Golf Course, located in Xiamen City, with 415 km-road, 10 km long by the granite walls surrounded an area of 250 hectares (an area larger than Gulangyu), is an independent space. Wall inside a quiet, freedom and security, is to play recreational, leisure and resort life to live, rare See the best place. Club complete victory community planning in the region with the Central Hall, with an area of 10,000 square meters, generous and elegant appearance, with the presidential suite, sauna, Chinese and Western restaurants, large parking lot outside, as well as the design of artificial hills, waterfalls, swimming pools, water slides , Villas, etc. Song of the golf course very beautiful, east and south sides hope the sea, the beauty of the West Hill mountain, east plains Tongan 250 hectares of hillside gently, to build a golf course, as put on the green carpet of green flash Xuan Yan. 14, standing next to the hole Gao Gang, the villa in the hills, the Mountain View-sighted, sea , Overlooking the green fairways, sultry and the United States and one bogey and envy! Songs such as the advantage of the carpet grass, the sand white as jade, well-designed fairways, greens, so that the ball had numerous golf course division was also "very beautiful here." Song is a perfect 18-hole golf course, whether the structure set up , Length, difficulty and quality of construction, maintenance with world-class golf course in the world. She is precious in the first fairway, the ball is covered with thick along the sand, sand covered with the advantage of the soft grass TIFTON, go above and the long-haired carpet as flexible. The second is precious sand, snow-white sand of the sand as jade, Do not soft.

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