Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Entertainment Television City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tongan District located in the five significant cross-strait Zhendong River, an area of 1000 mu, 1100 meters from east to west and 800 meters wide north-south. Around for the green and luxuriant forests cover the hold, tourism, leisure, vacation, entertainment as one tourist destination. Tongan movie is a natural and man-made landscape with the style of the ancients Together, set the essence of China's ancient architecture, folk customs, modern high-tech entertainment and film and television production in one of the large-scale integrated theme park. She advocates the world's response to "return to nature," overseas Chinese "to visit ancestral roots" craze, in a timely manner for the tourists at home and abroad, urban and rural residents show the Han culture and tourism garden art entertainment Xintiandi. Movie will be entertaining, intellectual, artistic, participatory melting into one, making her the richest flavor of the times of high-quality amusement park. The first phase of the movie is quite spectacular antique man-made landscape, "Tiananmen Square" and "Hall of Supreme Harmony", "Yang Xindian," "South Shing", "long , "" The Ming and Qing Street, "six buildings as the main body, and at the same time building for film and television production, Performing Arts Plaza, as well as hotels, restaurants, goods and services, cruise ship visitors Accessibility by water, land-based mini-train, electric cars in six In your area to visit and enjoy the fun.

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