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Gulangyu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gulangyu of Xiamen Island is located in the southwest, a trip of Xiamen Island and 600 m wide Lujiang, and ferry up to 5 minutes.

  Gulangyu was originally called "round sand", alias "Yuen Chau Tsai," the Ming Dynasty called "Gulangyu." South-west of the island was made to cater for a rock, when high tide water Chung, waves hit the rocks, like the sound Lei Gu, They said, "Gulang stone," Gulangyu be named.

The late Ming, a national hero Zheng Chenggong have troops there, surviving on water Riguang Yan-speaking Taiwan, Shi Zhaimenguzhi. In 1842, after the Opium War, Britain and the United States, France, Japan and Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and other 13 countries in the establishment of the consulate on the island, , Businessmen, missionaries, traffickers have set foot on Gulangyu, house building, the church-based, do Co., to build medical
Hospitals, schools, land speculation, traders workers to set up a "consular corps," set up "and Industry Bureau" and "joint trial court," Gulangyu into the "International Settlement." A number of wealthy overseas Chinese have also come to the construction of housing , Villas, to do telephone, water utilities. In December 1942, Japan exclusive Gulangyu; victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan, Gulangyu before the end of colonial rule for more than a century of history.

Gulangyu only area of 1.91 square kilometers, is the largest satellite Xiamen Island, 20,000 were permanent residents. Rock on lofty, tall and straight-hung show, as a result of a long swat by the waves, the formation of many of the Valley and Qiao Ya, beaches, reefs, cliffs, Yan Feng, Xiangyingchengqu.

Gulangyu short street, criss-crossing, quiet clean, fresh air, green trees on the island, the flowers, especially the small building with the red tree Young, extremely beautiful.

Gulangyu row upon row of buildings, in the shade of tropical and subtropical forests, Riguang Yan Qi process, the group of off-ou ... ... composed of a beautiful picture.

Gulangyu is "the cradle of Musicians," "Piano Island", there is little Gulangyu Piano 60 Taiwan, and its density in the nation's number one. As long as you walk in every corner of the track will be heard from time to time, the Gang Qinsheng sweet, melodious sound of a violin, acoustic guitar, lighthearted, touching and beautiful songs, to the beat of the waves, particularly attractive environment. Music has become a special Gulangyu magnificent landscape. Gulangyu many family piano, where there are music schools, concert halls, symphony orchestra, piano museum. Every holiday, holiday, the family held regular concerts, some three generations together a show so that families, groups, social atmosphere full of music.

Gulangyu music is full of talents, awards Chinese and foreign music are the pianist Yin, KONOMI Star, KONOMI Ping, Ai Xing, and so on. China's first female vocalist, conductor Anna security, vocalists and singer Lin Junqing, bass singer ball Wu, the famous conductor Chen Zuohuang, and LI Jia-lu, Zhuo Yi-long, and so on, can be described as dazzling stars.

Gulang "Building Expo", there are a number of building strong European style of the ancient Greek Doric column of the three, love Ao Nike, the Collins show its position, the Rome-cylinder, the Gothic steeple of the Islamic Circle Top Baroque-style relief, the gatehouse of the fireplace, balcony, bar hook, arch windows conflict. Yan try, colorful Filled with classical and romantic color.

Gulangyu has been repaired a road around the island, a total length of 6 km from roads, tunnels, Quqiao, to battery cars.

Round-the-island road to ferry terminal as a starting point, to the east Haoyue Park - Dade Hutchison Beach - Sea View Park - Chuang Shu Hua - Hong Kong after Aberdeen
Beach - a hero Cairn Tunnel - Gulang stone - Gulang Villa - Chinese sub-tropical plant introduction garden - the school of arts and crafts - Houses in Australia - swallow-tailed Hill - travel Qiutian three terminals - Underwater World - Ferry Terminal; to the west and vice versa.

  Gulangyu the night seemed quiet elegant. In particular night Construction, represents a natural scene of the Riguang Yan, a representative of a foreign construction styles of the Eight Diagrams floor, represents the style of piano music Island Office of waiting and standing in the follow-ting on the statue of Zheng Chenggong, and so on, in the light of different colors under the transparent mapping Well-illuminated, the light-emitting Yi Yi. In particular, there are a number of laser rays across the sea and air Lujiang, changes Drag, the dizzying chaos.

Only a river view Gulangyu night, as if a large pot together with Chi-head of the beautiful flowers, Xiamen and Zhongshan Road of neon, high-rise building of searchlights and spotlights a number of color, making the other more beautiful, shining brightly, so that the island, sea, the sky three-dimensional Space brilliant charming

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