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The first cross-Hu Jiang Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang bridge was originally called Tiger Bridge, located in Kowloon Jiangbei the lower reaches of the river, Zhangzhou-fu on highways. Dong of China's ancient bridge is one of the top 10 of the bridge. It's Luoyang Qiao Quanzhou, Jinjiang, the Anping Bridge, the Fuqing Long known as the ancient bridge together, "Fujian four stone." In recent years, was "the world" books as the world's largest bridge Shilianghe According to the "History of Reading side Meanwhile Minutes", said: "The southern stone bridge, cross the first tiger." Jiang bridge this stream, Liouying Jiang Gu Cheng was originally a crossing pass Jin, Jiang Bridge "in the county's party Toraaki" Yin is a tiger, the tiger, said Watanabe. Cross-strait confrontation between the mountains here, and more Among a Myriad Jiang wide flow urgent, choppy, crossing Jia Zhou, Jin-inch Feet, shocking. Chen Song Dynasty so that the "Tiger Bridge rehabilitation in mind," Cloud: "Ben East, such as thunder, and into the unpredictable, the site was re-Tao Li defended by the stream, like Allium Carpenter in the ghost workers, Cuoshou monensin." Note here crossing the bridge dangerous. Southern Song Shaoxi-year period (1190-1194), Zhao County Bo even here the construction of pontoon boats, the precursor to the history of bridge-building here. But the pontoon bridge, "dangling lift toss, had to shiver with cold tolerance," and destroyed by the wind and rain damage, tired easily repeated. Jiading 2007 (1214) Johnston County began in the summer of this base for the stone pier and wooden bridge construction. But the depth of urgency flow, riprap has been broken up, the delay in work. A , Saw the tiger sub-negative river, swim across the section of rapids, that is habitat for a while, and then travel rates again, finally reached the other side. Craftsman bridge, suddenly seeing this understanding, and disappeared through the exploration and found that travel a tiger line, there are underwater rock, such as Fu. As a result, Mr Leung Shing-Shop location to build the bridge pier, wood and tile roof cover, said name "Tongji Bridge," also known as the "Tiger Bridge." Song Jiaxi the first year (1237) wooden bridge was destroyed by fire. Zhangzhou County initiative Shao converted stone bridge, and private money donated 500,000. Azeri Shang Li Bu Yan Zhong Yi and Zhuang Shou-so summer that the dream Son into the gun. Treasury is set aside silver cord million, launched the monks Tingrui master copy of all to the relief. Three-year-old two-month, resulting in stone , "The three thousand-foot long, high-site is room for improvement, water Shai (bridge opening) 15, the cross-beams were 50 sites in eight or 80 feet long, six-foot-wide there are odd. Kiosks to knot things open Between persons. "At this point, the tiger Yi Bridge ran a hundred stable for decades. After Yuan, Ming and Qing generations, and many stone bridge repair damaged repeatedly, a total of dozen In particular the 16 Ming Jiajing (1537) on behalf of the Tour Li Xiang Shilianghe seek to build bridges, organized by Sun Yu County construction in the near future, as a result of the transfer failed; 18 Jiajing (1539) on behalf of Wang Qing Shi Tour sand once again set aside treasury Irrigation by the County Board raised four public works, the efforts of the people, every other year in winter and built a new bridge Shilianghe Cheng. "Shilianghe 80-foot length, width, the thick-foot, water Shai 15, a three-Liang, Shu by its wide, stone plate to indemnify its cross-seam, 20 feet wide, 2000 feet long , Are also new. "Liang Shi most nearly 200 tons. In ancient times Shilianghe to the exploitation of such a huge, and its degree of difficulty is unimaginable. And by what means, Shilianghe tools so you will be transported to the river bank, pier on the shelves, still a mystery. This "under the weight Kennedy, to Prime solid. Did not rise, the turbulence can not be angry, not hot fire, hurricane can dump." It is a miracle in the history of bridge construction. Shilianghe planes now remain stable above the pier has become a spectacle to attract many foreign , Tourists. Britain Needham inspection visit, "Chinese History of Science and Technology" in an article: "In other parts of China and foreign countries can not find anywhere else it can be compared to the same." Now, Jiang is still stone bridge across the River , The National Highway 324 into line fortress.

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