Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lin Guan Zhishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guanzhi Shan scenic area of 123 square kilometers, the core area 53 square kilometers. By Guanzhi Shan, Shek Wu, an Walled bamboo, the flag Danzhai, Jiulong Hu composed of five resort.
Development began in Guanzhi Shan Song Yuanyou years, the pavilion built in the Shihmen Lake House building, planting Shochiku to become conversant Doujiu place. Mountain landscape show , Unique. Cliff left many ancient stone up the house and Pavilion, and other cultural and College. The remaining half of this yunting, Wind Pavilion, Dongshan College, College Xiuzhu, Ganoderma lucidum, such as Um Cliff, as well as more than 40 stone. The most precious of Lin Guan Zhishan board when the hand-written Hengbian "Merry Jiang Zuo," the existing grass at Dongshan Inside; also famous Qian Long years of Ji Xiaolan, and the Fujian Institute of admirals wrote when the "step up Dongshan" authentic work.

In recent years, Guan Zhishan scenic building a great development, rehabilitation of the Hill traveled roads, planting more than 10,000 flowers, the construction of the pavilion and longevity, Hillside Garden Ningbi and tourism establishments, cutting-best Cheng, "first mountain water" after the area of roads, improvement of tourism services, each year hundreds of thousands of people close to tourists.

In particular, if the positive side of the mountain, Bai Yumi board the gentle slope, we can see that there is a branch of the century-old Qiu Jin-song standing Shan Kong, it is that Guan Zhishan The most famous of a welcoming song. In fact, Guan Zhishan all over the ancient pines, but by the end of the Qing dynasty war, the "Great Leap Forward" and the steel-making deforestation of the "Cultural Revolution" period of indiscriminate cutting of trees destroyed, and almost bald Guanzhi Shan Shan, only this old song because in the long cliff on Can not cut and survived. It's branches and Qiu Jin Ting Bo's attitude People's aesthetic pleasure. Songnan face in welcoming a few meters is a six-column pavilion, where visitors can tour welcoming song's quiet grace.

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