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Shirengou Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shirengou Nature Reserve is located in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, Lushan County, the western region, located in Shandong barberry side, with a total area of 268 square kilometers, Yu Huangding peak 2153 meters above sea level to a high degree higher than the highest peak of Huangshan Lotus peak reached more than 300 meters.
Gu Cheng Shan Shirengou mt, as a result of Sun-yao Liu tired Yao temple to worship Li Got its name. Warring States period, a great thinker. Mocius social activists come to earth at the foot of mt.
Shirengou Hill has set "-hung. Dangerous. Show. Odd. You," as one of the many peaks; there are strange shapes. Paintings seem like the words of the Millennium Gusong; 10,000 ares waves have. Yunhai Huang Ruo's Wonderland; there are extraordinary refined. In any one The grid Cloth; there is love in the King. Situation in the King's beautiful four seasons.
Shiren Mountain adjacent to the storage capacity up to more than 700,000,000 cubic meters of a large artificial lake - Zhao Pinghu; little-known Villa fans hole, to a variety of medical diseases. The average water temperature of 63 degrees Celsius hot group; hometown Mo; Chu ruins of the Great Wall; close to Asia Big air exhibition hall.

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Zhao Pinghu scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Henan Province, Zhao Pinghu scenic spots located in Lushan County of Henan Province, 10 kilometers west area of 40 square kilometers, is based on the original Zhaopingtai Reservoir into the development of the young scenic spots. Shahe cross it, forming a Gaoxiapinghu, an area of about 38 square kilometers of endless lake, the vast surface of the water, the capacity of 6. Billion cubic meters. Reservoir with Jinshan Island, and the stone Gusao Xia Liu tired town, Luyang contact the ancient city ruins Qiugong. Water, mountains, mountain water, mountain and Zhao Shirengou Xiangyingchengqu Pinghu, the spectacular scenery of strange. Shuitianyise, which rise amid the surrounding Pinnacle, Jade, full of poetic. Area. Zhaopingtai Reservoir in 1959 Built to control the basin 1430 square kilometers, the water storage capacity 727,000,000 cubic meters, is a set of flood control, irrigation, power generation, culture and tourism as one of a large artificial lake. Scenic area of 40 square kilometers, the lake area of 38 square kilometers, where beautiful natural scenery, rich human, 199 In August, was approved as a provincial-level scenic spots. Who came here to say: "Qi Lu Shan, Emei show, Zhao Pinghu enough to see the beauty."

  Zhao Pinghu scenic spots, the original name Zhaopingtai Reservoir, and from the Han Emperor Liu Xiu Wang Mang's Kunyang time of war, Liu Liu ancestor worship in this tired after the construction of Taiwan and recruitment The. Henan Province is located in Lushan County, the scenic area of 40km2. Mild climate, four seasons, with an average annual temperature of 14.4 ?. Scenic undulating hills, ravines China, Shuitianyise, endless. Beautiful scenic landscape and add radiance to each other, is set in convalescence, vacation, leisure, Liu roots, and entertainment in a Central China's tourist destination. WITNESS WHEREOF, this Pinghu Museum of pearl inlaid gold in the Central Plains to bring tourism, Lushan's hometown Mo Shiren Mountain, Jia county funeral to Dongpo of the Soviet Union three graves, the Fung Gu Zhi Guan Yu, Yu of the ancient temples of the Millennium Wind cave temple, Ye Ye Xian's hometown, and other well-known cultural attractions in the surrounding area, the public railway China, the traffic is convenient.

There are: Gusao stones representing the life, legend and moving imagination; elegant heart of the Lake Central Taiwan Jinshan, Green Grass, tree-lined, with Mo down by the Court, their Huguangshanse; Neolithic cultural sites, Lu Han Dynasty it Yangcheng , Liu Liu ancestor closures tired Qiugong town to town with the fluctuation of water level when the time is hidden, like a mirage out of King's dream. Liaoning Taiwan in 1995, "the China Daily last name read" this crew viewfinder. Patrick Lau also recruitment Taiwan, Yang Jiaqiang Jiaozan, Meng-liang's troops to Walled bar. These beautiful natural landscape, so that the water days Color, blue waves on the lake even more beautiful. Chun King and the value that good autumn tourist season, if water rafting Hill, wine Lin Feng, Yang on the blue sky and white clouds, overlooking the Castle Peak and downs. Fukan blue green water, the King of their love of their interest, people have forgotten Chongru, relaxed and happy. "Return to nature", "?????" Zhao Lake rely on nature's bounty, to provide guests roaming the lake's medium-sized cruise ships, the swift fast assault boats, colorful small boats as well as ancillary hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, dance halls and so on. Romantic Valentine's tent, fresh game barbecue, a variety of evening campfire, so you never like to see There are, or have forgotten the taste, so you reluctant to leave, pleasant nostalgia. Zhao Pinghu scenic spots and scenic spots Shirengou Hill, Asia's largest aviation exhibition, with close-Hill in a tourist line. So that the green mountains and blue waters combined.

Zhao Pinghu is not only powerful spirit of the verdant and luxuriant, and South and Mellow flavor of water, rare is the best place to go. With the two water and land routes, one by one we can enjoy the Pinghu WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the spots.

Yang Jialing

  Yang Jialing. According to records, in 918 AD, the Khitan tribe leader B. A Baoji repeat offenders Central Plains, the Northern Song Dynasty threat to the regime, arrived for the Foreign aggression, the Northern Song Yang Meng-liang, Jiaozan two generals had been camped here, training people, and later took the name Shan Yang Jialing. The mountains of the existing television tower 130 meters high, the signal coverage of more than 200 square kilometers around.

Lan He dam

Dam Lan He praised Zhao Pinghu "Nirvana door." Great as the main dam and auxiliary dam 7,000 meters in total length, like a giant dragon across the mountains, go a long way, "Chang-long wave of lying, Long-yun He did not" style. Gordon supervisor of the dam, the lake Jimu, the vast Yan Bo, a bi 10,000 ares, at the end of vision, Cui Rong mountains, verdant and luxuriant Yao Ming. One place, Huangruo in Wonderland. Soul The sublimation, as one of the V to the net, all secular worry, anxiety will be gone.

Taishan recruitment

Dam at the north end is the mountain of Taishan recruitment. Legend has it that Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Liu Xiu Wang Mang was hunted down, had hidden the mountain, recruit. The late Ming and the peasant uprising leader Li Zicheng military recruitment have bought here , "Recruitment Taiwan," which will be named later changed its name to "Zhaopingtai", which means peace and peaceful means. Hillside platform still have time left over recruitment of flags of the hole.

Entertainment Square

In recent years, developing into a comprehensive entertainment Square 2,500-square-meter ladder platform. According to it Bang Shui, the use of high-quality local stone constitute the main frame, Shun natural terrain stretching surface. Around the square is a fine pleasure entry: Stagecoach, Chuidiao Yuan, artificial beach, car collision music, children's leisure, and so on, visitors to adapt to all ages entertainment, so you can enjoy the quaint charm of nature while enjoying modern civilization warm Taste.

Qiugong Island City

Qiugong Island City, with the rise and fall of the lake when the time is now hidden, is the area of the city floor session. It is the site of Yangcheng Lu, a Dieya Yangshao, two-Longshan culture relics, is the text of the provincial security units. In talking about this, I would like to ask in our team who have not Liu? There are fruit, a great honor for me to tell you that Liu on the origin of this island. Although this island is so small, it is the Chinese ancestor of the Liu Liu so tired of town. According to historical records: Liu is tired of Yao Di Yi Sun, was "Qi" last name, birth patterns have hands, "Liu tired", so named. Once an hour from the "dragon's rear," the study support Later, after the summer Kongjia a two-lung, Liu will be invited to come to keeping tired, tired, Liu Yang-well, it has been called the "Royal Dragon's." Later, a female dragon died, Liu Bo Kong Jia tired down the crime fled the town Qiugong Lushan area, changed its name last name hidden. Therefore ago, "Qiu" surname Yang Long residence, so a change of surname "Qiu", saying that future generations "Qiu Gong." Liu said the city was tired of hiding, "Qiugong city," Liu Qiu Gong that is tired. Their children and grandchildren "Liu" as the name, China is the earliest. Qiugong Island City had tired tomb Liu, Liu Ting tired. Liu tired pass away so far in 4000 years. CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhou Tienong, well-known historian, professor of Beijing Normal University To this end, and so is the whole Huibi inscription. Self-built library, this time with the island when the water level fluctuation is implicit when, for tourists and visitors who land Liu Baizu great inconvenience and regret. Liu people in urgent need of assistance and, in February 2000 will be relocated Lau tired tomb recruitment Taishan, are "tired Liu temple." "Liu tired Temple Have begun to take shape, Liu welcomed the people - the descendants of Liu tired to get to this place of worship of ancestors.

  The majority of the waters here, the blue color. Look at the lake, Hengjiang Bailu, next-day water color.

Boating Chao face, but see the whole sky, a 10,000 ares Bi, Xiang Ji Sha-ou, Jinlin swimming, plus the floating restaurant, such as weaving, Ai is sound, so they constitute a unique Qingwei music and a unique style of the picture. Better weather in the event of the evening, the setting sun lit the horizon in the 10,000 rays, Golden Lake Guang Cancan, blurred flashes, like to see a bird Wangui, despite a hurry rays coming at this time, to show in front of you is to "get off the Xia and solitary In full strength, total long-Autumn color Tianyi "wonderful scenery.

Encounter of the season to open bank fishing at night, the lake scenery, but also fun. Zhao throughout the Pinghu, the breeze micro-fu, will not be any water, lights out tomorrow, FOR each other's Song. If in its territory, Lin Feng wine, you will forget all Chongru, Sally evil? Evil people? Have not come to their own self-identify.

Now, we boarded the Island Lake is the heart Pinghu Zhao Jinshan Island around the island, the island of 190.3 meters above sea level, covering an area of 7700 square meters, by the tourist and service component of the district. Now I'll give you one of the world's top 10 great man, he stands for "Universal Love" "Non-offensive" and "prudence", "Shang Xian", who he is? The people of ancient Mo. Now we see this as a Court of Mo is writing. Mo said to old age, the desire of writing, but could not find an elegant place, Luyang after the public about the incident in Jinshan on the island for Mo Made by the Court of. Four seasons here, quiet environment, Lvshuiqingshan, Yinghui each other. Mo satisfied. Here by eight years to complete the "Mo". Shidao vicissitudes of life, he's written a pavilion, although in the long history of the ablation cloud of dust, but he "Universal Love" and "non-offensive" and "prudence" and "yet "Stay-the world is thinking. To commemorate this great man, the local people in reconstruction funds in 1994" by the Court of Mozi. "Quanxia if there is to know the Mexican public will be welcome.


If the pole-south-west side of the mountain is Mountain. There is a touching thing to help. Legend has it that when Yuwang Flood disaster, Yu water here, found the mountains to stop the flood path. In order to assist the flood, people's livelihood universalist, Yu Shan Turkey decided to move out of this. Local people may not agree, for fear of bad feng shui. Yu promised "to remove a Turkish mountain, you are also a Gold Mountain", the villagers agreed to this. Flood back, the mountain really pick To a Jinshan, is now the island of Jinshan, Hill singled pole into a mountain, the mountain is the article. Since then, local people have a happy life, one after another read Yinuoqianjin Yu, was a good king.

Stone Gusao

Gusao stone and mother-in-law's village, and so now constitutes a string of mass Story. Landscape, with place names is a filial daughter-in-law, the evil mother-in-law, sister-in-law Yin linked to the legend. Legend has it that: there is a family here, the old married couple and one child, a daughter. Daughter-in-law just passed the door, mother-in-law daughter-in-law to be very harsh, so devoted to a pair of sharp barrels at the end of Tam daughter-in-law to allow water, water tanks also dissatisfied with the beating. Far from the road, and barrels at the end of a sharp, Law to rest. Not for her husband, mother-in-law let his son abroad to do business. The kind-hearted sister-in-law, sister-in-law affection, some secretly dug pit on the road, so that sister-in-law put barrels rest on the shoulder. Be aware of this mother-in-law, sister-in-law to a beaten, frightened sister-in-law no longer afraid to help a sister-in-law, daughter-in-law day after day with tears in her eyes, in silence, Long distances to fetch water at home. One day, she was carrying water on the way up, met riding a elderly white beard. The elderly, said: "I'm thirsty horse, to the point of water to drink!" Daughter-in-law stopped feet so Ma Erhuamoyue drinking. Over water to drink, she went back to pick. Old man on three occasions to discuss her water, she had not hesitate to give his Old man was very moved, then gave her whip, said: "You are the whip on the edge of the water tanks, water did not move a little on the line, no longer be used after a fetching water." Daughter-in-law act to do, so . Mother-in-law daughter-in-law was found not to fetching water, water tanks are always full, can not understand why.

For Truth-ching, Yen leave her daughter-in-law of laughter, said: "You also pass on for quite some time, go back and look at your Dieniang it." Take a daughter-in-law, mother-in-law went to see whether, in-cylinder found in a dirty whip of the semicolon , Mother-in-law readily be taken out of the water tanks of unexpectedly turbulent smoke. Jianshibumiao sister-in-law, sister-in-law to look for as soon as possible, such as two-person To come back, the village has already been flooded, has become a vast expanse of water. Gusao with two stone uniform flood water in the town, they go around looking for parents-in-law, father-in-law was found to be water Jinshan Central hung on the tree, so linked to God, also known as Jinshan Central Hill. Father-in-law buried Gusao continue to look after mother-in-law. Evil mother-in-law of water will be to the south bank of River, a dog swallowing its body Director of the dead swallow a small tree branches as bad hair whirling like, swinging in the wind, whirling non-stop, and later generations to build this village, named after the village of whirling. Gusao two stone water tower in the town, looking look forward to an early return of their loved ones, has ever turned into stone, rock Gusao named. Gusao later generations a sense of the United States and Germany, two in the stone-phase Service A small temple, there is Gusao like plastic. Chinese New Five-Year Plan to be held in February each year temple, the stream of pilgrims. For many years, the fire agency received here, Shashi excitement.

From the east side of the stone, like Gusao two stand side by side; from the west side want to see us from across the great fall trend. General Feng Yuxiang soldiers was passing through here, Its fall wounding, iron chain had been tied Stone, 30 forced Malaysia and Latin America, resulting in broken iron chain and stone patterns are not fixed wire.

  Zhao Pinghu landscape rich, deep connotations, history and culture goes back to ancient times. Lake surrounded by stone representing Gusao, Kam Shan temple in the shade of pines Calocedrus; Mo as a condescending Court Huguangshanse most out; sleeping in the sun has embraced the Millennium Dragon in the large-scale paintings, ancient mystery. Liu Zutingqiugong Island City, with the rise and fall when the lake when they are hidden on the island Yongsan, Yangshao relics to be found everywhere, "Central Plains cultural treasures" reputation. Liu Liu ancestor of the east coast of Lake tired solemn burial, Luyang Huige back to the public on legend Peru pleasant. Lan He's magnificent momentum of the dam, the Pinghu wonderful sunset, the eye-openers. Extensive and profound history and culture and enchanting natural scenery of CMV, constitute the Pinghu Zhao unique tourism landscape.

  Zhao endless Pinghu, Shuitianyise, which rise amid the surrounding Pinnacle, Jade, and sufficient The poetic. Well-known far and near historical sites, lakes within the south-pointing carriage stone Gusao life, touching story of Fu Xiang Union chapter; elegant heart of the Lake Central Taiwan Jinshan tree, fragrant grass green, a thinker Mo writing "Mozi by the Court "Condescending, the most out Huguangshanse; Neolithic cultural sites, two Lu during the Yangcheng old haunt, Liu Liu ancestor closures tired town, the text of the provincial security units "Qiugong city" with the island's water level fluctuation when the time is hidden, like a mirage out of King's dream; Liu Xiu Han Emperor Guangwu to build Taiwan's recruitment recruitment Taiwan, Yang's family Jiaozan, Meng-liang's Walled Zhunzha to the Walled Meng-liang and Yang Jialing is to make the ancient ruins of war Beautiful natural scenery, gorgeous sunset Pinghu, water rafting, wine Lin Feng, Yang-blue sky and white clouds, Castle Peak Vision ups and downs, down blue green water, the King of their interest is the situation Chongru are forgotten, relaxed and happy.

  "Return to nature,?????." Boats, assault boats, small yachts, hotels, meals , Dance hall, the couple tents, barbecue game, evening bonfire, "the first western Henan Pool" hot spring, you will never enjoy or have forgotten the taste, so you reluctant to leave, pleasant nostalgia.

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Shimantan National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shimantan National Forest Park in 1987, Shi proposed floodplain forest botanical garden master plan on the basis of the program, approved by the State Forestry Department, in February 1992 to grant Lin made the word (92) 154, approved the text agreed to set up The 45 state-level forest park one.

  River Park is located Central Province, and Wugang in the southern, eastern foot barberry, the Huang-Huai plain on the west side. Including the state-owned forest and flood plain stone Tieshan; still shop, martial arts, Yin set Yangzhuang, King stores, such as Temple Street Project 7 and township population, the slope Temple, House Office of the ridge of the three. And their neighborhood. With a total area of 190 square kilometers, of which 120 scenic area Square kilometers. Planning four of the 10 scenic spots and tourist routes (Longquan Lake, Cliff 9, Tianchi, Chishan, Ma On Shan, Ling Ping, Kyushu, crab Mountain, Wufengshan, Jiulongshan) 76 spots.

  Longquan Lake scenic area to the axis, with 9 cliffs, the Tianchi area for the two wings, travel along the four lines of radiation Zhou. Built-San-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, one of the stone for the United States and leisure tourism destination.

Shimantan National Forest Park in 1987 proposed the "Stone Garden floodplain forest master plan" on the basis of approval by the State Forestry Department, in February 1992 to grant Lin made the word (9 ), 154 approved the text agreed to set up 45 state-level forest park one.

Area locations: Forest Park is located in central Henan province, Wugang in the southern, eastern foot barberry, the Huang-Huai plain on the west side. Including the state-owned forest and flood plain stone Tieshan; still shop, martial arts, Yin set Yangzhuang, King stores, such as the Temple 7 Project and the township population, the slope Temple, House Office of the ridge of the three. And their neighborhood. With a total area of 190 square kilometers, scenic area of 120 square kilometers. Planning four of the 10 scenic spots and tourist routes (Longquan Lake, Cliff 9, Tianchi, Chishan, Ma On Shan, Ling Ping, Kyushu, crab Mountain, Wufengshan, Jiulongshan) 6 spots.

Longquan Lake Park to the axis, with 9 cliffs, the Tianchi area for the two wings, along the lines of the four travel around the radiation. Built-Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, Shi Mei recreation tourism as one of Forest Park. 9 natural scenic cliffs by the 40 small area, 27 monuments, 8 holes 2 Stephen, composed of 128 spots. Tianchi Lake Scenic Area are mainly distributed in Changling Village in the territory, hospital officials level scenic spot in the possession of the territory Village, a total of 110 sites, monuments 35. Qi in unexpected spots, spectacular momentum.

National Forest Park located in Wugang city in the south, close to the urban areas, Luo , To dance in the railway intersection, Xu Pei, Ping in the whole territory of north-south highway, the traffic is convenient. Wan Shan Water, water near the city, Hill City, the financial mountain, water, forest, as one city, the people room and board for the trip to buy entertainment travel facilitated. Park, with a total area of 190 square kilometers, and can travel 120 square km area. Park Shan Lin deep secret, rippling water, the peak strange stones, cave-sen, Qiao Ya waterfall plunge, the sea of clouds and fog mountains, lofty birds, beautiful, "the small northern Jiangnan" reputation. In the north to subtropical and warm temperate transition, a wealth of good forest and water resources, vegetation, climate, four seasons can swim, can Spring Hill into the flowers, summer can be Lin summer, autumn can be gathering wild fruit, can enjoy the winter snow. Longquan formed a scenic lake for the axis, in order to Tianchi Hill, 9 scenic cliffs for the two wings, the Department of Erlang Mountain, Ma On Shan, Wufengshan, crab Mountain, Chishan, Jiuzhou, and other scenic areas around the four lines of the 10 scenic spots in the past 1000 landscape.

San-ching here Show, such as shade trees, abundant rainfall, the forest coverage rate in more than 90%, the average annual temperature of 14. 6 ?. One place, stained green head, ears closed thousands of music, a hundred birds in the mountains Bird Hill, the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance drunk ten steel city. The scenic view different view or a stone or Bore, also in the long ten Probe into not see the light of the forest, also entered the modern large-scale iron and steel complex to see what the real steel of Liancheng.

Summer natural summer resort, and Shi Lei Gu repeated claims made by the floodplain of the International Dragon Boat Races base, steel flying to spend a modern city of steel, stone and moving spirits of the flood plain reservoir dam plunge , A large number of natural and cultural landscapes, historical sites, like a beautiful, magnificent spectacular natural scenery and customs of the picture, people linger favorite.

Planning pattern: Longquan Lake for the axis to 9 cliffs, the Tianchi area for the two wings, along the lines of the four travel around the radiation. Built-San-ching, Show-odd stone into the United States and leisure tourism destination, and Wugang City, set into the hills and water, forestry, city, travel into the city's tourism industry.

(A) natural scenic cliffs 9

9 Cliff is a natural scenic Shimantan National Forest Park is one of the main scenic spots. It was founded in 1 93 years in January. Former minister of the Ministry of National Defense, General Zhang Aiping personally wrote an inscription for the scenic area. "Shimantan National Forest Park 9 natural scenic cliff." 9 Cliff natural scenic location,
Easily accessible, it is located in the southeastern city of Wugang, squat 107 East State Road 17 km, east of Highway 5 km Kim Jong Hui Wugang City, south bus station 9 km, Luo dance railway station 12 km. 9 cliffs and natural scenic East ballast Ya Ge Shan Shan area across the north and the flood plain stone reservoir connected to the water in accordance with a total area of more than 50 square kilometers, the Mountain Gate project was started in April 1994, completed in June, construction of roads, the Mountain Gate A total investment of the people 690,000 yuan.

9 natural scenic cliffs by the 40 small area, 27 monuments, 8-chuen, 12, composed of 128 spots. Here Shan Jun Xian-feng, verdant forests, green Shochiku want to drop, clear stream bottom, the hole-sen. Mountain of Hope has, picturesque natural landscape. The main landscape 9 , Jiufeng exist side by side, the majestic spectacle. 17 falls, water falls cliffs or demon Feelings or soft waves roar. Hu Diequan, blue waves caused by a dam is located. Ba-dumb, Shen Xiandong, eye holes, Song Zi-dong, fascinating myths and legends. Ssangyong-dong, Dong Qing, the Dragon King-historical monuments faintly visible, dressing girls, monks riding a camel , The children have hope Cardiff, Yuanyang turtle realistic modeling, vivid.

(B) Tianchi Mountain

Tianchi Mountain is located in Wugang city in the southern mountains. Temple slope from the railway station 20 km, 15 km away from the bus station Yangzhuang. Tianchi sub-area, hospital officials level in two parts. Tianchi Lake Scenic Area of the main distribution Changling Village in the territory, hospital officials level scenic spot in the possession of the territory Village, a total of 110 sites, monuments 35. Qi in unexpected spots, spectacular momentum. Get into the Tianchi, such as hot summer Chiu-Liang; occupy the courtyard, looking up only to see Yi Xiantian; bridge walk, increasingly fluttering in Wonderland. The charming scenery often open so that visitors to the heart Yee, pleasant nostalgia. Rather, "the world is more beautiful, odd Tianchi on the" feeling.

Leaders at all levels repeatedly visited Tianchi scenic view. Urban Design Institute of Engineers Province Wang Zhenlun study said: "Tianchi is a landscape in our province, is the value of the development." In April 1993 to start planning and construction. Organized Sculpture, painting, surveying and mapping, cartography, technical staff, such as the preparation of the investigation team, the back of dry food, put up tents to start the arduous investigation, mapping and planning.

  Since May 1, 1994 officially open to visitors.

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Pingdingshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingdingshan City, Henan Province in central and southern Taiwan situated, as a result of urban construction in the "flat top cut, such as" under Pingdingshan named after. Jian City in 1957, has now become energy and raw materials industries as the mainstay, coal, electricity, chemical industry, such as the comprehensive development of the emerging industrial city. Yu dominates, Wugang two county-level cities and Fung, Jia , Lushan, Ye Xian, as well as four counties Xinhua, Wei-dong, Cham River, Shilong of the four areas. With a total area of 7882 square kilometers with a total population of 4,700,000, of which built-up area population of 600,000.

Pingdingshan city's history can be traced back to five or six thousand years ago. Existing original Neolithic will?????, Yangshao culture and Longshan culture site. Shangzhoushidai, this country is. Found in historical records as early as 1324 BC, "Zuo Zhuan", "The Book of Songs" and "Historical Records" and other books have recorded. Tang Dynasty poet, Yuan Jie, who Niugao the Southern Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty medical scientist slippery life, the Spring and Autumn Period Mocius thinker, writer of the Qing Dynasty Li Luyuan, and Bai Lang modern peasant uprising leader, surnamed Ye of the Chinese ancestor, known as Ye Shen politicians from both the growth of this Liang manner. Seekers can explore the ages of Confucius, Li Bai, Han Yu, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Xi Yi, Su, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, and other officials or Sri Lanka or roaming the side, leaving Valuable spiritual wealth.


  Pingdingshan advantage of the natural environment. A warm temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons, mild climate, abundant rainfall, a long frost-free period, suitable for a variety of crops and the growth of plants and animals. Wheat and tobacco were the two Potential crops, tobacco leaf production of long enjoyed a good reputation, the country is one of the three major tobacco producing areas.

  Pingdingshan There are many scenic spots and historical sites. There are ancient temples of the Millennium Wind cave temple, great literary giant of the Northern Song Su Shi and his son's burial - the Soviet Union three graves, picturesque Shirengou Nature Reserve, the set mountain, forest, lakes, As one of the city of Wugang Shimantan National Forest Park, Grace Decoction Shenquan known as the Yu hot spring, and so on.

  At present, the New Stone Age have been found in the previous 37 ancient cultural sites, commercial sites and the ancient city of weeks to the Ming Dynasty Tombs 19, the temple temple 6. Show only natural scenery of scenic spots Pending at the national level) - Shirengou Hill, ancient temples of the Millennium (state-level key protection units) - Wind Point Temple, the Song Dynasty great writer Su Shi and his son cemetery - three of the tomb and the Soviet Union, the civilization of the far and near Xiangshan Temple, Spring and Autumn Period An outstanding thinker and strategist, surnamed Ye at home and abroad ancestor - Shen Ye Zhu Liang cemetery, integrated in the Ming Dynasty De grant from the Department of households built Li Shang lectures - as well as the College Ziyun Shimantan National Forest Park, Ping and other major attractions of the West Lake, the scenery is so extraordinary that the tourists away.

  High-speed and efficient transport network. From the urban area by Express, the fast train straight up to Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Yichang, Sea, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, and other large and medium-sized cities; there are 207,311 National Highway and the two provincial territory and had to wear. Department of Pingdingshan city of immigrants, people from all over the country, the concept of avant-garde fashion, easy to accept new ideas, new culture. Pingdingshan annual per capita income of more than 9800 yuan, ranking first in Henan Province , A higher level of consumption, the commercial development of domestic and foreign brands favored by consumers, is well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers the ideal city to expand the market.

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Shirengou south of Nan Zhao Shan Temple scenic tourist area Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Danxia Nanzhao Xian Temple is located in the north-east, leaving five North Town Office. As a result of post-red soil ridge Piedmont, in the early Jiansi Hongxia named Temple, Xian Xia Temple, later renamed the Danxia Temple, "the daily Dan Mu, Chi-Hyuk Choi Ha, starting from the valley, if Wodan color, such as Chan Mingxia, "named, is Yu-southwest of the existing one of the three ancient temples of the Millennium, and Hong Chuan Yen Monastery, the town-famous Buddha Temple. Block temples throughout north to south, after the pile by Python Hill, Qinglongshan left and right according to White Tiger Hill, near Red Hill, there are files in the distance barriers for sub-Hill, Hill with exquisite care, magnificent momentum and quiet. Kowloon from the front of the winding river flowing through beautiful environment Green Show.

Dan Temple is a provincial heritage unit, Henan Province, one of the eight major Ming Si, the temple of the first Funiu Mountain, south of Henan Zen the Holy Land. From the tourism perspective, this area in order to focus on Danxia Temple, including the temple area, Tallinn, Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill, old trees, a few doors, and other parts of the district. The biggest advantage of the scenic mountains around the ring of water, human Ran into one, especially around the Temple Danxia temples, picturesque. At the same time from the area near the county seat, tourism advantages are clear.

(1) of the temple: Ma Wancun located. Tang Changqing 2004 (824), the Zen master of this natural Jiansi. Since the natural Sengsi create a Zen master here, to North Chongning 2004 (104), Chan Seng Tak-sun temple renovation will increase, and the purchase of farm, accounting for water, according to Hill, prosperous and growing. The late Yuan Dynasty, was due to Bingluan, burned away. Yongle of the Ming dynasty for 11 years (1413) Tan Chan Seng Kuan, in the construction of the temple on the ruins of a temple. Ming Zhengtong the first year (1436) since Zen master also planning to repair. Ming Jiajing 2002 (1523) monks of life and to the expansion of the Temple Danxia been ZTE, a new look. "Business Hall of North and South, East and West together configuration, while Wei-ran in the large hill, and three plastic Buddha and Ocean's 18. Jingzhen spread of celecoxib is this lofty temples, the Provisional King of frightened people, travel Chang Huai persons. "But in the late Ming Dynasty, Bingluan after another, monasteries were destroyed again. The early Qing Dynasty, monks all over the diaspora, have been returned, the temple of Tobe monk, blazing to clean up the site and rebuild their temple. Um quiet then, the two monks, following Mian Zhu Kwong, religious incense, to help advise, after renovation, the temple more fai . Temple and outside the towering old trees, Calocedrus shady, lush, scenic, Nanyang been listed as one of the eight major landscape view. Danxia Temple has now entered its peak period. At that time, more than 300 monks, the temple production also increased significantly, in the southwest of Henan in the cause of Buddhism's influence has reached an unprecedented level of Qing Emperor Guangxu give "Long live the card" side. So far non-circulating, "barberry, 800, 500, Danxia" said.

Temple Danxia existing temples for the construction of the Qing Dynasty. Temple-wide area reached more than 50 acres, more than 140 inter-hall premises. Central axis of the building, followed by the Mountain Gate, Jia Lan Temple, Main Hall, Dian Lu border Canon Building, Room Yongxin, the ancestral hall and after. There are stone lions on either side, Langfang, M Catering homes. Its strict rational layout, Cuoluoyouzhi. Temple has a diameter of two meters of a large leather drum, an ancient bell, bell-to ten away; two meters high, two stone lions on either side of the separation of the Mountain Gate, on the base were engraved with the "Red Temple" and Ten to the jungle "eight characters; a near two old white fruit trees, planting on both sides of the front, some high-Shu Zhang, measurements of rough trails, lush foliage, Zhetianbiri; next to the temple have Parkinson's, the two chestnut , And a long extension, have a few rough, high-Shu Zhang, towering into the clouds, a tree Putao Jia Cong, coiled in between two trees, there are vulgar, "a hundred (Parker , (Li) Putao Jia ", said; 400 meters south-west of the temple, there is an area of dozens of acres of old Berlin, uniform, the China trip. Depths of the jungle, for the burial place of Chan Seng history. Zhuanta existing in the Yuan Dynasty Eight, four of the Qing Dynasty stone. This has a long history (generation has spread to 57) of the temple, there are stringent Regulation, discipline and integrity of the organization, Zhou and the Buddhist ritual, far-reaching result. In the early Republican era, the monks have gathered in this country, once held up over January-old ordained a grand ceremony.

Terauchi have existing Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the number-stele, above the record of the temple along Danxia Changes. 13 years of Qing dynasty (1834) tablets "...... Temple began in the early days of the Tang, Song Sheng on, soldiers burning in the yuan, Ming Chung Hsing so far, the reconstruction of the Qing Dynasty so far. " After Temple Danxia Feixing, through vicissitudes. In that period, Bingfei Cross, the war years, the temple in disrepair for many years, incomplete. In particular, the Qing Zen monk and sounding as a result of Menhuzhixian, property dispute, suffer much. Later, the new monk at the temple when selling in the middle of being killed, Pu Yu monks have also arrested and jailed, the decline from this Buddhist temple. Liberation, the left only to sleep, sleep, and so on the first of three monks. In the party and government attention and protection, many buildings were Repair. In 1960, set up in the county people's nursing home, and a number of additional buildings. In 1963 to a total of Temple Hall room, Sengshe 141. One of the three halls, rooms, and two things Kuayuan Buddha in the preservation of integrity and brilliant color. In 1982, the Government has allocated 30,000 yuan for renovation Sent staff to look after and protect.

Monastery quiet environment: "Si Hou Feng-Feng Ren-thousand-Rabbit, about two-Feng Li folder, next to the nearly Chao Zhu Feng arch"; "beautiful mountain circled Zhuangruo phoenix wings, clear spring around its foot, such as the sound of swift current. .....";" Many mountain surrounded by water after another roundabout, song Cong-mao, the permitted high-rise, as is the Nanyang monuments, the resort also Nanzhao. "Xiao Meng Tang Dynasty poems are:" Autumn Song refused to color, jade-green soft refused. Right to be climbing, water is also DC. Crane negative letters, Yun Sok for fur clothing. Sally Murdoch village far, Ce Zhang Yu intersection. "After all, still a good place to visit. Now Up the house of temples, ancient buildings in the research process also has some reference value. After the temple area of the slope, Lansheng tower built around a variety of plant leaves, such as green fuel, Tallow, such as pine. The whole area around the temple are planting more Hongmei, Tau, such as Lagerstroemia Hongyexiaobo plants and flowers, leaves, such as planting Prunus cerasifera To contrast "Danxia" mood.

(2) Qinglongshan: Qinglongshan tall and straight in a critical situation, Ngong Road dragon You Si Zhang Xiao, Shan Buddhist waist hole for the early Danxia natural Zen master of self-cultivation by the UN.

(3) Foshan lying: also known as file-Hill. Qinglongshan board Yuan Wang, the file shows that sub-Hill, "Giant "Supine, life. Mountainside a large cave, stalactite cave shoots, Quanyajiaocuo, Shashi spectacular.

(4) White Tiger Mountain: tall and powerful White Tiger Hill, the magnificent, exquisite small spider Hill round, like a ruby mounted on the side of the temple.

(5) Tallinn: The years immediately after the liberation Danxia around the ancient temple buildings, the size of the Shaolin Temple over. Today, only scattered Shiyu Zuo, are the Yuan, Ming and Qing period built for Temple monks Danxia cemetery. Existing in the Yuan Dynasty has a complete Zhuanta 5, the five towers, four tower clearance.

(6) Berlin: Danxia Buddhist temple in Berlin is the living Place the largest, towering old trees, shady Calocedrus, planted by the Eight Diagrams layout of the Yin and Yang.

(7), many old names: Danxia Temple, there are far abdominal profile, near the village where there are temporary, are backing vein, Active Water, there is the town of Tower Hill, pass under a bridge of the city. The Cooper Temple 2, in front of male and female Seven Star Apricot, as far as history records, planted in the Tang and Song dynasties, so far, the Millennium; Temple of Hong camphor tree, white Iguazu, and Ta Song Tan hollow tree, and Putao Jia Li Bai, the temple festooned with the flavor. Abbot on both sides of the room in front of the stage two hours cypress and long wing, Song Bo, nearly millennium ago.

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River rafting stork - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River rafting stork seat inside Xixia Geranium upper reaches of the river, 42 km away from Xixia county, 311 National Highway, from the adoption of Henan Provincial Highway 48. Longtan waterfall and ditch group, children playing customs Canyon, the old community Ridge Scenic spots such as the formation of gold Tourism Link.

Geranium Danjiang River is the source, but also South-North Water Transfer Cheng. The upper reaches of major water conservation district. The main trunk stream of 254 km long, drainage area 4219 square kilometers, between 1340 meters and drifting paragraphs of the whole over 480 meters, 12 kilometers away from drifting, is the development of the Central Plains area of the first drifting, drifting away from the longest and most exciting of the largest projects. It has been said "Central Plains in the first drift '. SAIC is now in registration.

Kai King drift in the process of a lot along the way, "he stork in the first beach." "Nine Longtan" realistic image of the "Wolong", "Long Yi", the soul-stirring "beach dance" the size of 18 beaches. Fei-zhou dried up in the wave of feeling the same time, the water is River rafting is a major fun. Songkran is here every day, every ten feet of water area, whether recognized or not, splashing each other is a gift. Experienced slow water, jump clear of the bottom of a river tour, you will feel "forgotten time", "forget identity", "forget the age", "forget the troubles."

Stork The whole drifting 12km, the average water flow of 20m3 /s, due to the tropical monsoon zone continental climate, precipitation and more concentrated in the 5-10 month, with an average rainfall of about 800 mm, when the river when the narrow width, maximum width up to 30m, the most Only narrow Department 5m, both dangerous shoals rapids, and pools Pinghu River rafting is ideal.

River rafting stork natural scenery tour, the entire process a total of 19 rapids and dangerous shoals downstream, the twists and turns, the waves stop Fei-zhou, soul-stirring, narrowly, in the winding, winding rivers, tourists or Chuang Po Lang Beach, or play Frolicked water can be released indulgence, pregnant, back to nature. The whole Ups and downs in the mountain rivers, vegetation and landforms rich combination of types, of which there are known as "living fossils" of the ginkgo tree, C. Felix Luo, and other rare plants. So that tourists can enjoy the steep sides of the strait Xian-feng, Lam Xiuzhu, we can see birds flying in the air stork, mandarin ducks swimming in the river, the fish leap in water. Shiwaitaoyuan a beautiful picture. Drifting, a group of well-trained nursing staff to drift protect you, provide a full range of drift and a tour guide, insurance, and other family services, you scared yet unhurt, you drift of the shocked, too Shuxing swim, play With joy, and let you feel the nature of baptism, Mei-back-to-nature, natural challenges of the fun. Wind Where is the best, to make the first drift in the Central Plains.

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Baotianman Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baotianman magical, magnificent, full of vast. She Zhetianbiri of virgin forest and a large number of wild animals and plants is renowned Central Plains, with the latitude to become the most complete preservation of the ecological structure of the area in Henan Province and the distribution centers of biological diversity, as the "treasure house of natural species", "Central Plains Of a pearl. " China 21 World Biosphere Reserve, Henan Province, the only World Biosphere Reserve - Baotianman, located in the Central Plains earth Funiu Mountain south of Nanyang Basin along the West Neixiang Xian in the territory, mountain 500-1845 meters above sea level, with a total area of 100 Yu square kilometers.

20 1 year on December 5, UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program Committee in Beijing, China's national certification ceremony held at Great Hall of the People, declared that the Neixiang Xian Baotianman were identified as the "World Biosphere Reserve."

Baotianman unique geographical location of protected areas, is located in warm temperate sub-tropical north The second transition area and the third step of the ladder to the transition zone, our country is the only Yangtze River, Yellow River, Huaihe River watershed of the three, also in central China to preserve the natural integrity of the most comprehensive gene pool. It protected the ecotone of the comprehensive forest ecosystems in 31 countries and the protection of rare plants, 5 A variety of state protection of rare animals, for the 2879 kinds of higher plants, 213 species of birds, 62 kinds of mammals, 14 kinds of amphibians, 31 reptiles, 67 species of fish and 936 kinds of insects provide a good environment for the survival and habitat The protected areas of China has a rich biodiversity of great importance The status and role. In addition, Baotianman protected area also has abundant natural resources and development potential and to build a sustainable eco-protection mechanism; also established a museum of natural history, the preservation of the collection of 12,387 kinds of biological specimens.

Over the years, in putting in a lot of rural manpower, material and financial resources to implement Grid management of protected areas Baotianman active in biodiversity conservation, increase scientific research efforts, Henan has developed into a base for the preservation of biodiversity, scientific research bases to promote community development and demonstration bases, good protection of the Central Plains This is a land of "green land", since the beginning of 2001, in rural Seize Baotianman to win the World Biosphere Reserves, National Geopark, and other opportunities Jinzizhaopai, bold ideas, "in order to protect and promote tourism, Yikaifangcu development" strategy, Baotianman for tourism development, improve the matching area Facilities, the province has built the largest, most types of specimens Baotianman However, the museum. To deal with the protection and development of the relationship between the county's planning and construction experts hired by local laws and regulations to strictly limit the scope of the development of the test area, Baotianman tour of the facilities in the region are in strict accordance with the "Return to Innocence, back-to-nature" of eco - The principle of protection was finalized. At present, developed a line falls, risk Lines, three lines mature eco-tourism Link, for visitors to day, Two-Day Tour, Three-Day Tour, Baotianman provincial government has been identified as Funiu Mountain Tourism Development leader.

Baotianman its unique ecosystem and the transitional zone of the rich diversity of rare bio-resources experts called Natural biological species gene pool. "At the same time, it's strange natural landscape, geological features can also uncanny workmanship, rich and magnificent, mountain-hung stone risk, towering old trees, fresh water Lake Show, Fei Bao, such as training. To protect the area's unique eco-tourism Tourism and the value of geological science, has won the "Baotianman National Nature Reserve "Baotianman World Biosphere Reserve", "Chinese Forest Ecosystem Research Network Mansen Lin Bao-day eco-station", "Baotianman National Geopark", "national youth education, science and technology base," Jinzizhaopai five.

  Bao Tin Man Linhai vast, towering old trees, rare birds and animals, plants Merry hold all the natural scenery. Area can be seen everywhere in the strange ancient rocks, cliffs Monitor. Cutting the wall like a broom out into Valley, which rise amid thorns days, not bottom-yuan, albeit not very clearly the girl-Yi floating floor, the United States, Guiqi magnificent; Kyoko stack, Yanling Dao, the service cap, the wind off cliffs, stack sword hanging, hanging Dan Jingtian, cattle, and other magnificent pile heart risk , Totally natural. 1830 meters above sea level on the main peak, the panoramic view of the distance, surrounded by peaks at a glance, the colorful paintings of an intoxicating enchanting scenery, the people fully enjoy the unique taste of a long-term perspective. The following is the main peak of more than 3,000 hectares of virgin forest, there have always maintained the original shape , The forest of trees to run its course, different Jia-Mu-hui, colorful, relaxed and happy people.

  Baotianman Shan Lin high density, Jian Tan all over the river and waterfall in the valley.???five Longtan waterfall pools and other places of great features, scenic areas to add a lot of charm. In addition, the formation of natural scenic spots within the range of solution Landscape is also an advantage. Tianxin hole Fairy Cave, the cave groups, such as wind tunnel different attitude, unique charm.

  Longtan five days at Po Mannan foot of the mountain-man, about five kilometers in the deep gorge in the fall as a result of falls, formed a natural dam of the five, depending on the potential for Longtan yellow, red Longtan, the Longtan white, purple Longtan Longtan black. Tan Zhong allegedly as a result of Jackie Chan and named Anaconda. Longtan and the most spectacular, linked to a 80-meter cliff falls from the cliffs to form drop Office. Splashing water, noise Zhener, features a curtain of pearls Daojuan spectacular picture. Tan next to the stone cliffs Zi state, the western end of Feng has a beautiful high-rise, and its surrounding mountains is very Potential. Cis Heilongtan is not far down the Longtan purple, in a valley between, difficult to walk on the west side, pedestrians need to be forward-climbing. Tam small, in a deep valley, has a clear head, at a glance, it is refreshing. White Longtan around more dangerous, known as "Yi Xiantian," said Jing Chan is ominous to watch the oil will be immediately "Ruogu pit" feeling. Tan Chek Longtan mountain relief, people look mysterious. Huang Longtan Lake at the bottom of the large and deep, known as the "bottomless pit." Five of the Longtan Lake King wonderful Masami surrounded by the Mountain View, is a decorative painting seems poetically. Ling Feng list, Pinnacle Fengfeng, a variety of green and luxuriant trees, all kinds of Brilliant scene in the steep rocks. Five of the Longtan such as pearl inlay five peaks in the valley between the mountains quiet possession, quiet and natural scenery is really unlimited. Five of the Longtan Baotianman with the development of tourism scenic spots, the great potential and promising.

 ???scenic areas are the focus of the foot days Mannan Tourism Development Zone, the area Heart-a-day tour, a 10-km valley of Qi caused by overlapping, Qili cliffs. Granite in the river valley, full of clean water; various forms of granite boulders remain in bed, do not have a taste. 2 km into the area is the concentration of suspended King Stone, a piece of stone and a pile of hanging from the Hill , Like artificial masonry, but in reality the natural form. Different peaks have different patterns, like animal-like, strange shapes, uncanny workmanship, very resistant to watch. The main scenic spots along the King paragraph???steep mountains, waterfall Tam stacked wrong, very characteristics. Tam seven granite mountain along the river in seven bands stacked and dang, every order between the formation of Off-the-curtain waterfall, waterfall curtain of falling into the pit. Tam is the granite in the long-term erosion in current form, no stone miscellaneous impurities, quiet time, unpredictable. Tam from the near-walled courtyard surrounded by waterfalls, only a narrow Road, heart, and falls into a powerful fan-shaped area, worthy of good scenery. 80-meter high waterfall, the cliffs along the valley down in straight sets Most momentum.

  Bao Tien-hsin hole in the days Mannan Secernosaurus foot of the mountain between the pile. Secernosaurus stack independent mountain, mountain trend steep terrain must risk. The hole in the center of waste-lifting cliff, and into the hole, like a mountain cavity, it is referred to as "heart-days." The hole for the shaft cave-mouth was wide-narrow-urn-shaped knot , Down more than 20 meters vertical, two Hall after the hole is connected with an area of about 8000 square meters, a high wall 10 - 30 meters range, wide magnificent, very spectacular. The formation of a natural wall of colorful patterns, natural simple, beautiful patterns, the south-pointing carriage, the formation of a major feature of the hole. Stacked inside wrong Caused by the dazzling stalactites, like animal-like, arranged in an orderly manner, the shape of spirit, who proudly heads held high if the tower columns, small if the United States and exquisite detail of the carved stone teeth, see also look at the Kuan Yin Song Zi, seven cents Xiafan , The Eight Immortals crossing the sea of myths and legends, such as Yi Zuzu vivid, will be a beautiful display in front of the myth-xian JING, Is a vivid, lifelike. There are a lot of support inside the hole and the hole fork. The considerable size of the hole, the most aesthetic appeal. The hole has been developed, Bao became a foot of days Mannan attractive tourism landscape.

  Baotianman Fairy Cave at the northern foot of the big hole in the foot. Holes in the valley next to the precipice of a cliff, The river valley from the mountains before flowing through the hole, the spectacular terrain is quite steep. Shuzhang up to the hole, From a distance, if the mouth of a giant embedded in Shek Pik, Cucu stone down the wrong Senate, Sam Rainsy continuously flowing, interesting taste. Huolang hole of a sudden, the Office of the stone long, there are a number of wide Shi Zhang, the capacity of thousands of people. Looking far can be seen everywhere stalagmite stalactite Linglong sophisticated, calm hanging, is the south-pointing carriage. Wai-hole there, there are Dong Ding-dong, dong even the wrong hole, the view of Yang sigh. Dongting in the past had a large number of plastic statues, especially the most famous Ocean's 18. Hall from the edge of their holes to pass, and wall climbing, white narrow width, from time to time Pro Dong Jing Road. Thousands of same hole, like a fan . The more difficult the entry, the more difficult the trip, see the more surprising, you can see the natural scenic spots full of poetic form. Visitors to this, although Dan Chan scared, but often can begin to imagine the Yuchi and Animals. Inside there are many bats live together, Liang Zhao Shi grasp the top upside down, so as to not remember the number. Just how deep the hole, Nobody knows this. Compiled in the Qing Dynasty, "Nanzhao County" has been set: "there are holes in holes, getting into the more narrow None of the human habitat, one can not have one. Xu day trip around, and numerous holes were heard bottom water Flow relief, Mo was looking for his Department. This had a big hole, a hole-tan, the color green, dark stone can not be thought of dollars, cold pressing. If the wooden cross on the bridge-shaped frame, the vision of a hole, the look of natural forests, people did not dare after Yan. "According to legend, a long time ago, there was a seemingly Yahuan of Ficus erecta, for the father to the disease, Song into the river to catch turtle catching shrimp into the Cidong can not come out, it was an immortal spirit, the ultimate immortal, so called " One hole. "

  Cave with the group Baotianman separated from the main peak across the valley, Tung Wai are delicate texture of white marble, as a result of natural weathering the surface of milk to form caves, holes under water and Cong Zheng Song of the River, the beautiful natural scenery. Circular hole, the hole gradually spacious, when the narrow width of time, tortuous, each with its own wonders. Inside moist all the year round, but no water, when they see hanging water-dropping, the heart is cool. The marble wall was a long-term water erosion weathering, the formation of a variety of sophisticated detail of the water column stalactite milk, are thousands, some as small chopsticks, and some, such as crude column, wall hanging, silver, very spectacular, a variety of milk-chu Crystal clear, sparkling Visitors enter the home exactly like the legendary Crystal Palace, the column looks like a lot of milk cents, it seems, like objects, like animals, strange, wonderful endless. The hole is about 1 km up to the Peak, Peak has a hole connected with the current public may enter the main tunnel about 500 meters, also on both sides of the main cross-hole depth of 5 -- 20 meters range are impressive in size. Through the main tunnel into the courtyard of the three Dongting side, but also through the courtyard leading to the Dongting other. Courtyard for the irregular oval-shaped with a diameter of about 30 meters, 10 meters high over a very wide. Bottom, wall, roof wells are gorgeous scene in the water stalactite, beautiful magical, non - Spectacular. In the past two hours to the courtyard inside line, the two huge Dongting, as well as natural water rust well-preserved stone, very spectacular. Dong Yi Shu side of the main hole (12 meters) to the following, and following the spectacular scale of Dongting, a variety of water and rust stone stalactite dazzling and attractive. The hole is extremely fresh air, Regardless of the angle at which people are not feeling the slightest discomfort, as can be seen the same hole with the outside world. It also found around several small cave, a group of karst caves.

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Po Heung within days mantle of national geological park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao rural Henan within days mantle National Geopark is located in Neixiang Xian Fu Ma cottage to the front line north of Yamaguchi prefecture mountain. An area of 1087.5 square kilometers. Park from north to south in order to turn out Luzhuo belt in the process of evolution of different historical periods of geological formation of the geological heritage features. Geological Park Song Zhi mountains, pulling Xiao Tang, an over stratigraphy degeneration, the driving force within the geological, tectonic denudation geomorphology, karst caves, waterfalls and gorges, and other rare geological remains, even take Dicui Lam, torrential streams, rich in rare flora and fauna, is the awareness of nature, tourism The ideal place.
Park is located in the Qinling belt, it Long-term experience many different orogeny formed composite belt mainland, the Chinese mainland in the formation and evolution play an important role. It recorded a belt to 30 billion years of evolutionary history, rich occurrence, the system for a complete study of continental dynamics, is the study of the Qinling belt, and special study Sri Lanka domain structure as well as the world's land mass-retrospective discrete groups, together, proliferation, put together, orogenic evolution, and so an ideal place.
Qinling belt has been the results of research for the continent in the world belt study set a good example. Geopark almost won belt on the southern margin of North China block all of the stratigraphic sequence and structure Acting on the study of the formation and evolution of the belt, the formation and evolution of the Chinese mainland, the retrospective of the evolution of the Earth's history, a very important scientific value.
Within the dense forest area, the complexity of the vegetation types, vertical band clear that the species is rich in resources, and to bring together a wide range of fauna of animals and plants, of which 291 plants Species, is a key state-protected plants Cercidiphyllum, Taibai fir, yew, and so 24; 164 vertebrate species are under special state protection of musk deer, giant salamander, and other 13. China's central plains is the only zone to preserve the integrity of the transitional zone integrated forest ecological zones.

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Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill tourist area south of - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill south of Tourism Division of scenic spots divided into four, namely: Zhenwu top scenic spots, there is room Lake Falls area, Longtan Gully scenic spots, Danxia Temple area.

1, scenic Zhenwu top

(1) Lion peak: at Sancha, access to zhenwu is the top area of the portal. The peak north-south, from afar Lion's Head, who lion, lion hip life.

(2) b of the Longtan: top mountain road stone starting point, the second drop-stacked, clear water.

(3) White holes: wear boulevard, rising to the white snake hole. Hole about 2 meters high, can allow dozens of people. Inside a white plastic fairy, who Yi Shen. Possession of semi-Ban Lu, outside Shek Pik engraved on the "White Snake hole," the words.

(4) silver waterfall: White holes up not far away, you saw silver waterfall. This waterfall is not a lot of water, but a plunge Chien Zhang, in the wind under artificial thousands of silver articles, so that silver waterfall. The gap in about 120 meters, Nan Zhao said that most of the falls, it is rare in the province, complete with waterfall Yuntaishan match.

(6) You Long wall: on its way, that is, to the wall You Long (formerly known as a snake swim waterfall). This wall about 30 meters, water flow along the Shek Pik gap winding down like a Youlong, vivid.

(7) Lin acre azalea: You Long off the wall, then into the mountains million cuckoo Lin. Azalea blossoms and the three of the world one of the key state protection of plants, colorful flower, the distribution of a wide area, especially in the top Zhenwu height. Spring flowers fill the fields, brilliant gorgeous, magnificent.

(8) to the sea crocodile: rocks Such as carp.

(9) East and West Phoenix TV: "crocodile to the sea" before the line, that is, to the east and west Phoenix TV. In the two Phoenix TV Canyon Air Service among the impressive scenery sea of clouds.

(10) fairy Bridge: East, West Phoenix valley between the Taiwan Air Service. "Immortal bridge" from the wild Elm out of the two long Hengzhi composition, visitors crossing the bridge, take a hand above, a foot below, Huanghuangyouyou, distinctive taste.

(11) Xiufeng competition: cross the bridge before the immortal line, to compete Xiufeng. Li Qisong over this, the scenery alone show.

(12) 3 boots: competing flash Spur of the peak along the ridge to the north extension of the viewing platform can be seen in the natural inversion in the Fengdian 3 boots, lifelike patterns. Legend of the late Western Han Dynasty, Liu Wang Mang was to catch up, run away as a result of panic, and he would love Dengyuliangshai the loss of 3 boots here.

(13) Rhododendron Sin Temple: King had before Xiufeng Nao officer in the north-east of the stone construction of the rhododendron forest, a slim, sleek nation-building Xie Shan-Zhong Yan. Plastic cuckoo like fairy palace, to create the myth of a beautiful color, especially in the wind around the clouds, like a fairyland in general.

(14) Nao official Shi: Shi Guang, commonly known as Nao. Xiufeng from competing and walked on official Nao under the brink of a precipice, fighting folding hunting, came to the officer under Stone Nao. But see tall majestic mountain, Gufeng on a smooth boulder, the pneumatic also known as Stone. Shi Heng Kong as the coming peak stability Block Britain, pushed, the wind moving. Legend of the Wu-feng true self founder Lianwu place.

(15) and pine: Following the Before the line to the black pine trees, this unique Lin, towering old trees, the resort areas has added a bit mysterious color.

(16) lofty stone waterfall: through the black pine, to lofty stone waterfall. Shi Zhen-wu waterfall at the top, as a result of the Shek Pik surface water flow patterns similar to, once dropped by Sasa triumphantly as heavy, no one can be called the Divine Land (17) wind tunnel: lofty stone at the top of the waterfall, also known as "Yixian Tian." This is a natural cave passage, 15 meters long and 6 meters high, the width of the narrowest point is only 50 centimeters. Only one person crosstraining, freeclimber rock and rub-off. This "hole" a great wind, visitors now can be described as "Journey Into Amazing Caves."

(18) nine-storey rock: in the west of Yixian Tian, Gu Feng as a whole due to the mountain near the level of joint development, so that it was multi-layer-like, very unique landscape.

(19) Zhenwu vegetable fields: in the nine-miles north on the top stone waterfall, we can see a stone ramp home, a lot of stones arranged in the top, covered with crack Grass, like vegetable bed, this is the legend "Zhenwu vegetable fields."

(20) St. pool: at nine-under, Wankou size, there is water all year round. Legend has it that true charity's founder Wu holy water, to remove all diseases.

(21) top-Zhenwu: Center is located in scenic areas, is Shirengou mountain peak in the second, 2102 meters out. Gu Feng Zhenwu top towering, sky-line, the very top of the towering rock, towering spectacular. In the meantime there is a platform for old legend has Zhenwu Miao, the temple is still the base. This is said to have survived the early years Zhenwu religious place. Zhenwu on top, "Overview of small hills," Barry can Fangyuan Yuan Wang. Visitors view on the top Whether it is a sunset or dawn, the street can feast their eyes.

(23) of natural secondary forest area: at the top northwest Zhenwu, visitors can pass through dense forest to Peak Shirengou plunging stone.

(24) Au Chaoyang: through natural secondary forest, mountain came to the Inter-open terrain, mountains covered with irrigation Cong, the Chaoyang for Au. The upper part of a viewing platform overlooking the "monkey worship Guanyin", "Jinchan Wangque" two stones. Au Chaoyang in sunny, visitors can rest.

(25) plunging stone: to continue along the ridge to the northwest before, it Shirengou Hill to the peak - plunging stone. This stone at the peak , Xiong Jun tall, magnificent, Jinchan similar patterns, known as civil plunging stone. Jinchan covers an area of 50 square meters, and head dehisce the East, legislation on the "very top of the Jade Emperor," stele. Rock on the north side of the "Three Realms Stone" (Nan Zhao, Lushan, Songxian cut-off point), standing stone on the "one foot in three counties." In the three realms of the surrounding rock, Song clouds, hemlock into the clouds, mountain winds, bursts of Songtao. Even though the height of summer heat, overnight accommodation villas, still Liang Qi attacks. Here visitors can watch sea of clouds and watch the sunrise, sunset tours, do not have a taste.

(26) will be Taiwan: From the stone plunging down the mountain, go east to the north of the road tour, will be available to Taiwan. Stand , Looked to the north, the peaks arch ring, "General", "two generals" are full of energy, went came into force. Guan Dao in the vicinity of Taiwan, pay homage to the air, want to fly, stand in front of the wait-and-see, show competing peaks, vast sea of clouds, scenery million.

(27) Valley truths: Taiwan will be the following is a critical I, slippery Podou, commonly known as "ghost Kwan-ming." Steep cliffs Valley ghastly horror, people can not go wrong step. According to local legend the people here due to the effects of magnetic fields, people come to tell jokes, often hear people voice whispered behind, our predecessors do not know the truth, mistaken for ghosts in the song.

(28) reported Feng: continued eastbound, it has been reported to the Mount. It is like a rooster cited strong herald the break of day, a high crown to become a landscape of the area can. Legend of cattle in the White City, World War II, the rooster to defy fate error herald the break of day, go white cattle, angered the Jade Emperor, the King of tota Rooster will be beheaded Li Jing, Chi Chien Zhang crest in the column. Re-look at South Point, mountains If re-Wanmabenteng, really top-wu, the official Nao stone, three boots, lined up in competing Xiufeng.

(29) Zhenwu door, bergamot rock; reported by the Mount to the south through the dense forests and mountains, came to the door Zhenwu. Here on both sides of the towering cliffs, roaring sound of the wind. This look into the distance Zhenwu top side of the moon back Herbie, vivid. Really Shi Feng, a door on the left, similar to the shape of bergamot, so-called bergamot.

(30) Notre Dame Palace: East away from the bees herald the break of day, such as the Palace of Notre Dame in the world: top Gu Feng, Wai stone wall together, forming a natural air Shicheng. Among a Myriad Qian Yan outside the city, towards the mountains arch; Shing Mun rock stands, Zhaobi Chung; Within inaccessible, rising mist, mysterious and hard. Legend has it that the Virgin here for the Nu Wa and practice of preaching. Stand here looking south, Lin vast, green and luxuriant, rhododendron tsugae limelight. Lamb can be seen Tiaoya rock, rock hen, twin-song, seven stars, such as tree landscape, with the formation of Our Lady of the main palace for a huge volume landscape In the north, Lushan scenic spot at a glance.

(31) Shu Qi different wood: from Our Lady Down Palace, a strange Several of the tree should be careful to appreciate. Even as Li Song, for the two pine attendant; four acuminata, a huge oak tree trunk with each other in four-line blue sky, tree trunks in the middle between the two was a Horizontal connections, as of mid-air refueling. Here, there are red birch, six-rowed wood, and so on.

(32) Gui City: Notre Dame will be down to the Gui Palace City. Gui towering Cliffs on both sides of the city, the following is the bottomless valley, the terrain strange, mysterious and hard. It is said that at this time when the country accounted for a hundred Chu Gui - Place to practice.

(33) Cliff Chien Zhang: Gui Valley on the eastern side of the city, has been inserted as the clouds of the cliff, known as the Cliff Chien Zhang. Xian-feng Valley on the west side of the wall, plug in the top of Sky Sword Sword stand, the two central pillars of the two sub-Tingtingyuli such as fairies, the sisters said Feng.

(34) Green Wang: The tree is so extraordinary that there is a certain aesthetic appeal.

(36) echo Taiwan: Gui from the city down, the response to Taiwan, here at the Cliff Chien Zhang Feng and sister combination, a natural viewing platform, is a legend Gui-Taiwan military training exercises, the Taiwan side to board Be able to see all the surrounding landscape. However, this board need to Taiwan A certain courage. Its three sides are cliffs, unpredictable, most people need to climb and, therefore, also known as the "test gallstone." Standing on the stage to make panoramic view of Valley, is do nothing tantamount to a natural viewing platform. Also went to watch the Ya-Xian, will be Taiwan, Luotuo Feng, and downtown Hai blackfish, such as landscape stone wall.

( 7) blackfish to make the sea: a pictographic stone, stone visitors to come.

(39) Nan Tianmen, the door for two days, the Jade Emperor: blackfish from downtown to the eastbound carriageway of the sea, only overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, towering cliffs, followed by an array Nantian Men, the door for two days, three of the Jade Emperor deep Otani, the shape of the door days, the north-south . Far Lofty peaks, roaring Bentu, the Meteorology Series. Shi Feng Nan Tianmen on both sides of the tall, have a natural relief, said the two door gods, and Shek Pik on both sides of the door for two days, showed a dragon, the middle of the valley there are stone beads, Erlongxizhu said. On both sides of the Jade Emperor, a towering golden boy, the Second Lady Feng, Hu Jia said the two children. In the Jade Emperor The south side, a pine and a tree root and stem Qinggang and Health, said the couple trees, were particularly noticeable. Ridge on the south side of the ridge and valley, filled with boundless leaves the forest, from the ancient oak, maple, sumac, such as Liquidambar, late autumn season, Golden overflow color.

(40) to drum rock: Hill Twists and turns, at the foot of the visitors appeared to drum rock, stamp their feet hit, Dong Dong sound.

(41) Men slope; on its way to Singapore men. The steep slope is not a true man, very long, is a test of stamina and the will of the people, can go on to the square known as the hero.

(42) c Tung: continue down to three-dong. Three-dong was built in the Ming Dynasty to the one in col 3 Shimen arch, each for the Shihmen a temple rooms, separate worship Fu, Lu Shou Sanxian. Stone Arch with small doors each other, the old statue inside the cave, there are, and the stone stele, this still remains. Stone Arch upper part of the original days of the temple god, this only Matrix Three stand-dong, lucky star, Paul Star, longevity sambong ring out, the environment and open Mi static, as if people who buy the castle in the Tanqi quiet in the territory.

2, there is room scenic Lake Falls

(1) swirling pool waterfall

(2) cattle Magic Falls Lake: cold water at the river. (3) Tan stone waterfall: Wuli slope off the root, the twists and turns all the way up, it falls to the stone dam. San Tan here a waterfall, waterfall Tam matched, the attractive scenery.

(4) ring waterfall pool: the stone dam at the upper reaches of the river valley to another, so named because of their unique sound. Mizuochi Tan Zhong, listened to as much drum Is wonderful.

(5), Tam is room for improvement falls: falls from the stone dam on the right side of the boulder up, enjoy the valley Xiuse soldiers and stone-day will be soon to the continuing success in Falls Lake. It is the whole area of focus falls on Qiao Li Shek Pik on the fly, unpredictable body of water. Its wonderful is that the group was Tam waterfall Ya-Ling "," two-plus-one Tam waterfall "very rare.

(6) Qianchi Pavilion: upstream along the path along the cliff is Qianchi Pavilion.

(8) Longwangmiao: Qianchi located not far from the eastern side of the pavilion,

(9) Fairy Cave, pool fairy: Fairy Cave is room for improvement at the top of the dam, the river valley close The immortal pool.

(10) immortal home: This is the peculiar nature of good fortune, only to stand in the river valley in the distance viewing platform, from afar, in the green mountains, a natural stone house, life, like a fairyland.

(11), Wang Yu-shan: Fairy Cave is located across the hillside, Peculiar-shaped, high value.

(12) crocodile water; Selenastrum Lake Falls is located in the lower reaches, its shape resembles a crocodile.

(13) Selenastrum Lake Falls; shape as a result of Selenastrum named after. High Falls, about 40 meters. This is the upper reaches of the first to enter the scenic waterfall.

In addition to the , The group falls around the pool there Girl, Optimus Prime, Hu Xiaoyan, the water rocks, soldiers will be days of rock, Dragon King Feng, Yunufeng, mitral peak, a sedan chair, and other natural landscape.

3, Danxia Temple area.

Danxia Nanzhao Xian Temple is located in the north-east, leaving five North Town Office. As a result of post-ridge Piedmont soil Color, in the early Jiansi Hongxia named Temple, Xian Xia Temple, later renamed the Temple Danxia. After the temple area by Python stack Hill, Qinglongshan left and right according to White Tiger Hill, near Red Hill, there are files in the distance barriers for sub-Hill, Hill with exquisite care, magnificent momentum and quiet. Kowloon from the front of the winding river flowing through beautiful environment Green Show. Danxia Temple is a provincial heritage unit, Henan Province, one of the eight major Ming Si, the temple of the first Funiu Mountain, south of Henan Zen the Holy Land. From the tourism perspective, this area in order to focus on Danxia Temple, including the temple area, Tallinn, Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill, old trees, a few doors, and other parts of the district. The biggest advantage of the scenic mountains around the Central Water Human nature into one, especially around the Temple Danxia temples, picturesque. At the same time from the area near the county seat, tourism advantages are clear.

(1) of the temple: Ma Wancun located, was built in four years, Tang Changqing (824), the Song Sheng, soldiers burning in the yuan, Ming Chung Hsing so far, many of the Qing Dynasty Reconstruction of the existing building to the Qing Dynasty, the great momentum, and flavor. Danxia Temple Hall room 110, 49 Buddha, monks reached its peak more than 500 people, the whole temple covers an area of 60,000 square meters. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Main Hall, the Pilu Temple, the Temple founder, to the Tibetan Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, the abbot room, ancestor of the Church, Canon And Shan Fang Hospital, magnificent. Terauchi have existing Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the eight-stone stele that records the rise and fall of the Temple Danxia with the changes. There are Qinglongshan around the Temple left and right are White Tiger Hill, Kowloon River linger in front of the two square kilometers of green and luxuriant old Berlin, the history of the "800, barberry, 500 Danxia," said After the temple area of the slope, Lansheng tower built around a variety of plant leaves, such as green fuel, Tallow, such as pine. The whole area around the temple are planting more Hongmei, Tau, such as Lagerstroemia Hongyexiaobo plants and flowers, the leaves of plants such as Prunus cerasifera to contrast "Danxia" mood.

(2) Qinglongshan: Qinglongshan Tall and straight-Jun, Zhang Xiao You Si dragon Ngong Road, Hill waist of the Buddha Cave, a natural for the Zen master of self-cultivation by early Danxia home.

(3) Foshan lying: also known as file-Hill. Qinglongshan board Yuan Wang, the file shows that sub-Hill "giant" sit, to life. Halfway up a large cave, stalactite cave shoots, Quanyajiaocuo, Is spectacular.

(4) White Tiger Mountain: tall and powerful White Tiger Hill, the magnificent, exquisite small spider Hill round, like a ruby mounted on the side of the temple.

(5) Tallinn: The years immediately after the liberation, Danxia around the ancient temple buildings, the size of the Shaolin Temple over. Today, only scattered Shiyu Zuo, For the Yuan, Ming and Qing period built for Temple monks Danxia cemetery. Existing in the Yuan Dynasty has a complete Zhuanta 5, the five towers, four tower clearance.

(6) Berlin: Danxia Buddhist temple in Berlin is the place the largest, towering old trees, shady Calocedrus, planted by the Eight Diagrams layout of the Yin and Yang. (7), many old names: Danxia Temple, there are far abdominal profile, near the village where there are temporary, are backing vein, Active Water, there is the town of Tower Hill, pass under a bridge of the city. The Cooper Temple 2, in front of male and female ginkgo seven stars, as far as history records, planted in the Tang and Song dynasties, so far, the Millennium; Temple of Hong camphor tree, white Iguazu, Ta Song Tan hollow tree, and Putao Jia Li Bai, the temple festooned with the flavor. Abbot on both sides of the room in front of the stage two hours cypress and long wing, Song Bo, nearly millennium ago.

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Flower Island College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deng Zhoushi located in the southwest border of Henan Province, the ancient "Hill impaired out six or seven water circulation, the journey will pass, and that 'land and sea,'" said. Dengzhou city of the southeast corner, are located a long history of the world-renowned institution of the Millennium - Flower Island College. Department of the Northern Song Dynasty book Shenzhizhengshi well-known politicians as a result of Fan Zhongyan "Qingli New Deal Failure to be aware Dengzhou disgrace, to create and train qualified personnel. Qingli 2006 (1046), Fan Gong Teng Zi Jing close friends should be invited to spend in the Island's College wrote a brush kuai population moxibustion, Chinese and foreign famous "Yueyang in mind." Fan Gong, "the world's first and worry about the latter enjoy" has become famous all over the world through the ages Masterpiece Flower Island College, also famous at home and abroad. "BES Xin studied under the guidance of a generation." Fan Gong when schools re-education, and cultivating talents move, such as Japanese-day period, the river trip, to come down Gong!

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Longtan Gully scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan Gully scenic natural environment Funiu Mountains in Henan Province is located in the heart of the town of Xixia County, Ssangyong village, 30 km away from Xixia county, 160 km away from Nanyang, 311 national highway passing through here, the traffic is extremely convenient. Scenic spots focused, intensive Falls, melting Hill Show, Shi Qi, water Lee, Lin, Tan in one quiet, "I absolutely central plains, fairyland on earth."

Longtan ditch belonging to the Valley-based tourism, a total length of 12 km, 5 km area, the last drop natural kilometers, the whole mountain is like a giant dragon two entrenched, were shown the first dragon, Longkou, the dragon and dragon body angle. The upper reaches of the River Falls group called West Zhuanghe, from Jiro Artemisia Rural Village-long pile sky-old trench, Artemisia Village, West Bridge and Zhuanghe Ssangyong Mizoguchi Longtan Village of the town into brittle River, 10 kilometers in length, and drop down to 1300 meters above sea level by 400 meters, In particular the lower river below the village of West Zhuanghe to ditch the stove Longtan Village of this ditch about 3 km of the valley drop more The relative height difference over 500 m, forming the "ladder" group falls. Following an inspection by two Shan folder with the canyon bottom to form a number of staircases Total Falls 19, the size of Lake Point 72, a spectacular waterfall scenery of a dam. Green Longtan, the Longtan black, yellow Longtan, the Longtan white, two-Longtan, Kowloon Notre Dame ... ... Tam Tam deep odd waterfall, Linked to the waterfall. The gap between the highest waterfall about 35 meters, also the lowest in the 15 meters; the largest body of water that the area of 800 square meters, the smallest 400 square meters; depth of the water from 2 meters to 50 meters, whereas the small waterfall is a small dam, excluding the A few. The most well-known "even four waterfall" waterfall four linked snake Weiyi, Down stream, the Meteorology Series. Shek Pik two sides of the steep gully, numerous trees, mountain stream water pouring down from the cliff; such as jet injection, spray flying, water float in the air, filled valley, Pushuizhangxiao, falling into the hands of Longtan, the high look-out, very spectacular. Wang summer water season, a valley training silver white, Pitt spent flying, the steam cloud Xia Wei It is wow. And into the fall and winter, Manshanhongbian, do storied dye, heavy rain and water do Qing Han Tan, a bi Longtan is room for improvement in the end, the space from top to bottom out, few fish, the wonders of nature, an exercise.

Longtan water ditch Mountain Show, Shi Qi dangerous cliffs, the board Rao's quite interesting. As a whole is a granite canyon on both sides of the mountain, win a hand of the Cang Such as Dai, more boulder Zi. Longtan large in the vicinity of a huge stone head is like a crocodile into the water sip, visitors known as the "Crocodile water"; "even four waterfall" near the stone block is fantastic, from the opposite hill, like a pig's head Journey, Dragon peep into the water like a bath, it is called "Journey Bath "; also like to see from the back of the bow, it is also called the" stone boat "; Heilongtan next three as a huge shark, was renamed as the body of water into the head:" Three shark Longtan trouble. "In addition, There are "no snow wall", "turtle crossing", "?????." Around the stones, different patterns, but Xiao Wei, totally natural.

Longtan ditch wooded area, the forest coverage rate reached 96.5 percent, is full of towering old trees, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons. In this crossroads of North and South plants and animals, many species, protection of the good, can be called pure natural beauty of virgin land, rich and diverse biological resources of the "gene pool . To enjoy nature, these animals and plants as partners, to stay away from the noisy city, Tianranyangba enjoying the fresh experience in the tranquil atmosphere, as if exposure to "fairyland on earth," Return to Innocence is a real return Nature's endless fun.

Longtan ditch "beautiful Tibetan mountains Silk dense forest to hide. "

Longtan Gully scenic natural environment, people are casual, Xunyou, heat, an excellent adventure situation.

Longtan ditch, Xiushui Xiushan, magical and beautiful!

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Fu Sheng Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Sheng Temple was built in Hanoi during the Northern Song Dynasty, built in the early hours to 13, 20 more than ten feet high, after the Bingxian destroyed. Hanoi's current 7-high 36.7 meters, the robusta species were cone-shaped, is a solemn ancient-style pavilion of Miyanzhuanta. Canopy tower by green-brick structure, each floor has a high tower, from the bottom up, layer by layer delivery . Tower, prominent brackets, and structured. Tower I, II, a three-tiered staircase, which can be circled by or on the ramp on the ladder, the ladder can be no more than four-story climb. Each tower has a circular tower-ventricular, four-to seven-story tower in one room together, the shape of a tank-like. North and South sides have brick arches tickets, you can view. Around the tower, each side A group of brick reliefs of the shrines, a total of more than 1100 pieces. These shrines are carved on King, King Kong Buddha, Ocean, such as statues Book Huang Jin, various shapes, and lifelike. Shrines on the edge and around the arch, there are all kinds of relief into a pattern of Mancao be beautiful decorative patterns, the more Jiangxinduju. Tower of the entire body Bang Bo and powerful, magnificent, it shows that the construction of China's national technical style and characteristics.
Bottom in the middle of a well known as the "sea eyes." Tazuo repair in 1988 and found that this is an underground palace and find a group of rare treasures. Rectangular silver outer coffin, Xu Mizuo outer coffin placed in the bed. Yan Zhu erected in front of the two, the drag on for Fangmu structure of the roof, there are animal Ridge, the ridge tile, Wadang, water, closed canopies, etc., carved precision. Silver outer coffin covered seven prism, for its linear decoration, in front of Sheung Fung Toudiao peony show. Silver on both sides of the outer coffin, full chisel Longxing Temple, the Kaiyuan Temple and the Sanskrit names of the donor. Gold silver on the coffin In the front, 19 cm long, 11 cm wide, 11 cm high and weighing 620 grams, the former file has Fangmu construction, under the law of God 2. Gold coffin to the left side of the story of Sakyamuni's Nirvana, right side of the map for the trip. Kim Guannei, put in front of the "top-bone" a, put behind the "relic" a glass of Aquarius on the silver outer coffin Fang, yellow rice grain of rice the size of the bottle containing the Buddha relic in a transparent and colorless liquid. "Relic" bottle, there is a gold-filled Yin Hu Yong, a stained glass gourd, are a rare treasure.

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Han procedure Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han procedure of Taiwan, formerly known as Hall is three years ago, when Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang of procedure. Taiwan procedure established in the Han Dynasty, Liu Liang Sangumaolu out, talk to the military's construction of a special event States and Taiwan were round. Wei and Jin Dynasties, as a result of repeated Bingxian, the collapse of the Church of Taiwan, almost abandoned. Wanli next to the reconstruction, Changed to rectangular, 80 meters long from north to south, 4 meters wide, 5 meters high, Lei Cheng masonry. Ji Nianting a stage set up, two-line booths, Tiaoyan star anise, anise upper back, climb a clay dragon, curly want to fly, life. Kok-side and decorated with statues Zhenhai 8, P Plus gaze, the mighty air. Ridge was eight Falun Center Gourd-shaped. A section of the separation of kiosks and columns, walls of windows open, the image of Tai Chi, Ting Ding Jing Hui. Pavilion of the lower angle, the slope, ridges, eaves cornices are also animals, small hippocampus spinal ranked Lions side, so that the Taiwan Pavilion on the formation of sharp, in yen, below the three-dimensional structure of the peculiar style elegance. San Zhang six-foot-high platform, a symbol of 365 days a year, Xiu-ting eight To the effect that "gossip" meant. At that time, here at the head Liang Tai Chi, Bagua foot, riding cloth gang fight Sky View, Wang Qi Mai, in order to win Jingyi, to appease the southwest, Liu Bei to help complete the great cause of reunification, day and night operations, research strategy, to determine countermeasures. The octagonal pavilion ridge Shui-long, Zhuge Liang is designed for defensive fire. Long the face of 8 eight points of the compass, which side the fire to burn, which will automatically lead to the emission of water, spectacular.

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