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Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill tourist area south of - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nan Zhao Shirengou Hill south of Tourism Division of scenic spots divided into four, namely: Zhenwu top scenic spots, there is room Lake Falls area, Longtan Gully scenic spots, Danxia Temple area.

1, scenic Zhenwu top

(1) Lion peak: at Sancha, access to zhenwu is the top area of the portal. The peak north-south, from afar Lion's Head, who lion, lion hip life.

(2) b of the Longtan: top mountain road stone starting point, the second drop-stacked, clear water.

(3) White holes: wear boulevard, rising to the white snake hole. Hole about 2 meters high, can allow dozens of people. Inside a white plastic fairy, who Yi Shen. Possession of semi-Ban Lu, outside Shek Pik engraved on the "White Snake hole," the words.

(4) silver waterfall: White holes up not far away, you saw silver waterfall. This waterfall is not a lot of water, but a plunge Chien Zhang, in the wind under artificial thousands of silver articles, so that silver waterfall. The gap in about 120 meters, Nan Zhao said that most of the falls, it is rare in the province, complete with waterfall Yuntaishan match.

(6) You Long wall: on its way, that is, to the wall You Long (formerly known as a snake swim waterfall). This wall about 30 meters, water flow along the Shek Pik gap winding down like a Youlong, vivid.

(7) Lin acre azalea: You Long off the wall, then into the mountains million cuckoo Lin. Azalea blossoms and the three of the world one of the key state protection of plants, colorful flower, the distribution of a wide area, especially in the top Zhenwu height. Spring flowers fill the fields, brilliant gorgeous, magnificent.

(8) to the sea crocodile: rocks Such as carp.

(9) East and West Phoenix TV: "crocodile to the sea" before the line, that is, to the east and west Phoenix TV. In the two Phoenix TV Canyon Air Service among the impressive scenery sea of clouds.

(10) fairy Bridge: East, West Phoenix valley between the Taiwan Air Service. "Immortal bridge" from the wild Elm out of the two long Hengzhi composition, visitors crossing the bridge, take a hand above, a foot below, Huanghuangyouyou, distinctive taste.

(11) Xiufeng competition: cross the bridge before the immortal line, to compete Xiufeng. Li Qisong over this, the scenery alone show.

(12) 3 boots: competing flash Spur of the peak along the ridge to the north extension of the viewing platform can be seen in the natural inversion in the Fengdian 3 boots, lifelike patterns. Legend of the late Western Han Dynasty, Liu Wang Mang was to catch up, run away as a result of panic, and he would love Dengyuliangshai the loss of 3 boots here.

(13) Rhododendron Sin Temple: King had before Xiufeng Nao officer in the north-east of the stone construction of the rhododendron forest, a slim, sleek nation-building Xie Shan-Zhong Yan. Plastic cuckoo like fairy palace, to create the myth of a beautiful color, especially in the wind around the clouds, like a fairyland in general.

(14) Nao official Shi: Shi Guang, commonly known as Nao. Xiufeng from competing and walked on official Nao under the brink of a precipice, fighting folding hunting, came to the officer under Stone Nao. But see tall majestic mountain, Gufeng on a smooth boulder, the pneumatic also known as Stone. Shi Heng Kong as the coming peak stability Block Britain, pushed, the wind moving. Legend of the Wu-feng true self founder Lianwu place.

(15) and pine: Following the Before the line to the black pine trees, this unique Lin, towering old trees, the resort areas has added a bit mysterious color.

(16) lofty stone waterfall: through the black pine, to lofty stone waterfall. Shi Zhen-wu waterfall at the top, as a result of the Shek Pik surface water flow patterns similar to, once dropped by Sasa triumphantly as heavy, no one can be called the Divine Land (17) wind tunnel: lofty stone at the top of the waterfall, also known as "Yixian Tian." This is a natural cave passage, 15 meters long and 6 meters high, the width of the narrowest point is only 50 centimeters. Only one person crosstraining, freeclimber rock and rub-off. This "hole" a great wind, visitors now can be described as "Journey Into Amazing Caves."

(18) nine-storey rock: in the west of Yixian Tian, Gu Feng as a whole due to the mountain near the level of joint development, so that it was multi-layer-like, very unique landscape.

(19) Zhenwu vegetable fields: in the nine-miles north on the top stone waterfall, we can see a stone ramp home, a lot of stones arranged in the top, covered with crack Grass, like vegetable bed, this is the legend "Zhenwu vegetable fields."

(20) St. pool: at nine-under, Wankou size, there is water all year round. Legend has it that true charity's founder Wu holy water, to remove all diseases.

(21) top-Zhenwu: Center is located in scenic areas, is Shirengou mountain peak in the second, 2102 meters out. Gu Feng Zhenwu top towering, sky-line, the very top of the towering rock, towering spectacular. In the meantime there is a platform for old legend has Zhenwu Miao, the temple is still the base. This is said to have survived the early years Zhenwu religious place. Zhenwu on top, "Overview of small hills," Barry can Fangyuan Yuan Wang. Visitors view on the top Whether it is a sunset or dawn, the street can feast their eyes.

(23) of natural secondary forest area: at the top northwest Zhenwu, visitors can pass through dense forest to Peak Shirengou plunging stone.

(24) Au Chaoyang: through natural secondary forest, mountain came to the Inter-open terrain, mountains covered with irrigation Cong, the Chaoyang for Au. The upper part of a viewing platform overlooking the "monkey worship Guanyin", "Jinchan Wangque" two stones. Au Chaoyang in sunny, visitors can rest.

(25) plunging stone: to continue along the ridge to the northwest before, it Shirengou Hill to the peak - plunging stone. This stone at the peak , Xiong Jun tall, magnificent, Jinchan similar patterns, known as civil plunging stone. Jinchan covers an area of 50 square meters, and head dehisce the East, legislation on the "very top of the Jade Emperor," stele. Rock on the north side of the "Three Realms Stone" (Nan Zhao, Lushan, Songxian cut-off point), standing stone on the "one foot in three counties." In the three realms of the surrounding rock, Song clouds, hemlock into the clouds, mountain winds, bursts of Songtao. Even though the height of summer heat, overnight accommodation villas, still Liang Qi attacks. Here visitors can watch sea of clouds and watch the sunrise, sunset tours, do not have a taste.

(26) will be Taiwan: From the stone plunging down the mountain, go east to the north of the road tour, will be available to Taiwan. Stand , Looked to the north, the peaks arch ring, "General", "two generals" are full of energy, went came into force. Guan Dao in the vicinity of Taiwan, pay homage to the air, want to fly, stand in front of the wait-and-see, show competing peaks, vast sea of clouds, scenery million.

(27) Valley truths: Taiwan will be the following is a critical I, slippery Podou, commonly known as "ghost Kwan-ming." Steep cliffs Valley ghastly horror, people can not go wrong step. According to local legend the people here due to the effects of magnetic fields, people come to tell jokes, often hear people voice whispered behind, our predecessors do not know the truth, mistaken for ghosts in the song.

(28) reported Feng: continued eastbound, it has been reported to the Mount. It is like a rooster cited strong herald the break of day, a high crown to become a landscape of the area can. Legend of cattle in the White City, World War II, the rooster to defy fate error herald the break of day, go white cattle, angered the Jade Emperor, the King of tota Rooster will be beheaded Li Jing, Chi Chien Zhang crest in the column. Re-look at South Point, mountains If re-Wanmabenteng, really top-wu, the official Nao stone, three boots, lined up in competing Xiufeng.

(29) Zhenwu door, bergamot rock; reported by the Mount to the south through the dense forests and mountains, came to the door Zhenwu. Here on both sides of the towering cliffs, roaring sound of the wind. This look into the distance Zhenwu top side of the moon back Herbie, vivid. Really Shi Feng, a door on the left, similar to the shape of bergamot, so-called bergamot.

(30) Notre Dame Palace: East away from the bees herald the break of day, such as the Palace of Notre Dame in the world: top Gu Feng, Wai stone wall together, forming a natural air Shicheng. Among a Myriad Qian Yan outside the city, towards the mountains arch; Shing Mun rock stands, Zhaobi Chung; Within inaccessible, rising mist, mysterious and hard. Legend has it that the Virgin here for the Nu Wa and practice of preaching. Stand here looking south, Lin vast, green and luxuriant, rhododendron tsugae limelight. Lamb can be seen Tiaoya rock, rock hen, twin-song, seven stars, such as tree landscape, with the formation of Our Lady of the main palace for a huge volume landscape In the north, Lushan scenic spot at a glance.

(31) Shu Qi different wood: from Our Lady Down Palace, a strange Several of the tree should be careful to appreciate. Even as Li Song, for the two pine attendant; four acuminata, a huge oak tree trunk with each other in four-line blue sky, tree trunks in the middle between the two was a Horizontal connections, as of mid-air refueling. Here, there are red birch, six-rowed wood, and so on.

(32) Gui City: Notre Dame will be down to the Gui Palace City. Gui towering Cliffs on both sides of the city, the following is the bottomless valley, the terrain strange, mysterious and hard. It is said that at this time when the country accounted for a hundred Chu Gui - Place to practice.

(33) Cliff Chien Zhang: Gui Valley on the eastern side of the city, has been inserted as the clouds of the cliff, known as the Cliff Chien Zhang. Xian-feng Valley on the west side of the wall, plug in the top of Sky Sword Sword stand, the two central pillars of the two sub-Tingtingyuli such as fairies, the sisters said Feng.

(34) Green Wang: The tree is so extraordinary that there is a certain aesthetic appeal.

(36) echo Taiwan: Gui from the city down, the response to Taiwan, here at the Cliff Chien Zhang Feng and sister combination, a natural viewing platform, is a legend Gui-Taiwan military training exercises, the Taiwan side to board Be able to see all the surrounding landscape. However, this board need to Taiwan A certain courage. Its three sides are cliffs, unpredictable, most people need to climb and, therefore, also known as the "test gallstone." Standing on the stage to make panoramic view of Valley, is do nothing tantamount to a natural viewing platform. Also went to watch the Ya-Xian, will be Taiwan, Luotuo Feng, and downtown Hai blackfish, such as landscape stone wall.

( 7) blackfish to make the sea: a pictographic stone, stone visitors to come.

(39) Nan Tianmen, the door for two days, the Jade Emperor: blackfish from downtown to the eastbound carriageway of the sea, only overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, towering cliffs, followed by an array Nantian Men, the door for two days, three of the Jade Emperor deep Otani, the shape of the door days, the north-south . Far Lofty peaks, roaring Bentu, the Meteorology Series. Shi Feng Nan Tianmen on both sides of the tall, have a natural relief, said the two door gods, and Shek Pik on both sides of the door for two days, showed a dragon, the middle of the valley there are stone beads, Erlongxizhu said. On both sides of the Jade Emperor, a towering golden boy, the Second Lady Feng, Hu Jia said the two children. In the Jade Emperor The south side, a pine and a tree root and stem Qinggang and Health, said the couple trees, were particularly noticeable. Ridge on the south side of the ridge and valley, filled with boundless leaves the forest, from the ancient oak, maple, sumac, such as Liquidambar, late autumn season, Golden overflow color.

(40) to drum rock: Hill Twists and turns, at the foot of the visitors appeared to drum rock, stamp their feet hit, Dong Dong sound.

(41) Men slope; on its way to Singapore men. The steep slope is not a true man, very long, is a test of stamina and the will of the people, can go on to the square known as the hero.

(42) c Tung: continue down to three-dong. Three-dong was built in the Ming Dynasty to the one in col 3 Shimen arch, each for the Shihmen a temple rooms, separate worship Fu, Lu Shou Sanxian. Stone Arch with small doors each other, the old statue inside the cave, there are, and the stone stele, this still remains. Stone Arch upper part of the original days of the temple god, this only Matrix Three stand-dong, lucky star, Paul Star, longevity sambong ring out, the environment and open Mi static, as if people who buy the castle in the Tanqi quiet in the territory.

2, there is room scenic Lake Falls

(1) swirling pool waterfall

(2) cattle Magic Falls Lake: cold water at the river. (3) Tan stone waterfall: Wuli slope off the root, the twists and turns all the way up, it falls to the stone dam. San Tan here a waterfall, waterfall Tam matched, the attractive scenery.

(4) ring waterfall pool: the stone dam at the upper reaches of the river valley to another, so named because of their unique sound. Mizuochi Tan Zhong, listened to as much drum Is wonderful.

(5), Tam is room for improvement falls: falls from the stone dam on the right side of the boulder up, enjoy the valley Xiuse soldiers and stone-day will be soon to the continuing success in Falls Lake. It is the whole area of focus falls on Qiao Li Shek Pik on the fly, unpredictable body of water. Its wonderful is that the group was Tam waterfall Ya-Ling "," two-plus-one Tam waterfall "very rare.

(6) Qianchi Pavilion: upstream along the path along the cliff is Qianchi Pavilion.

(8) Longwangmiao: Qianchi located not far from the eastern side of the pavilion,

(9) Fairy Cave, pool fairy: Fairy Cave is room for improvement at the top of the dam, the river valley close The immortal pool.

(10) immortal home: This is the peculiar nature of good fortune, only to stand in the river valley in the distance viewing platform, from afar, in the green mountains, a natural stone house, life, like a fairyland.

(11), Wang Yu-shan: Fairy Cave is located across the hillside, Peculiar-shaped, high value.

(12) crocodile water; Selenastrum Lake Falls is located in the lower reaches, its shape resembles a crocodile.

(13) Selenastrum Lake Falls; shape as a result of Selenastrum named after. High Falls, about 40 meters. This is the upper reaches of the first to enter the scenic waterfall.

In addition to the , The group falls around the pool there Girl, Optimus Prime, Hu Xiaoyan, the water rocks, soldiers will be days of rock, Dragon King Feng, Yunufeng, mitral peak, a sedan chair, and other natural landscape.

3, Danxia Temple area.

Danxia Nanzhao Xian Temple is located in the north-east, leaving five North Town Office. As a result of post-ridge Piedmont soil Color, in the early Jiansi Hongxia named Temple, Xian Xia Temple, later renamed the Temple Danxia. After the temple area by Python stack Hill, Qinglongshan left and right according to White Tiger Hill, near Red Hill, there are files in the distance barriers for sub-Hill, Hill with exquisite care, magnificent momentum and quiet. Kowloon from the front of the winding river flowing through beautiful environment Green Show. Danxia Temple is a provincial heritage unit, Henan Province, one of the eight major Ming Si, the temple of the first Funiu Mountain, south of Henan Zen the Holy Land. From the tourism perspective, this area in order to focus on Danxia Temple, including the temple area, Tallinn, Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill, old trees, a few doors, and other parts of the district. The biggest advantage of the scenic mountains around the Central Water Human nature into one, especially around the Temple Danxia temples, picturesque. At the same time from the area near the county seat, tourism advantages are clear.

(1) of the temple: Ma Wancun located, was built in four years, Tang Changqing (824), the Song Sheng, soldiers burning in the yuan, Ming Chung Hsing so far, many of the Qing Dynasty Reconstruction of the existing building to the Qing Dynasty, the great momentum, and flavor. Danxia Temple Hall room 110, 49 Buddha, monks reached its peak more than 500 people, the whole temple covers an area of 60,000 square meters. There are Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Main Hall, the Pilu Temple, the Temple founder, to the Tibetan Temple, Kwun Yam Temple, the abbot room, ancestor of the Church, Canon And Shan Fang Hospital, magnificent. Terauchi have existing Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the eight-stone stele that records the rise and fall of the Temple Danxia with the changes. There are Qinglongshan around the Temple left and right are White Tiger Hill, Kowloon River linger in front of the two square kilometers of green and luxuriant old Berlin, the history of the "800, barberry, 500 Danxia," said After the temple area of the slope, Lansheng tower built around a variety of plant leaves, such as green fuel, Tallow, such as pine. The whole area around the temple are planting more Hongmei, Tau, such as Lagerstroemia Hongyexiaobo plants and flowers, the leaves of plants such as Prunus cerasifera to contrast "Danxia" mood.

(2) Qinglongshan: Qinglongshan Tall and straight-Jun, Zhang Xiao You Si dragon Ngong Road, Hill waist of the Buddha Cave, a natural for the Zen master of self-cultivation by early Danxia home.

(3) Foshan lying: also known as file-Hill. Qinglongshan board Yuan Wang, the file shows that sub-Hill "giant" sit, to life. Halfway up a large cave, stalactite cave shoots, Quanyajiaocuo, Is spectacular.

(4) White Tiger Mountain: tall and powerful White Tiger Hill, the magnificent, exquisite small spider Hill round, like a ruby mounted on the side of the temple.

(5) Tallinn: The years immediately after the liberation, Danxia around the ancient temple buildings, the size of the Shaolin Temple over. Today, only scattered Shiyu Zuo, For the Yuan, Ming and Qing period built for Temple monks Danxia cemetery. Existing in the Yuan Dynasty has a complete Zhuanta 5, the five towers, four tower clearance.

(6) Berlin: Danxia Buddhist temple in Berlin is the place the largest, towering old trees, shady Calocedrus, planted by the Eight Diagrams layout of the Yin and Yang. (7), many old names: Danxia Temple, there are far abdominal profile, near the village where there are temporary, are backing vein, Active Water, there is the town of Tower Hill, pass under a bridge of the city. The Cooper Temple 2, in front of male and female ginkgo seven stars, as far as history records, planted in the Tang and Song dynasties, so far, the Millennium; Temple of Hong camphor tree, white Iguazu, Ta Song Tan hollow tree, and Putao Jia Li Bai, the temple festooned with the flavor. Abbot on both sides of the room in front of the stage two hours cypress and long wing, Song Bo, nearly millennium ago.

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