Monday, February 2, 2009

Po Heung within days mantle of national geological park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao rural Henan within days mantle National Geopark is located in Neixiang Xian Fu Ma cottage to the front line north of Yamaguchi prefecture mountain. An area of 1087.5 square kilometers. Park from north to south in order to turn out Luzhuo belt in the process of evolution of different historical periods of geological formation of the geological heritage features. Geological Park Song Zhi mountains, pulling Xiao Tang, an over stratigraphy degeneration, the driving force within the geological, tectonic denudation geomorphology, karst caves, waterfalls and gorges, and other rare geological remains, even take Dicui Lam, torrential streams, rich in rare flora and fauna, is the awareness of nature, tourism The ideal place.
Park is located in the Qinling belt, it Long-term experience many different orogeny formed composite belt mainland, the Chinese mainland in the formation and evolution play an important role. It recorded a belt to 30 billion years of evolutionary history, rich occurrence, the system for a complete study of continental dynamics, is the study of the Qinling belt, and special study Sri Lanka domain structure as well as the world's land mass-retrospective discrete groups, together, proliferation, put together, orogenic evolution, and so an ideal place.
Qinling belt has been the results of research for the continent in the world belt study set a good example. Geopark almost won belt on the southern margin of North China block all of the stratigraphic sequence and structure Acting on the study of the formation and evolution of the belt, the formation and evolution of the Chinese mainland, the retrospective of the evolution of the Earth's history, a very important scientific value.
Within the dense forest area, the complexity of the vegetation types, vertical band clear that the species is rich in resources, and to bring together a wide range of fauna of animals and plants, of which 291 plants Species, is a key state-protected plants Cercidiphyllum, Taibai fir, yew, and so 24; 164 vertebrate species are under special state protection of musk deer, giant salamander, and other 13. China's central plains is the only zone to preserve the integrity of the transitional zone integrated forest ecological zones.

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