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Longtan Gully scenic spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longtan Gully scenic natural environment Funiu Mountains in Henan Province is located in the heart of the town of Xixia County, Ssangyong village, 30 km away from Xixia county, 160 km away from Nanyang, 311 national highway passing through here, the traffic is extremely convenient. Scenic spots focused, intensive Falls, melting Hill Show, Shi Qi, water Lee, Lin, Tan in one quiet, "I absolutely central plains, fairyland on earth."

Longtan ditch belonging to the Valley-based tourism, a total length of 12 km, 5 km area, the last drop natural kilometers, the whole mountain is like a giant dragon two entrenched, were shown the first dragon, Longkou, the dragon and dragon body angle. The upper reaches of the River Falls group called West Zhuanghe, from Jiro Artemisia Rural Village-long pile sky-old trench, Artemisia Village, West Bridge and Zhuanghe Ssangyong Mizoguchi Longtan Village of the town into brittle River, 10 kilometers in length, and drop down to 1300 meters above sea level by 400 meters, In particular the lower river below the village of West Zhuanghe to ditch the stove Longtan Village of this ditch about 3 km of the valley drop more The relative height difference over 500 m, forming the "ladder" group falls. Following an inspection by two Shan folder with the canyon bottom to form a number of staircases Total Falls 19, the size of Lake Point 72, a spectacular waterfall scenery of a dam. Green Longtan, the Longtan black, yellow Longtan, the Longtan white, two-Longtan, Kowloon Notre Dame ... ... Tam Tam deep odd waterfall, Linked to the waterfall. The gap between the highest waterfall about 35 meters, also the lowest in the 15 meters; the largest body of water that the area of 800 square meters, the smallest 400 square meters; depth of the water from 2 meters to 50 meters, whereas the small waterfall is a small dam, excluding the A few. The most well-known "even four waterfall" waterfall four linked snake Weiyi, Down stream, the Meteorology Series. Shek Pik two sides of the steep gully, numerous trees, mountain stream water pouring down from the cliff; such as jet injection, spray flying, water float in the air, filled valley, Pushuizhangxiao, falling into the hands of Longtan, the high look-out, very spectacular. Wang summer water season, a valley training silver white, Pitt spent flying, the steam cloud Xia Wei It is wow. And into the fall and winter, Manshanhongbian, do storied dye, heavy rain and water do Qing Han Tan, a bi Longtan is room for improvement in the end, the space from top to bottom out, few fish, the wonders of nature, an exercise.

Longtan water ditch Mountain Show, Shi Qi dangerous cliffs, the board Rao's quite interesting. As a whole is a granite canyon on both sides of the mountain, win a hand of the Cang Such as Dai, more boulder Zi. Longtan large in the vicinity of a huge stone head is like a crocodile into the water sip, visitors known as the "Crocodile water"; "even four waterfall" near the stone block is fantastic, from the opposite hill, like a pig's head Journey, Dragon peep into the water like a bath, it is called "Journey Bath "; also like to see from the back of the bow, it is also called the" stone boat "; Heilongtan next three as a huge shark, was renamed as the body of water into the head:" Three shark Longtan trouble. "In addition, There are "no snow wall", "turtle crossing", "?????." Around the stones, different patterns, but Xiao Wei, totally natural.

Longtan ditch wooded area, the forest coverage rate reached 96.5 percent, is full of towering old trees, three quarters of flowering, evergreen the four seasons. In this crossroads of North and South plants and animals, many species, protection of the good, can be called pure natural beauty of virgin land, rich and diverse biological resources of the "gene pool . To enjoy nature, these animals and plants as partners, to stay away from the noisy city, Tianranyangba enjoying the fresh experience in the tranquil atmosphere, as if exposure to "fairyland on earth," Return to Innocence is a real return Nature's endless fun.

Longtan ditch "beautiful Tibetan mountains Silk dense forest to hide. "

Longtan Gully scenic natural environment, people are casual, Xunyou, heat, an excellent adventure situation.

Longtan ditch, Xiushui Xiushan, magical and beautiful!

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