Monday, February 2, 2009

Flower Island College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Deng Zhoushi located in the southwest border of Henan Province, the ancient "Hill impaired out six or seven water circulation, the journey will pass, and that 'land and sea,'" said. Dengzhou city of the southeast corner, are located a long history of the world-renowned institution of the Millennium - Flower Island College. Department of the Northern Song Dynasty book Shenzhizhengshi well-known politicians as a result of Fan Zhongyan "Qingli New Deal Failure to be aware Dengzhou disgrace, to create and train qualified personnel. Qingli 2006 (1046), Fan Gong Teng Zi Jing close friends should be invited to spend in the Island's College wrote a brush kuai population moxibustion, Chinese and foreign famous "Yueyang in mind." Fan Gong, "the world's first and worry about the latter enjoy" has become famous all over the world through the ages Masterpiece Flower Island College, also famous at home and abroad. "BES Xin studied under the guidance of a generation." Fan Gong when schools re-education, and cultivating talents move, such as Japanese-day period, the river trip, to come down Gong!

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