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Zhao Pinghu scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Henan Province, Zhao Pinghu scenic spots located in Lushan County of Henan Province, 10 kilometers west area of 40 square kilometers, is based on the original Zhaopingtai Reservoir into the development of the young scenic spots. Shahe cross it, forming a Gaoxiapinghu, an area of about 38 square kilometers of endless lake, the vast surface of the water, the capacity of 6. Billion cubic meters. Reservoir with Jinshan Island, and the stone Gusao Xia Liu tired town, Luyang contact the ancient city ruins Qiugong. Water, mountains, mountain water, mountain and Zhao Shirengou Xiangyingchengqu Pinghu, the spectacular scenery of strange. Shuitianyise, which rise amid the surrounding Pinnacle, Jade, full of poetic. Area. Zhaopingtai Reservoir in 1959 Built to control the basin 1430 square kilometers, the water storage capacity 727,000,000 cubic meters, is a set of flood control, irrigation, power generation, culture and tourism as one of a large artificial lake. Scenic area of 40 square kilometers, the lake area of 38 square kilometers, where beautiful natural scenery, rich human, 199 In August, was approved as a provincial-level scenic spots. Who came here to say: "Qi Lu Shan, Emei show, Zhao Pinghu enough to see the beauty."

  Zhao Pinghu scenic spots, the original name Zhaopingtai Reservoir, and from the Han Emperor Liu Xiu Wang Mang's Kunyang time of war, Liu Liu ancestor worship in this tired after the construction of Taiwan and recruitment The. Henan Province is located in Lushan County, the scenic area of 40km2. Mild climate, four seasons, with an average annual temperature of 14.4 ?. Scenic undulating hills, ravines China, Shuitianyise, endless. Beautiful scenic landscape and add radiance to each other, is set in convalescence, vacation, leisure, Liu roots, and entertainment in a Central China's tourist destination. WITNESS WHEREOF, this Pinghu Museum of pearl inlaid gold in the Central Plains to bring tourism, Lushan's hometown Mo Shiren Mountain, Jia county funeral to Dongpo of the Soviet Union three graves, the Fung Gu Zhi Guan Yu, Yu of the ancient temples of the Millennium Wind cave temple, Ye Ye Xian's hometown, and other well-known cultural attractions in the surrounding area, the public railway China, the traffic is convenient.

There are: Gusao stones representing the life, legend and moving imagination; elegant heart of the Lake Central Taiwan Jinshan, Green Grass, tree-lined, with Mo down by the Court, their Huguangshanse; Neolithic cultural sites, Lu Han Dynasty it Yangcheng , Liu Liu ancestor closures tired Qiugong town to town with the fluctuation of water level when the time is hidden, like a mirage out of King's dream. Liaoning Taiwan in 1995, "the China Daily last name read" this crew viewfinder. Patrick Lau also recruitment Taiwan, Yang Jiaqiang Jiaozan, Meng-liang's troops to Walled bar. These beautiful natural landscape, so that the water days Color, blue waves on the lake even more beautiful. Chun King and the value that good autumn tourist season, if water rafting Hill, wine Lin Feng, Yang on the blue sky and white clouds, overlooking the Castle Peak and downs. Fukan blue green water, the King of their love of their interest, people have forgotten Chongru, relaxed and happy. "Return to nature", "?????" Zhao Lake rely on nature's bounty, to provide guests roaming the lake's medium-sized cruise ships, the swift fast assault boats, colorful small boats as well as ancillary hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, dance halls and so on. Romantic Valentine's tent, fresh game barbecue, a variety of evening campfire, so you never like to see There are, or have forgotten the taste, so you reluctant to leave, pleasant nostalgia. Zhao Pinghu scenic spots and scenic spots Shirengou Hill, Asia's largest aviation exhibition, with close-Hill in a tourist line. So that the green mountains and blue waters combined.

Zhao Pinghu is not only powerful spirit of the verdant and luxuriant, and South and Mellow flavor of water, rare is the best place to go. With the two water and land routes, one by one we can enjoy the Pinghu WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the spots.

Yang Jialing

  Yang Jialing. According to records, in 918 AD, the Khitan tribe leader B. A Baoji repeat offenders Central Plains, the Northern Song Dynasty threat to the regime, arrived for the Foreign aggression, the Northern Song Yang Meng-liang, Jiaozan two generals had been camped here, training people, and later took the name Shan Yang Jialing. The mountains of the existing television tower 130 meters high, the signal coverage of more than 200 square kilometers around.

Lan He dam

Dam Lan He praised Zhao Pinghu "Nirvana door." Great as the main dam and auxiliary dam 7,000 meters in total length, like a giant dragon across the mountains, go a long way, "Chang-long wave of lying, Long-yun He did not" style. Gordon supervisor of the dam, the lake Jimu, the vast Yan Bo, a bi 10,000 ares, at the end of vision, Cui Rong mountains, verdant and luxuriant Yao Ming. One place, Huangruo in Wonderland. Soul The sublimation, as one of the V to the net, all secular worry, anxiety will be gone.

Taishan recruitment

Dam at the north end is the mountain of Taishan recruitment. Legend has it that Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Liu Xiu Wang Mang was hunted down, had hidden the mountain, recruit. The late Ming and the peasant uprising leader Li Zicheng military recruitment have bought here , "Recruitment Taiwan," which will be named later changed its name to "Zhaopingtai", which means peace and peaceful means. Hillside platform still have time left over recruitment of flags of the hole.

Entertainment Square

In recent years, developing into a comprehensive entertainment Square 2,500-square-meter ladder platform. According to it Bang Shui, the use of high-quality local stone constitute the main frame, Shun natural terrain stretching surface. Around the square is a fine pleasure entry: Stagecoach, Chuidiao Yuan, artificial beach, car collision music, children's leisure, and so on, visitors to adapt to all ages entertainment, so you can enjoy the quaint charm of nature while enjoying modern civilization warm Taste.

Qiugong Island City

Qiugong Island City, with the rise and fall of the lake when the time is now hidden, is the area of the city floor session. It is the site of Yangcheng Lu, a Dieya Yangshao, two-Longshan culture relics, is the text of the provincial security units. In talking about this, I would like to ask in our team who have not Liu? There are fruit, a great honor for me to tell you that Liu on the origin of this island. Although this island is so small, it is the Chinese ancestor of the Liu Liu so tired of town. According to historical records: Liu is tired of Yao Di Yi Sun, was "Qi" last name, birth patterns have hands, "Liu tired", so named. Once an hour from the "dragon's rear," the study support Later, after the summer Kongjia a two-lung, Liu will be invited to come to keeping tired, tired, Liu Yang-well, it has been called the "Royal Dragon's." Later, a female dragon died, Liu Bo Kong Jia tired down the crime fled the town Qiugong Lushan area, changed its name last name hidden. Therefore ago, "Qiu" surname Yang Long residence, so a change of surname "Qiu", saying that future generations "Qiu Gong." Liu said the city was tired of hiding, "Qiugong city," Liu Qiu Gong that is tired. Their children and grandchildren "Liu" as the name, China is the earliest. Qiugong Island City had tired tomb Liu, Liu Ting tired. Liu tired pass away so far in 4000 years. CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Zhou Tienong, well-known historian, professor of Beijing Normal University To this end, and so is the whole Huibi inscription. Self-built library, this time with the island when the water level fluctuation is implicit when, for tourists and visitors who land Liu Baizu great inconvenience and regret. Liu people in urgent need of assistance and, in February 2000 will be relocated Lau tired tomb recruitment Taishan, are "tired Liu temple." "Liu tired Temple Have begun to take shape, Liu welcomed the people - the descendants of Liu tired to get to this place of worship of ancestors.

  The majority of the waters here, the blue color. Look at the lake, Hengjiang Bailu, next-day water color.

Boating Chao face, but see the whole sky, a 10,000 ares Bi, Xiang Ji Sha-ou, Jinlin swimming, plus the floating restaurant, such as weaving, Ai is sound, so they constitute a unique Qingwei music and a unique style of the picture. Better weather in the event of the evening, the setting sun lit the horizon in the 10,000 rays, Golden Lake Guang Cancan, blurred flashes, like to see a bird Wangui, despite a hurry rays coming at this time, to show in front of you is to "get off the Xia and solitary In full strength, total long-Autumn color Tianyi "wonderful scenery.

Encounter of the season to open bank fishing at night, the lake scenery, but also fun. Zhao throughout the Pinghu, the breeze micro-fu, will not be any water, lights out tomorrow, FOR each other's Song. If in its territory, Lin Feng wine, you will forget all Chongru, Sally evil? Evil people? Have not come to their own self-identify.

Now, we boarded the Island Lake is the heart Pinghu Zhao Jinshan Island around the island, the island of 190.3 meters above sea level, covering an area of 7700 square meters, by the tourist and service component of the district. Now I'll give you one of the world's top 10 great man, he stands for "Universal Love" "Non-offensive" and "prudence", "Shang Xian", who he is? The people of ancient Mo. Now we see this as a Court of Mo is writing. Mo said to old age, the desire of writing, but could not find an elegant place, Luyang after the public about the incident in Jinshan on the island for Mo Made by the Court of. Four seasons here, quiet environment, Lvshuiqingshan, Yinghui each other. Mo satisfied. Here by eight years to complete the "Mo". Shidao vicissitudes of life, he's written a pavilion, although in the long history of the ablation cloud of dust, but he "Universal Love" and "non-offensive" and "prudence" and "yet "Stay-the world is thinking. To commemorate this great man, the local people in reconstruction funds in 1994" by the Court of Mozi. "Quanxia if there is to know the Mexican public will be welcome.


If the pole-south-west side of the mountain is Mountain. There is a touching thing to help. Legend has it that when Yuwang Flood disaster, Yu water here, found the mountains to stop the flood path. In order to assist the flood, people's livelihood universalist, Yu Shan Turkey decided to move out of this. Local people may not agree, for fear of bad feng shui. Yu promised "to remove a Turkish mountain, you are also a Gold Mountain", the villagers agreed to this. Flood back, the mountain really pick To a Jinshan, is now the island of Jinshan, Hill singled pole into a mountain, the mountain is the article. Since then, local people have a happy life, one after another read Yinuoqianjin Yu, was a good king.

Stone Gusao

Gusao stone and mother-in-law's village, and so now constitutes a string of mass Story. Landscape, with place names is a filial daughter-in-law, the evil mother-in-law, sister-in-law Yin linked to the legend. Legend has it that: there is a family here, the old married couple and one child, a daughter. Daughter-in-law just passed the door, mother-in-law daughter-in-law to be very harsh, so devoted to a pair of sharp barrels at the end of Tam daughter-in-law to allow water, water tanks also dissatisfied with the beating. Far from the road, and barrels at the end of a sharp, Law to rest. Not for her husband, mother-in-law let his son abroad to do business. The kind-hearted sister-in-law, sister-in-law affection, some secretly dug pit on the road, so that sister-in-law put barrels rest on the shoulder. Be aware of this mother-in-law, sister-in-law to a beaten, frightened sister-in-law no longer afraid to help a sister-in-law, daughter-in-law day after day with tears in her eyes, in silence, Long distances to fetch water at home. One day, she was carrying water on the way up, met riding a elderly white beard. The elderly, said: "I'm thirsty horse, to the point of water to drink!" Daughter-in-law stopped feet so Ma Erhuamoyue drinking. Over water to drink, she went back to pick. Old man on three occasions to discuss her water, she had not hesitate to give his Old man was very moved, then gave her whip, said: "You are the whip on the edge of the water tanks, water did not move a little on the line, no longer be used after a fetching water." Daughter-in-law act to do, so . Mother-in-law daughter-in-law was found not to fetching water, water tanks are always full, can not understand why.

For Truth-ching, Yen leave her daughter-in-law of laughter, said: "You also pass on for quite some time, go back and look at your Dieniang it." Take a daughter-in-law, mother-in-law went to see whether, in-cylinder found in a dirty whip of the semicolon , Mother-in-law readily be taken out of the water tanks of unexpectedly turbulent smoke. Jianshibumiao sister-in-law, sister-in-law to look for as soon as possible, such as two-person To come back, the village has already been flooded, has become a vast expanse of water. Gusao with two stone uniform flood water in the town, they go around looking for parents-in-law, father-in-law was found to be water Jinshan Central hung on the tree, so linked to God, also known as Jinshan Central Hill. Father-in-law buried Gusao continue to look after mother-in-law. Evil mother-in-law of water will be to the south bank of River, a dog swallowing its body Director of the dead swallow a small tree branches as bad hair whirling like, swinging in the wind, whirling non-stop, and later generations to build this village, named after the village of whirling. Gusao two stone water tower in the town, looking look forward to an early return of their loved ones, has ever turned into stone, rock Gusao named. Gusao later generations a sense of the United States and Germany, two in the stone-phase Service A small temple, there is Gusao like plastic. Chinese New Five-Year Plan to be held in February each year temple, the stream of pilgrims. For many years, the fire agency received here, Shashi excitement.

From the east side of the stone, like Gusao two stand side by side; from the west side want to see us from across the great fall trend. General Feng Yuxiang soldiers was passing through here, Its fall wounding, iron chain had been tied Stone, 30 forced Malaysia and Latin America, resulting in broken iron chain and stone patterns are not fixed wire.

  Zhao Pinghu landscape rich, deep connotations, history and culture goes back to ancient times. Lake surrounded by stone representing Gusao, Kam Shan temple in the shade of pines Calocedrus; Mo as a condescending Court Huguangshanse most out; sleeping in the sun has embraced the Millennium Dragon in the large-scale paintings, ancient mystery. Liu Zutingqiugong Island City, with the rise and fall when the lake when they are hidden on the island Yongsan, Yangshao relics to be found everywhere, "Central Plains cultural treasures" reputation. Liu Liu ancestor of the east coast of Lake tired solemn burial, Luyang Huige back to the public on legend Peru pleasant. Lan He's magnificent momentum of the dam, the Pinghu wonderful sunset, the eye-openers. Extensive and profound history and culture and enchanting natural scenery of CMV, constitute the Pinghu Zhao unique tourism landscape.

  Zhao endless Pinghu, Shuitianyise, which rise amid the surrounding Pinnacle, Jade, and sufficient The poetic. Well-known far and near historical sites, lakes within the south-pointing carriage stone Gusao life, touching story of Fu Xiang Union chapter; elegant heart of the Lake Central Taiwan Jinshan tree, fragrant grass green, a thinker Mo writing "Mozi by the Court "Condescending, the most out Huguangshanse; Neolithic cultural sites, two Lu during the Yangcheng old haunt, Liu Liu ancestor closures tired town, the text of the provincial security units "Qiugong city" with the island's water level fluctuation when the time is hidden, like a mirage out of King's dream; Liu Xiu Han Emperor Guangwu to build Taiwan's recruitment recruitment Taiwan, Yang's family Jiaozan, Meng-liang's Walled Zhunzha to the Walled Meng-liang and Yang Jialing is to make the ancient ruins of war Beautiful natural scenery, gorgeous sunset Pinghu, water rafting, wine Lin Feng, Yang-blue sky and white clouds, Castle Peak Vision ups and downs, down blue green water, the King of their interest is the situation Chongru are forgotten, relaxed and happy.

  "Return to nature,?????." Boats, assault boats, small yachts, hotels, meals , Dance hall, the couple tents, barbecue game, evening bonfire, "the first western Henan Pool" hot spring, you will never enjoy or have forgotten the taste, so you reluctant to leave, pleasant nostalgia.

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