Monday, February 2, 2009

Fu Sheng Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Sheng Temple was built in Hanoi during the Northern Song Dynasty, built in the early hours to 13, 20 more than ten feet high, after the Bingxian destroyed. Hanoi's current 7-high 36.7 meters, the robusta species were cone-shaped, is a solemn ancient-style pavilion of Miyanzhuanta. Canopy tower by green-brick structure, each floor has a high tower, from the bottom up, layer by layer delivery . Tower, prominent brackets, and structured. Tower I, II, a three-tiered staircase, which can be circled by or on the ramp on the ladder, the ladder can be no more than four-story climb. Each tower has a circular tower-ventricular, four-to seven-story tower in one room together, the shape of a tank-like. North and South sides have brick arches tickets, you can view. Around the tower, each side A group of brick reliefs of the shrines, a total of more than 1100 pieces. These shrines are carved on King, King Kong Buddha, Ocean, such as statues Book Huang Jin, various shapes, and lifelike. Shrines on the edge and around the arch, there are all kinds of relief into a pattern of Mancao be beautiful decorative patterns, the more Jiangxinduju. Tower of the entire body Bang Bo and powerful, magnificent, it shows that the construction of China's national technical style and characteristics.
Bottom in the middle of a well known as the "sea eyes." Tazuo repair in 1988 and found that this is an underground palace and find a group of rare treasures. Rectangular silver outer coffin, Xu Mizuo outer coffin placed in the bed. Yan Zhu erected in front of the two, the drag on for Fangmu structure of the roof, there are animal Ridge, the ridge tile, Wadang, water, closed canopies, etc., carved precision. Silver outer coffin covered seven prism, for its linear decoration, in front of Sheung Fung Toudiao peony show. Silver on both sides of the outer coffin, full chisel Longxing Temple, the Kaiyuan Temple and the Sanskrit names of the donor. Gold silver on the coffin In the front, 19 cm long, 11 cm wide, 11 cm high and weighing 620 grams, the former file has Fangmu construction, under the law of God 2. Gold coffin to the left side of the story of Sakyamuni's Nirvana, right side of the map for the trip. Kim Guannei, put in front of the "top-bone" a, put behind the "relic" a glass of Aquarius on the silver outer coffin Fang, yellow rice grain of rice the size of the bottle containing the Buddha relic in a transparent and colorless liquid. "Relic" bottle, there is a gold-filled Yin Hu Yong, a stained glass gourd, are a rare treasure.

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