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Baotianman Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baotianman magical, magnificent, full of vast. She Zhetianbiri of virgin forest and a large number of wild animals and plants is renowned Central Plains, with the latitude to become the most complete preservation of the ecological structure of the area in Henan Province and the distribution centers of biological diversity, as the "treasure house of natural species", "Central Plains Of a pearl. " China 21 World Biosphere Reserve, Henan Province, the only World Biosphere Reserve - Baotianman, located in the Central Plains earth Funiu Mountain south of Nanyang Basin along the West Neixiang Xian in the territory, mountain 500-1845 meters above sea level, with a total area of 100 Yu square kilometers.

20 1 year on December 5, UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program Committee in Beijing, China's national certification ceremony held at Great Hall of the People, declared that the Neixiang Xian Baotianman were identified as the "World Biosphere Reserve."

Baotianman unique geographical location of protected areas, is located in warm temperate sub-tropical north The second transition area and the third step of the ladder to the transition zone, our country is the only Yangtze River, Yellow River, Huaihe River watershed of the three, also in central China to preserve the natural integrity of the most comprehensive gene pool. It protected the ecotone of the comprehensive forest ecosystems in 31 countries and the protection of rare plants, 5 A variety of state protection of rare animals, for the 2879 kinds of higher plants, 213 species of birds, 62 kinds of mammals, 14 kinds of amphibians, 31 reptiles, 67 species of fish and 936 kinds of insects provide a good environment for the survival and habitat The protected areas of China has a rich biodiversity of great importance The status and role. In addition, Baotianman protected area also has abundant natural resources and development potential and to build a sustainable eco-protection mechanism; also established a museum of natural history, the preservation of the collection of 12,387 kinds of biological specimens.

Over the years, in putting in a lot of rural manpower, material and financial resources to implement Grid management of protected areas Baotianman active in biodiversity conservation, increase scientific research efforts, Henan has developed into a base for the preservation of biodiversity, scientific research bases to promote community development and demonstration bases, good protection of the Central Plains This is a land of "green land", since the beginning of 2001, in rural Seize Baotianman to win the World Biosphere Reserves, National Geopark, and other opportunities Jinzizhaopai, bold ideas, "in order to protect and promote tourism, Yikaifangcu development" strategy, Baotianman for tourism development, improve the matching area Facilities, the province has built the largest, most types of specimens Baotianman However, the museum. To deal with the protection and development of the relationship between the county's planning and construction experts hired by local laws and regulations to strictly limit the scope of the development of the test area, Baotianman tour of the facilities in the region are in strict accordance with the "Return to Innocence, back-to-nature" of eco - The principle of protection was finalized. At present, developed a line falls, risk Lines, three lines mature eco-tourism Link, for visitors to day, Two-Day Tour, Three-Day Tour, Baotianman provincial government has been identified as Funiu Mountain Tourism Development leader.

Baotianman its unique ecosystem and the transitional zone of the rich diversity of rare bio-resources experts called Natural biological species gene pool. "At the same time, it's strange natural landscape, geological features can also uncanny workmanship, rich and magnificent, mountain-hung stone risk, towering old trees, fresh water Lake Show, Fei Bao, such as training. To protect the area's unique eco-tourism Tourism and the value of geological science, has won the "Baotianman National Nature Reserve "Baotianman World Biosphere Reserve", "Chinese Forest Ecosystem Research Network Mansen Lin Bao-day eco-station", "Baotianman National Geopark", "national youth education, science and technology base," Jinzizhaopai five.

  Bao Tin Man Linhai vast, towering old trees, rare birds and animals, plants Merry hold all the natural scenery. Area can be seen everywhere in the strange ancient rocks, cliffs Monitor. Cutting the wall like a broom out into Valley, which rise amid thorns days, not bottom-yuan, albeit not very clearly the girl-Yi floating floor, the United States, Guiqi magnificent; Kyoko stack, Yanling Dao, the service cap, the wind off cliffs, stack sword hanging, hanging Dan Jingtian, cattle, and other magnificent pile heart risk , Totally natural. 1830 meters above sea level on the main peak, the panoramic view of the distance, surrounded by peaks at a glance, the colorful paintings of an intoxicating enchanting scenery, the people fully enjoy the unique taste of a long-term perspective. The following is the main peak of more than 3,000 hectares of virgin forest, there have always maintained the original shape , The forest of trees to run its course, different Jia-Mu-hui, colorful, relaxed and happy people.

  Baotianman Shan Lin high density, Jian Tan all over the river and waterfall in the valley.???five Longtan waterfall pools and other places of great features, scenic areas to add a lot of charm. In addition, the formation of natural scenic spots within the range of solution Landscape is also an advantage. Tianxin hole Fairy Cave, the cave groups, such as wind tunnel different attitude, unique charm.

  Longtan five days at Po Mannan foot of the mountain-man, about five kilometers in the deep gorge in the fall as a result of falls, formed a natural dam of the five, depending on the potential for Longtan yellow, red Longtan, the Longtan white, purple Longtan Longtan black. Tan Zhong allegedly as a result of Jackie Chan and named Anaconda. Longtan and the most spectacular, linked to a 80-meter cliff falls from the cliffs to form drop Office. Splashing water, noise Zhener, features a curtain of pearls Daojuan spectacular picture. Tan next to the stone cliffs Zi state, the western end of Feng has a beautiful high-rise, and its surrounding mountains is very Potential. Cis Heilongtan is not far down the Longtan purple, in a valley between, difficult to walk on the west side, pedestrians need to be forward-climbing. Tam small, in a deep valley, has a clear head, at a glance, it is refreshing. White Longtan around more dangerous, known as "Yi Xiantian," said Jing Chan is ominous to watch the oil will be immediately "Ruogu pit" feeling. Tan Chek Longtan mountain relief, people look mysterious. Huang Longtan Lake at the bottom of the large and deep, known as the "bottomless pit." Five of the Longtan Lake King wonderful Masami surrounded by the Mountain View, is a decorative painting seems poetically. Ling Feng list, Pinnacle Fengfeng, a variety of green and luxuriant trees, all kinds of Brilliant scene in the steep rocks. Five of the Longtan such as pearl inlay five peaks in the valley between the mountains quiet possession, quiet and natural scenery is really unlimited. Five of the Longtan Baotianman with the development of tourism scenic spots, the great potential and promising.

 ???scenic areas are the focus of the foot days Mannan Tourism Development Zone, the area Heart-a-day tour, a 10-km valley of Qi caused by overlapping, Qili cliffs. Granite in the river valley, full of clean water; various forms of granite boulders remain in bed, do not have a taste. 2 km into the area is the concentration of suspended King Stone, a piece of stone and a pile of hanging from the Hill , Like artificial masonry, but in reality the natural form. Different peaks have different patterns, like animal-like, strange shapes, uncanny workmanship, very resistant to watch. The main scenic spots along the King paragraph???steep mountains, waterfall Tam stacked wrong, very characteristics. Tam seven granite mountain along the river in seven bands stacked and dang, every order between the formation of Off-the-curtain waterfall, waterfall curtain of falling into the pit. Tam is the granite in the long-term erosion in current form, no stone miscellaneous impurities, quiet time, unpredictable. Tam from the near-walled courtyard surrounded by waterfalls, only a narrow Road, heart, and falls into a powerful fan-shaped area, worthy of good scenery. 80-meter high waterfall, the cliffs along the valley down in straight sets Most momentum.

  Bao Tien-hsin hole in the days Mannan Secernosaurus foot of the mountain between the pile. Secernosaurus stack independent mountain, mountain trend steep terrain must risk. The hole in the center of waste-lifting cliff, and into the hole, like a mountain cavity, it is referred to as "heart-days." The hole for the shaft cave-mouth was wide-narrow-urn-shaped knot , Down more than 20 meters vertical, two Hall after the hole is connected with an area of about 8000 square meters, a high wall 10 - 30 meters range, wide magnificent, very spectacular. The formation of a natural wall of colorful patterns, natural simple, beautiful patterns, the south-pointing carriage, the formation of a major feature of the hole. Stacked inside wrong Caused by the dazzling stalactites, like animal-like, arranged in an orderly manner, the shape of spirit, who proudly heads held high if the tower columns, small if the United States and exquisite detail of the carved stone teeth, see also look at the Kuan Yin Song Zi, seven cents Xiafan , The Eight Immortals crossing the sea of myths and legends, such as Yi Zuzu vivid, will be a beautiful display in front of the myth-xian JING, Is a vivid, lifelike. There are a lot of support inside the hole and the hole fork. The considerable size of the hole, the most aesthetic appeal. The hole has been developed, Bao became a foot of days Mannan attractive tourism landscape.

  Baotianman Fairy Cave at the northern foot of the big hole in the foot. Holes in the valley next to the precipice of a cliff, The river valley from the mountains before flowing through the hole, the spectacular terrain is quite steep. Shuzhang up to the hole, From a distance, if the mouth of a giant embedded in Shek Pik, Cucu stone down the wrong Senate, Sam Rainsy continuously flowing, interesting taste. Huolang hole of a sudden, the Office of the stone long, there are a number of wide Shi Zhang, the capacity of thousands of people. Looking far can be seen everywhere stalagmite stalactite Linglong sophisticated, calm hanging, is the south-pointing carriage. Wai-hole there, there are Dong Ding-dong, dong even the wrong hole, the view of Yang sigh. Dongting in the past had a large number of plastic statues, especially the most famous Ocean's 18. Hall from the edge of their holes to pass, and wall climbing, white narrow width, from time to time Pro Dong Jing Road. Thousands of same hole, like a fan . The more difficult the entry, the more difficult the trip, see the more surprising, you can see the natural scenic spots full of poetic form. Visitors to this, although Dan Chan scared, but often can begin to imagine the Yuchi and Animals. Inside there are many bats live together, Liang Zhao Shi grasp the top upside down, so as to not remember the number. Just how deep the hole, Nobody knows this. Compiled in the Qing Dynasty, "Nanzhao County" has been set: "there are holes in holes, getting into the more narrow None of the human habitat, one can not have one. Xu day trip around, and numerous holes were heard bottom water Flow relief, Mo was looking for his Department. This had a big hole, a hole-tan, the color green, dark stone can not be thought of dollars, cold pressing. If the wooden cross on the bridge-shaped frame, the vision of a hole, the look of natural forests, people did not dare after Yan. "According to legend, a long time ago, there was a seemingly Yahuan of Ficus erecta, for the father to the disease, Song into the river to catch turtle catching shrimp into the Cidong can not come out, it was an immortal spirit, the ultimate immortal, so called " One hole. "

  Cave with the group Baotianman separated from the main peak across the valley, Tung Wai are delicate texture of white marble, as a result of natural weathering the surface of milk to form caves, holes under water and Cong Zheng Song of the River, the beautiful natural scenery. Circular hole, the hole gradually spacious, when the narrow width of time, tortuous, each with its own wonders. Inside moist all the year round, but no water, when they see hanging water-dropping, the heart is cool. The marble wall was a long-term water erosion weathering, the formation of a variety of sophisticated detail of the water column stalactite milk, are thousands, some as small chopsticks, and some, such as crude column, wall hanging, silver, very spectacular, a variety of milk-chu Crystal clear, sparkling Visitors enter the home exactly like the legendary Crystal Palace, the column looks like a lot of milk cents, it seems, like objects, like animals, strange, wonderful endless. The hole is about 1 km up to the Peak, Peak has a hole connected with the current public may enter the main tunnel about 500 meters, also on both sides of the main cross-hole depth of 5 -- 20 meters range are impressive in size. Through the main tunnel into the courtyard of the three Dongting side, but also through the courtyard leading to the Dongting other. Courtyard for the irregular oval-shaped with a diameter of about 30 meters, 10 meters high over a very wide. Bottom, wall, roof wells are gorgeous scene in the water stalactite, beautiful magical, non - Spectacular. In the past two hours to the courtyard inside line, the two huge Dongting, as well as natural water rust well-preserved stone, very spectacular. Dong Yi Shu side of the main hole (12 meters) to the following, and following the spectacular scale of Dongting, a variety of water and rust stone stalactite dazzling and attractive. The hole is extremely fresh air, Regardless of the angle at which people are not feeling the slightest discomfort, as can be seen the same hole with the outside world. It also found around several small cave, a group of karst caves.

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