Monday, February 2, 2009

Shirengou Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shirengou Nature Reserve is located in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, Lushan County, the western region, located in Shandong barberry side, with a total area of 268 square kilometers, Yu Huangding peak 2153 meters above sea level to a high degree higher than the highest peak of Huangshan Lotus peak reached more than 300 meters.
Gu Cheng Shan Shirengou mt, as a result of Sun-yao Liu tired Yao temple to worship Li Got its name. Warring States period, a great thinker. Mocius social activists come to earth at the foot of mt.
Shirengou Hill has set "-hung. Dangerous. Show. Odd. You," as one of the many peaks; there are strange shapes. Paintings seem like the words of the Millennium Gusong; 10,000 ares waves have. Yunhai Huang Ruo's Wonderland; there are extraordinary refined. In any one The grid Cloth; there is love in the King. Situation in the King's beautiful four seasons.
Shiren Mountain adjacent to the storage capacity up to more than 700,000,000 cubic meters of a large artificial lake - Zhao Pinghu; little-known Villa fans hole, to a variety of medical diseases. The average water temperature of 63 degrees Celsius hot group; hometown Mo; Chu ruins of the Great Wall; close to Asia Big air exhibition hall.

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