Monday, February 2, 2009

River rafting stork - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River rafting stork seat inside Xixia Geranium upper reaches of the river, 42 km away from Xixia county, 311 National Highway, from the adoption of Henan Provincial Highway 48. Longtan waterfall and ditch group, children playing customs Canyon, the old community Ridge Scenic spots such as the formation of gold Tourism Link.

Geranium Danjiang River is the source, but also South-North Water Transfer Cheng. The upper reaches of major water conservation district. The main trunk stream of 254 km long, drainage area 4219 square kilometers, between 1340 meters and drifting paragraphs of the whole over 480 meters, 12 kilometers away from drifting, is the development of the Central Plains area of the first drifting, drifting away from the longest and most exciting of the largest projects. It has been said "Central Plains in the first drift '. SAIC is now in registration.

Kai King drift in the process of a lot along the way, "he stork in the first beach." "Nine Longtan" realistic image of the "Wolong", "Long Yi", the soul-stirring "beach dance" the size of 18 beaches. Fei-zhou dried up in the wave of feeling the same time, the water is River rafting is a major fun. Songkran is here every day, every ten feet of water area, whether recognized or not, splashing each other is a gift. Experienced slow water, jump clear of the bottom of a river tour, you will feel "forgotten time", "forget identity", "forget the age", "forget the troubles."

Stork The whole drifting 12km, the average water flow of 20m3 /s, due to the tropical monsoon zone continental climate, precipitation and more concentrated in the 5-10 month, with an average rainfall of about 800 mm, when the river when the narrow width, maximum width up to 30m, the most Only narrow Department 5m, both dangerous shoals rapids, and pools Pinghu River rafting is ideal.

River rafting stork natural scenery tour, the entire process a total of 19 rapids and dangerous shoals downstream, the twists and turns, the waves stop Fei-zhou, soul-stirring, narrowly, in the winding, winding rivers, tourists or Chuang Po Lang Beach, or play Frolicked water can be released indulgence, pregnant, back to nature. The whole Ups and downs in the mountain rivers, vegetation and landforms rich combination of types, of which there are known as "living fossils" of the ginkgo tree, C. Felix Luo, and other rare plants. So that tourists can enjoy the steep sides of the strait Xian-feng, Lam Xiuzhu, we can see birds flying in the air stork, mandarin ducks swimming in the river, the fish leap in water. Shiwaitaoyuan a beautiful picture. Drifting, a group of well-trained nursing staff to drift protect you, provide a full range of drift and a tour guide, insurance, and other family services, you scared yet unhurt, you drift of the shocked, too Shuxing swim, play With joy, and let you feel the nature of baptism, Mei-back-to-nature, natural challenges of the fun. Wind Where is the best, to make the first drift in the Central Plains.

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