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Pingdingshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingdingshan City, Henan Province in central and southern Taiwan situated, as a result of urban construction in the "flat top cut, such as" under Pingdingshan named after. Jian City in 1957, has now become energy and raw materials industries as the mainstay, coal, electricity, chemical industry, such as the comprehensive development of the emerging industrial city. Yu dominates, Wugang two county-level cities and Fung, Jia , Lushan, Ye Xian, as well as four counties Xinhua, Wei-dong, Cham River, Shilong of the four areas. With a total area of 7882 square kilometers with a total population of 4,700,000, of which built-up area population of 600,000.

Pingdingshan city's history can be traced back to five or six thousand years ago. Existing original Neolithic will?????, Yangshao culture and Longshan culture site. Shangzhoushidai, this country is. Found in historical records as early as 1324 BC, "Zuo Zhuan", "The Book of Songs" and "Historical Records" and other books have recorded. Tang Dynasty poet, Yuan Jie, who Niugao the Southern Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty medical scientist slippery life, the Spring and Autumn Period Mocius thinker, writer of the Qing Dynasty Li Luyuan, and Bai Lang modern peasant uprising leader, surnamed Ye of the Chinese ancestor, known as Ye Shen politicians from both the growth of this Liang manner. Seekers can explore the ages of Confucius, Li Bai, Han Yu, Yan Zhenqing, Liu Xi Yi, Su, Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, and other officials or Sri Lanka or roaming the side, leaving Valuable spiritual wealth.


  Pingdingshan advantage of the natural environment. A warm temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons, mild climate, abundant rainfall, a long frost-free period, suitable for a variety of crops and the growth of plants and animals. Wheat and tobacco were the two Potential crops, tobacco leaf production of long enjoyed a good reputation, the country is one of the three major tobacco producing areas.

  Pingdingshan There are many scenic spots and historical sites. There are ancient temples of the Millennium Wind cave temple, great literary giant of the Northern Song Su Shi and his son's burial - the Soviet Union three graves, picturesque Shirengou Nature Reserve, the set mountain, forest, lakes, As one of the city of Wugang Shimantan National Forest Park, Grace Decoction Shenquan known as the Yu hot spring, and so on.

  At present, the New Stone Age have been found in the previous 37 ancient cultural sites, commercial sites and the ancient city of weeks to the Ming Dynasty Tombs 19, the temple temple 6. Show only natural scenery of scenic spots Pending at the national level) - Shirengou Hill, ancient temples of the Millennium (state-level key protection units) - Wind Point Temple, the Song Dynasty great writer Su Shi and his son cemetery - three of the tomb and the Soviet Union, the civilization of the far and near Xiangshan Temple, Spring and Autumn Period An outstanding thinker and strategist, surnamed Ye at home and abroad ancestor - Shen Ye Zhu Liang cemetery, integrated in the Ming Dynasty De grant from the Department of households built Li Shang lectures - as well as the College Ziyun Shimantan National Forest Park, Ping and other major attractions of the West Lake, the scenery is so extraordinary that the tourists away.

  High-speed and efficient transport network. From the urban area by Express, the fast train straight up to Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Yichang, Sea, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, and other large and medium-sized cities; there are 207,311 National Highway and the two provincial territory and had to wear. Department of Pingdingshan city of immigrants, people from all over the country, the concept of avant-garde fashion, easy to accept new ideas, new culture. Pingdingshan annual per capita income of more than 9800 yuan, ranking first in Henan Province , A higher level of consumption, the commercial development of domestic and foreign brands favored by consumers, is well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers the ideal city to expand the market.

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