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Zhunbao ancient village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhunbao ancient village located in Anshun City in the east, 7 Town Hill Washio Cloud Canyon in Tuen Yunshan, as a result of the more well-preserved ancient Tun Bao, a street in the Ming Dynasty, as well as Tun Bao culture of the Ming and Qing architectural art and Tunbao Religious culture, existing as a "Tun Bao culture museum on the ground." According to historical records, are Zhunbao 6 0 years ago Dynasty guard Anshun descendants of the army south of the Yangtze River, the hillside villages, criss-crossing streets and alleys, Zhaizhong each group of buildings, towers constituted a small courtyard, and in the towers or on top of the wall, with shooting Hole, into defense, to live together. Since the independence of the building to take care of each other, the old buildings Zhunbao This shows that the body defense. Zhunbao ancient village buildings appeared to be rough, internal decoration is very attractive, such as Chuihua door, lattice windows and doors fan, Zhu Chu, and other parts of the southern wood and stone carving art on its head, quite attractive. Tickets: Tuen Mountain is a village, do not need tickets, cloud Washio Admission into the Temple 1.

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Huangguoshu Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangguoshu key national scenic spots located in the southwestern Guizhou Province, from the provincial capital Guiyang city 128 km away from the tourist center in the western city of Anshun 45 km in the urban areas, the Yunnan-Guizhou railway, six double-track railway lines, Huangguoshu Airport, 320 National Highway, your (yang) Huang ( Fruit trees) highway linking the whole territory of the new-ching ( ) Huang (fruit) direct access to the scenic highway. Inside the area to Huangguoshu Falls (77.8 meters high and 101.0 meters wide) as the center-hung distributed, extraordinary and dangerous, show different styles of the 18 large and small waterfalls, a huge waterfall "family", Diogenes World As the headquarters of the world's largest waterfall Group, included in the Diogenes world record. Huangguoshu Falls Huangguoshu Great Falls base is one of the most spectacular waterfalls, is the world's only from the upper and lower, front and rear, left and right direction to watch six of the falls, there is also the world's natural Shuilian Dong able to link from the Inside the cave outside to listen to and watch, Waterfall of touch. The great Ming Dynasty Travel Xu visit Great Falls praise: "trace and collapse Chu-yu, Chung anti-droplets, such as smoke vacated, very grand and powerful; the so-called 'non-hook Zhulian volume Pilian linked to remote peaks', are also strong enough to be his , Who has several times of high and steep, but not from those big and wide. "

  Huangguoshu scenic spots in order to Huangguoshu Falls King As the central distribution area Shitou Zhai, Tian Xingqiao scenic spots, water falls Beach area, Baling three ancient river canyon scenic Yidao, steep slopes and scenic pond, the Lang Palace area, and other major scenic spots. Is the first batch of national key scenic spots and was the first national assessment of the class AAAA tourist areas, has been named National Scenic Spot Pu education base, "the National Scenic Area civilization" Demonstration, "the most charming tourist areas of the western region." In 2005, China was the National Geographic magazine as "China's most beautiful places", "People's Daily" Society as a "Chinese scenic spots of the 10 customer satisfaction with the brand", was awarded the "European tourists favorite China's top ten scenic spots "such as the honorary title.

  Huangguoshu scenic spots within the scenic and beautiful environment, fresh air (measured by the provincial environmental protection departments in each cubic centimeter of air with negative oxygen ions more than 28,000), climate (average annual temperature around 16 degrees Celsius). Has a long history text , Facilities, is the leisure, vacation, sightseeing, convalescence, oxygen, "lung wash" the ideal destination.

  Shuilian Dong at the Great Falls 40-47 meters in height, the total length of 134 meters, six-hole windows, Dongting five, three-and six-channel-chuen. Great Falls itself into cardiac shock , To fly the Spirit of God moved, and in Great Falls through it, God can not help but feel really frightened, but the Huangguoshu Falls and not Shuilian Dong Jin, will not really notice the Huangguoshu Falls and the magnificent spectacle, it would be A major regret in life.

  Shuilian Dong through, there is a wonderful phenomenon from the various holes in the window to watch Rhinoceros on the Rainbow Lake, where the rainbow is not only a taste of the colorful two-Road and is dynamic, as long as the weather was fine, from 9:00 to 17:00, can see and as you move around and change and movement. Predecessors: "rainbow in the sky to heaven for lining, the rhino's Rainbow Lake to falls of snow-white lining", the title "Snow Ying-chuan . "Lianzhui Silver Lake Falls, located in the Star Stone Forest scenic water on the upper left. Huangguoshu waterfall in the group, it is not to win the high, wide or is not surprising, but it was a web of modal and Ruqirusu waterfall of sound, people do not want to see on the left. The only falls more than 10 meters high above into leak Shape, is at the bottom of the trough shaped solubilization Tam. Tam in the uplift of rock along the surface of the package, as the faces under the cover of lotus leaves, even staggered board, the water in each leaf surface evenly spread, Man Liu heartily, as tens of thousands of large and small Silver Chain, Light yell to the sound slowly melting into the dam, never go on forever. Star hole located in scenic Star , Silver Lake Lianzhui falls not far left bank. Inside there are a number of huge Dongting and the large number of karst cave landscape, the magnificent scenery and some spectacular, some exquisite small, and some gorgeous colorful, dizzying. Dongting one of the largest 50 meters high with a diameter of 150 meters with a total area of 10,008 large more than 1000 square meters, 4 with more than 20 meters high Zhuiman "crystal flowers" carved pillars, as if through the sky, "Optimus Prime." A hole in the calcium carbonate to form the flow Beach, strewn with vivid patterns, different body of the stalagmite combination of the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea"; a number of colorful, unique shape of the stone edge of the basin and a few small plates and cloud Shi, co-portfolio has become a "kingdom of heaven feast." Star of the hole can be described as colorful colors, shapes with a variety of rich colors, so that the Star-visible exquisite five-star looks, magnificent. Looking at all kinds of color-rich accumulation of caves, reminiscent of the heap is the gold-plot is ice-hard steel, cloisonne is, the three-Tang ... ... Buyi Glass-like villages, located in the West Huangguoshu Falls 1 kilometer. Sit village north to south, Yishanbangshui, Ming Che clear the water falls by foot stockade. There is plenty of rainfall and sunshine, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, no heat is not cold climate. He Bao saw three or four of the 11 banyan tree, one up Green "sky", peach, plum, orange trees and bamboo Congcong, all over the village, like the Tao Yuan-ming like a pen into the "Shiwaitaoyuan." Puyi of the Glass-like, like folk songs. Every happy event, Zhu Jiuge sing, to congratulate the newly married couple Xielao old age. Jia Wu is also the building when singing, all to congratulate the host Italy, Rending prosperity. This type of song, high tone, generous tolerance. The elderly sing their own narrative of the history of songs, both sad and strong. Young men and women love, "rush" to sing the love songs, soft mild tone, lively and appealing. Book Redcliffe, Huangguoshu waterfall in the distance about 7 km of the Mid-Levels on Hong-Ya Shan, A huge piece of light red cliffs, the 100-meter long wall, up to more than 30 meters, in the hills of a green, very bright colors, as if mounted on the green carpet of Ruby. Shek Pik on more than 21 dark red in the shape of the ancient symbols, like non-seal characters seal characters, if non-Li Li, non-engraved Juan, Wang is not listed, do not erect Line, such as those who fight, or if small, have revealed a quaint charm of the vigorous. Jiajingnianjian since the Ming Dynasty, many of the literati had to Yinshizuofu here, to study it. There has Rubbings, facsimile, and so reduce Edition come out, and the national income recorded in the tablets. On the cliff on the interpretation of symbols, a lively debate Confused, but they can not understand why, so far remains a mystery. Redcliffe on the origin of hieroglyphics, the representative said there are three: one of the three countries said to be left behind when Nan Zheng Liang's remains, they were there, "Zhuge monument"; II said Gao Yin cutting side when the ghost of Jigong monument; that the three Cuan family is at the head of Shu Han Ji-fire to help Liang Zheng meritorious, Cibei is to use text written in ancient ethnic Cuan relief fire, "Ji Gong monument."
  Redcliffe Book CMV spectacular, complicated and confusing, and look forward to the people to explore, to solve the problems with our fans.

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Bonsai Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bonsai Garden is the Huangguoshu scenic waterfall in the latest development of the Department of another landscape, Huangguoshu from the hotel only 500 meters, covers an area of 40 acres, the park displaying more than 3,000 bonsai pots, different attitude, the limelight. As the Huangguoshu Falls is located in the scenic western region of Guizhou in low-lying areas, the lower elevation, the frost-free throughout the year, a very appropriate Sub-tropical plant growth. So, here you can see cactus, Lan Huang Jue, Magnolia and other meat plants and other shrubs caldus tree. In addition, the botanical gardens in the South, Luan common trees, such as Milan, has been transplanted to this.

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Star-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Star-Tian Xingqiao scenic spots in the middle. Is a typical karst cave. A number of naturally formed inside the hall and the Office of the side. In the bright lights, endless changes Qifengyidan, 4 Dong Ding leading to large columns, each columns are more than 20 meters high, the stone pillar of Health flowers, such as carved Diao Long Feng, beautiful color. The main cave in to the artificial landscape-oriented, unique style, exquisite appears to be visible, magnificent. The main cave has a wonderful scene full of calcium carbonate gel, Zhuangruo train piled grapes grapes Office; there is scattered legislation in the flow Beach dam if the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea," the group stalagmite; there are colorful, unique shape of the stone drops, Cloud discs, disc-yun I like a light-Gold Cup, Qiongjiang food "feast Heaven"; In addition, there are like, "Hawthorn", "Great Wall" and "the tip of the field", "Miao Village Terrace" and "fish birds animals, flowers, trees, melon Fruit and vegetables "and other shapes, are very similar, if rare in the world, the Kingdom of Heaven Shenwu all this together. Tickets: Pass area as a whole Tian Xingqiao 30 yuan

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Anshun tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anshun in Guizhou province is located in the south-west side, Guizhou Province is the current level of the four cities, is famous Huangguoshu Falls home. Guiyang City, capital of east and the west and the city of Liupanshui and Qianxinan, and Qiannan South, North and Bijie Prefecture, which borders respectively. Anshun municipal West show, Pingba, the S & P, Zhenning, Guanling, purple A five-county area (counties) and Huangguoshu scenic spots, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone, LI Yang High-tech Industrial Park, the three county-level agency. With a total area of 9264 square kilometers. The city's total population of 252.3 million people, Bouyei, Miao, Hui, Gelo, and other ethnic minorities accounted for 38.43 percent. 000 years in June, reported to the State Council for approval by the provincial government to remove the Anshun area at the county level and Anshun City, Anshun City, set up to class.

Anshun is a long-standing historical and cultural city. As early as the Warring States era, there is both ancient and mysterious Xinan Yi minority people Local government - Game in sheep and Yelang the birthplace of the country. Xian Zhu Qin Dynasty set up home county as county, by the beginning of the Central Plains culture and advanced farming methods. Han Dynasty, here in the Central Plains and the political and military relations have been deepened and economic and cultural exchanges increased gradually. Yuan Dynasty, the town began to take shape here, to the Ming Zhuang Xu Southwest, is a "wall of the entire Jun, Jiequhongkuo" ... ... "cross-tower Street, very market-sheng." Qing Dynasty, the local industrial and commercial development step by step to form a "central Guizhou trading port", "Sheng's business, in the province A." In the history of Anshun in Guizhou Plateau is at the center of an earlier economic development of the region, is the ancient culture of central Guizhou Fat , In the central and western Guizhou is the modern political, economic and cultural center.


Anshun is the opening Group A tourist city, is the world's karst scenery preferred tourist areas, the country's tourism hotline, one of six gold and tourist center in the western Guizhou. Peak forest surface, the peak cluster, the Stone Forest, Teeth, karst waterfalls, lakes, Lake, Stephen Chao, funnel and so on can be seen everywhere. Cave on the ground floor, underground river, Fu Liu, waterfalls, dark tan, as well as the thousands of columns, stalagmites, Shiman, stone, and other flowers spread all over. At present, with Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace of the two state-level scenic spots, Yelang Lake, Getu River, Grand Canyon Huajiang 3 Provincial-level scenic spots, as well as the Jiulong Mountain National Forest Park.

Anshun in the world there is a rare group of karst depression in recent years by the International Radio ICSU lead as large radio telescopes of one of the site. The natural landscape and backed each other, each other's cultural variety. There are known as " Chau light civilized "Puding piercing ancient human cultural sites; World Bank has said that" age-old mystery of "Guanling" Redcliffe Book "; in recent years have found that the excavations unearthed Guanling" Chinese Dragon "," crinoids " Pingba group of dinosaur fossils and fossils; complete preservation of the legacy of the Ming Dynasty southern Han Tun Bao culture village, as well as an Confucian Temple House, Pingba Tiantai Mountain, and so on more than 100 Department ancient sites, ancient buildings, Cliff stone, murals, and other human attraction, with local Buyi and Miao ethnic minorities, and other non-interest into embraced the style, form the most significant prospects to develop tourism resources.

  Anshun in the territory-wide network density Home Asia, the ground water, underground rivers and rich, concentrated drops, to facilitate the development of multi-stage in a row. That can be developed reserves of hydropower resources of 180 million kilowatts. At the same time, in and around the region rich in coal resources, water and fire each other with economic advantages for the development of both water and fire the energy industry has provided good conditions for the country, "Kwan Southwest, the South China development program "an important energy base in Guizhou Province and the implementation of the" west to east, "the main supply point.

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Oasis Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye city at the northern end of North County, was founded in 1984, covers an area of 299 mu. North-south central axis to open the doors of a garden. To the south gate at the main entrance, then the former North County, North Ring Road in front of the temporary, two-door connected by wide connectivity. Connected, even shade the south wall, built the North Bridge, the Second East-West Lake in the same bridge. Jin Nam , On the left side (the West) have a lawn, garden, fountains and Fang Tang, Tong a bridge north of the West Lake in the island, built on the island booths. Fang Tang and then the West has three pavilions, two east side, a south side, adjacent to the northwest, the book will be for tea. Kosai to the north gate, trees lake pavilion also has temples and palaces of victory. South Gate into the right side of the (East) have a children's paradise. Yum-off , The asymptotic Bridge, West Lake Road, left for the waters, the Dow has the right garden pavilion and a sister. East Pavilion, that is, North East Lake. South-ting way to Hunan. Hunan and Canton, planting more trees tsugae odd, winding streets. South East Hill there, built on 1.40 Wangting can get to do the whole garden scenery. Arch-off after the Road for the rockery from the left wins, the right side of the east have Quqiao Ting Kok, stretching south along the eastern Hubei lake.

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Erlang Miao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Young Street is located in Zhangye. Before the liberation of the town hall for Oasis, the county education people Museum, now converted into Zhangye City Food Company. The temple, there is the East Hall of Qingyuan, the West has Wulie Palace tomorrow three-shun (1459) Jian Qing Emperor Qianlong 18 (1753) rehabilitation. Hall lost the public (that is, Lo Pan Temple), Wu Lie in the Palace of the West, Temple Wulie division in the East Palace. Ming Jiajing 42 (1563) to build. 12 years of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1673), 1953 (1703) rehabilitation of the two. 24 Qianlong (1759), and other rehabilitation GUO Yan. Green glazed tile walls, around two-phase Doo Wai-chu, iron rod, majestic Weiwei, the grand temples. Tongfo for 3, sophisticated and unique style. Memory "during the Western Xia Imperial monument Heishui He gods, and shun tomorrow 2002 (1458) to monitor the removal before the Huguang Yu Shi-wen Lin Lang Qingcheng Shanrenmulun wrote," Erlang Miao reconstruction, "the monument. Former education Archive people in the showroom Tongfo six, for the first three statues from the temple Jen to take, the Department of Tang After the casting; as three, Sakyamuni for the middle (to face on the pattern, Tang seems to be the wind), as Zhenjun to the North, South, as Wei Tuo was, after all is Tang works. "Gan Zhi state," wood-chip version, this deposit. Westinghouse has showroom library Twenty-Four Histories, Wanli out there, Jiajing version. There are other "solutions by the Qing emperor," " Chi-tang by the solution ", the former are Tibetan by Oasis College. After the liberation of frequent relocation, now in the possession of Zhangye City Museum.

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Hsi Lai Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? located in the city of Zhangye Xinan Yu, to this West Temple Lane. According to the "Gan Zhi-state" set: Ming Cisi North Korea, which formerly Wan Jing She is Phor retreat al-National Division-Su (natives of the West) created. Gambari read-National Division-gun fan-free education from Canon, when North Korea Zou Qing Emperor Kangxi granted quasi-red Canon 108. Kangxi 51 years 1712), who will own the housing be re-Wan Jing She Temple. Jian Ying House, five for the Canon's. Qing Yongzhengnianjian side will be the general gun Wang Peng, the official leisure, Linxingcisi, thanks to the amount of grant payments, so that Tibetan lamas Liu repair workers, named the Hsi Lai Temple. There are storage by the Maitreya Buddha and, under the Baby Buddha and National Division I Yung. South Hall with Inwang protect the country and there is a statue of Buddha, with the North Hall of Days Tsun protect the country and there is a law, the main hall as a Buddha, the Temple had to go out there Weituo, like the King. Look different, big-Grand View. Dan Yan Xie Shanding Hall of Guanyin, Miankuo 3, the center hall at the top of the caisson, Wai to a variety of patterns painted ceilings. Tibetan Dan Yan as the hard floor of the Peak, on both sides of the volume increase Peng Ding, Miankuo 5, 5 deep into the beam rafter 8. South Hall with three wide (11.4 meters) into the 6.2 m deep. Buddhist Xianmi 2, Zhangye the temple is more than Hin-Chung, only to the West for the Tantric Temple, and governance in view of Nanshan Temple & P (commonly known as Mati Si). In 1963 published Provincial heritage conservation unit.

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Portland city housing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient County jurisdiction ten counties of Zhangye, blue house is one of them. Lan housing estates have also been made to late. "Gan Zhi state customs", said: "The housing estate late this fence is also, of the Western Han Dynasty to the county, claiming late Eastern Han Jin Wei (Portland)." Han Geography, "it reads: Zhangye Prefecture housing Lan County." History of Reading Meanwhile side Minutes ", said:" The location of the Zhangye Prefecture in north-east, East Han adjacent counties of Zhangye. Portland got its name from the house of local residents to call, housing, a homonym of Ukraine, blue, late the same initials, shut up slightly different. Lan Wu for the house when the old Department of plow land, descending Hon tribal Wang, Han and their estates Lan County. "Clearance at Renshou Station, also known as Fort Renshou, ancient custom called East, in this Zhangye City 25 km, the base Rural East Village, the ancient city. "Gan Zhi state monuments" set: "City 50, Renshou this station, known as the" city "is also. Zhangye County house late Chinese counties, the Eastern Han and Jin" blue house "that is, to this." Housing the ancient city of Portland to provide things The door, Simon save weight on top of the Peak attic eaves of a break, there are odd city Wednesday, with the castle Less than 100 people. Heritage is a county-level units.

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Tung Tai Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tung Tai Shan Nature Reserve is the northern part of the Hexi Corridor, 45 minutes east longitude 100 degrees -100 degrees 51 minutes north latitude and 39 degrees 0 minutes -39 degrees 04 minutes, 30km east from the Zhangye City, northwest of the West into submission. East Hill is a big development since the middle of the block into a mountain, is part of the Alxa block Taiwan, The landscape with a big block on the general characteristics of the mountain. All types of forest protected areas in the northern Hexi Corridor is a more complete forest ecosystem.

  East mountain scenic spots located in Ganzhou city 32 km north-east. Undulating hills here, the magnificent atmosphere, the Xiufeng qi shan, China gully, Jun Yan Shi strange, green pines and cypresses, flowers Fragrance, and many animals, all the way faint Valley, Zashu problems, such as the entry of visitors to this wonderland, relaxed and happy, Luan pleasant stay. Hill has a great stone in front of the stands, Du Shou Mountain Gate, known as Nu Wa Shi, Nu Wa is a legend, when the remaining piece of the Sky, throwing of objects being thrown from this, if watch carefully, Nu Wa faintly visible fingerprint. Steep Qifengyidan also created a "checkerboard shade, a god bless, Shenquan Jiejia" and other natural landscape. Qipanshan in the middle of a line of clear, "Chu River", one on each side of the Sai Ying Pun, chess games, the legendary founder of Taoism is the Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Tiangang and travel far and wide to this games, laid a true reflection of the game. Qipanshan spring after Juan , And winding, 9 Yuan Wang Chang-he, will be the last flamboyant, energetic, as Jiejia trend, the fine-sounding name: "Jiejia Shenquan." To a more-named "Stagecoach Tianhe, birch Buddhist bell, the sky-path along the cliff, climbing ladder, Guru desert, unlimited scenery," Qi natural landscape in both God and life. Ancient architecture Temple also known as phase Temple, built in the Western Xia, is also out with, its peak in the Qing Dynasty, the Red Fort was built in the Qing Dynasty Shawodi Tongzhi years, the local people for resisting Zeikou built a large estate, unique, broad macro-hung, There is a very important historical value. Today, East mountain scenery will be a unique charm to attract tourists all parties to To the enjoyment of the United States. With rich natural resources, you are welcome to pay homage to their adventure, you are welcome to invest in the development!

  Steep Qifengyidan also created a "checkerboard shade, and God bless high, Shenquan Jiejia" and other natural landscape. Qipanshan in the middle of a line of clear, "Chu River", one on each side of the Sai Ying Pun, on the game , The legendary founder of Taoism is the Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Tiangang and travel far and wide to this games, laid a true reflection of the game. Qipanshan after trickling spring water, and winding, 9 Yuan Wang Chang-he, will be the last flamboyant, energetic, as Jiejia trend, the fine-sounding name: "Jiejia Shenquan." To a more-named "Stagecoach Tianhe, birch 10 minutes, the sky-path along the cliff, climbing ladder, Guru desert, the scenery unlimited "Xingshenjianbei the natural landscape, life. Ancient temple, also known as East with Temple, built in the Western Xia, Yuan and Ming also, its peak in the Qing Dynasty, red Shawodi Castle was built in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years, the local people for resisting Zeikou built a large estate, do not A grid, generous macro-hung, there is a very important historical value.

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Zhangye City, Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park is located in the Hexi Corridor, Zhangye oasis in the central plains, in a unique geographical environment, our long-term north of Long Hill when the first families in the northern part of the cottage garden Wai Wan, south of the Qilian vision loss, Zhongjing fell across sand dunes, while the south Kowloon Jiang Lin angustifolia green and luxuriant, in the park on the beach, sun, forests, water and so close to the urban area Since the world into the environment elegant, Shensui mood is good and ideal landscape. Zhangye Forest Park with a total area of 1133 hectares, of which 1090 ha of forest area, 136 kinds of trees, including 910,000, 124 varieties of fruit trees, 23,000 dollars, 270 kinds of flowers 50,000. Zhangye-sen Huguang park is divided into color, the center area, a children's amusement park, Makino miniature video Lake Beach, try the five major exhibition demonstration area.

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Monju Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Monju Grottoes in Gansu Province located in the Nationality Autonomous County of Sunan pray Fengzhen, is a larger group of Buddhist Grottoes. Founded in Northern Liang period (401 years -433). According to the mountain caves cut in front Monju mountain and cliff of the mountain, located 1.5 km north-south, 2.5 km east of the Fan Inside. Kukan of the existing 100, of which the central pillar of early Cave 8, a meditation cave, the cave temple site of the former 28. The more important caves existing there before the Thousand-Buddha Cave Hill, to poke holes in the hills and the Buddha-Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, and so on, are dome-top, flat square near the Cave of the central pillar. Center column under three hours, to the lower side Platform, the top two floors of each cutting face arch niche, Kannei a plastic statue, two shrine outside threat paternity plastic Buddha, ancient statues healthy body. At the top of the cave walls and painted murals, a subject qianfoensis, saying plans, Qifo, Ji Yue days, dependent persons. Flying Ku Ding Hui Ji Yue, cave-wall painting qianfoensis large area in central painting of a Buddha and two Bo Map view, the lower part of the portrait painted support. Mural painting using bleeding in the Western Regions, stressed the contrast and brightness of the color images of three-dimensional effect. To poke holes at the Western Xia have drawn large-scale "by the Maitreya change" paintings and "King of the town of Cave four" like. Monju Grottoes is the early Chinese Buddhist relics, located in grottoes liangzhou model , Is the study of 16 countries during the Buddhist art of valuable information on the study of Western Kasai region and the Buddhist architecture, the relationship between the arts of great value. Hexi area with murals of its early features of the layout of the cave wall paintings, frescoes, some can make up for the lack of Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang art is some of the continuity and development The existing mural is the Western Xia period of the Western Xia research Paintings of Buddhist art and its important information.

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Hou Du Fort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye City is located 15 kilometers southeast of the base Tanxiang the new village, built in the Han Dynasty. Via the new channel, you might see East Point, and Wei-ran who is the only deposit slips Fort Hou. Legend has it that this Si Tian Jin Hun cast. Du Hou plane near a square fort, 172 meters long from north to south and 152 meters wide east. 6 m high wall residues, Dikuan 6.8 m, 5 Dingkuan 5 meters to Beiyuan the most complete. A 1.40-shaped angle Park pier, at the end of the diameter of 8,5 meters, the top 7 meters, 6 meters high residue. East-West axis to provide an online portal, and one each Weng Cheng. Weng Cheng 30 meters long from north to south, east and 20 meters wide, yellow Ben Zhu, Baonei original Temple, has spent before liberation, is only part of the Canqiang.

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Blackwater country sites and tomb groups - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 12.5 kilometers northwest Zhangye Department. 15 km long from north to south, from east to west 10 km, is the New Stone Age ruins of the ancient culture, heritage at the provincial level for the unit. There are relics of the Han Dynasty tomb group, about 4 square kilometers. Most of the graves have been buried by sand, the desert have not been buried, most of the excavation was before liberation In 1956 the national geological survey team to carry out an investigation, found under the ruins of a city there. Legend has it that before the Western Han Dynasty Huns moved here, the border is zoned for small countries Yueshi country. As a result of a local call for the Hun "and Hungary", so called "Blackwater country." "Lee Jun Guo world disease" primer "He went out to Tongdian" said Department of the Han Tei Ye Old Town. "Gan Zhi state": in the Tang Gong Yi Pen, the yuan for the West Side Station, said small-ming River Station, the local people call the "old Ganzhou" or "Blackwater country." "The new mind-scrambling" set: "Han Sui Lung Shou Blackwater in this country, there are four ancient base, after overnight to cover for the sand." Han group North and South Side, there are two Guzhi ancient castle, the castle two shapes, flat for a square. South Castle 248 meters from east to west and 222 meters wide north-south, open the door to the east of the middle and build Weng Cheng added. Gate 7 meters wide, 4.6 meters Qianghou, compactor 0.15 meters thick. Castle had nothing left inside the building, to the surface of a large number of brick Tiles, stone and other objects found. South and North Castle, about 1 km away from the castle. 245 m from east to west and 220 meters wide north-south, open the door in the south, 4 meters wide. The southwest corner wall of buildings which have soil of Taiwan, a square, each 7.5 meters long. North Castle has been buried by shifting sands. Blackwater country has been the site of the sand Hit at the same time was man-made damage. Before the liberation, the division commander troops from South Korea to send troops digging Gong, plunder, valuable cultural relics left, the man-made destruction is the most prominent example.

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Zhuge Floor - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West Street is located in Zhangye youth. Founded in when no test. Unique construction of the temple as a whole, into the door in the face of the great hall is a three, four corridors are the same, Diaolianghuadong, with a solemn silence. Zhuge House, built in the earth mound, the rest timbers ridge-top, red high-rise Peak Han, Song and Yuan to the Ming and Qing Dynasties is a transitional style. Hall is a positive Ge statue, wearing a suit gossip, hand fans, serious and solemn, big-nga. Qin Tong around, from sub-Qin Jian. Were on board: "Ming-Tan Bo" and "quiet Zhi Yuan." Another couplet: "Gu frequent trouble the world total; Korean veteran relief open heart" is in Du Fu's "Shuxiang," wrote Liang is also the most And general tribute. Street is now a Labor Government Street resident.

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Temple Lane Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laojun also known as Um, at the end of Lane Street ethics, on behalf of the Dynasty. There are a whole building Mountain Gate, Lao Jundian three-Xiao Temple, the Temple-hi, Mahayana Court. Although it is not gold tile walls, but there are strange shapes and Laojun Dian is on the Mountain Gate, built in up to one meter of soil on the stage for a potential eight Cuanjian Ding Pavilion floor. There are even Dianqian Juan Peng, a plastic hall Gua set to ride the Green Laojun like cattle. This is a unique architectural style of Taoism, China's ancient culture is an invaluable cultural heritage. Dianmen there are a couplet on the Alliance: "eight-han power of the universe"; Xia Lian: "The Guardian Ssangyong course of events." Plastic symmetry proportion of the temple of God, delicate ornamentation and exquisite carvings, natural look. After the liberation has been set up junior The Government set up after East Street, this set Taoist Association. In recent years, a new repair.

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Shandan Station New River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shandan Station New River, located in the Shandan county seat 20 kilometers southeast of Seoul at the foot of the Ming Great Wall is to build a new tourist attraction. Shandan County well-preserved ruins of the Great Wall, the National Highway 312 through the wall gap, the wall stretches on both sides of things, the new station that is located in the Great River Road intersection and landmark in 2642, 2.5 km to the east . Here was the ancient post of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the existing site into a square fort territories, while 70 meters long with a total area of 4900, on the wall 3 meters wide, 5 meters wide under the yellow Ben Zhu, a memory wall station well. This site is currently being developed to repair stage. Upon completion, the car past the visitors can post 26 or 2 Department milestone get off on horseback, camel-ride or round of the carriage, to go for a 2.5 km-long "Silk Road" experience in the ancient Silk Road to travel long distances on the quality of life. New River Station tourist areas to provide accommodation for visitors to entertainment services.

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Mati Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nationality Autonomous County of Sunan, located in the territory, as a result of the legendary Pegasus in the drop are named after Mati Yin. Is a set of grotto art, the Qilian Mountains and the scenery and customs Nationality in one spot. Grotto built in Northern Liang, Guo-Sheng Temple, Puguang Si, the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, the pagoda, the upper, middle and lower Guanyin Dong 7, a total of more than 70 Kukan.

  Its uniqueness lies in the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes are more than 500 Cliff pagoda Kukan, the scale of the event. Mati Si beautiful environment, Shan-ching, Shui Sau, Feng Qi, the fourth hole can be no different. Here visitors can travel Yugur live every account, highland barley wine to drink, eat meat Shouzhua, unique experience nomadic grasslands of Health Ways and cultural features.

  Mati Si Grottoes is a large group of caves. It consists of seven small group of Grottoes, 30 km near Yili, is a state-level protection units. Folklore: Pegasus Xiafan when a foot of the falls here on a rock, down a Tiyin, named after this temple. Hoof Temple Grottoes, including the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Mati Si North and South, on the lower and Guanyin Dong Kim Grottoes small group of seven pagoda. Each small group of caves, there are more than 30 caves, there are two small caves, a total of more than 70 caves. These caves in the earliest built in the Jin Dynasty, Dunhuang is to disciples and its people by cutting Mr. Kwak, the first for the reclusive Guo to give lectures, People by the Buddha statue, its peak had more than 300 monks. By the Ming Dynasty Yongle years Puguang Si name, the Temple of the original deposit of gold saddle, robes, the Department of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty Royal give the matter. Horseshoe Grottoes because of a long history with the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Anxi Yulin Cave and the Qi of the resort known as the Hexi of the three major Buddhist art Baoku. Mati Si Grottoes from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, after the Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Song (Western Xia), Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Republic of China now has 1,600 years of history, it is our province has a long history of high artistic value One of the cultural relics

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Mu pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mu pagoda is located in the county of Zhangye City Street South, the school is in Zhangye in the park, formerly known as Wanshou Si. Was built in the beginning of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, after Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties rehabilitation, reconstruction of existing Wooden Pagoda in 1926, the tower is one of the five elements of Zhangye City.

  9 High-tower, each class there are eight wooden head, mouth with the Pearl, under the Campanula. Their construction skills-carpentry, iron works, artist techniques in one. For the wooden tower of the main structure of the Department of Wai Yan-style pavilion construction, for the hollow brick tower wall, all doors and windows on each floor, floor, corridors and towers heart, carving a window on floriation, brick inlay door banners. Tower no one nails the whole a riveting, entirely poor brackets, beams Link column, criss-crossing each other Rachel. On top of the tower, railings overlooking the city beautiful panoramic view.

  East for the first level, "Gordon-day Paradise," the West "into the samadhi." The second tier for the East, "Ching West," West "Bao Daijin rope," and so on, the whole tower did not nail a riveting one, entirely brackets, beams, Column, criss-crossing each other Rachel, is a complete and solid wooden structure modeling. With a staircase for people to climb. Each floor has gallery, the railings, the column can view, the whole tower to give the tall, majestic feeling, reflecting China's unique architectural characteristics of the pavilion. At the top of the original an ancient bell, the call-in, hidden bell If in the sky, the vast expanse of open ground were heard. "Zhong Shu Wooden Pagoda", was one of eight Ganzhou, can be described as: "The Peak Tower and powerful Han, call bell white clouds."

  Zhou Wan title monk Bu Shi Yishou Tower: "Wei-ran cold dip gesture Valley, 9 Linglong each other good luck, won the top end Ying-sun, the wind tangled Aoshuang. Voice of smoke floating outside the King Weimang Alluding to lack of waves, Zhangye Zhong Xiu Ling Rui Yu, Jen Fan S flow East. "The tower is not only beautiful shape, and fine-structure and style. Tower after the building, floor, and name, meaning Blackwater take Zhenshe . For existing reconstruction of late Qing Dynasty, also known as the Canon House, 5 wide, 27.4 meters. Floor, there are two-Zhong Yan Xie Shanding Timbers around the field, the magnificent grand. 1983 to 1986, the People's Government funding to repair, repair of a new, full-Temple formed a relatively complete ancient buildings. Wooden Pagoda Temple Pi You are Zhangye City Folk Museum.

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Zhangye - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Cheng Zhangye Ganzhou, the ancient Silk Road was an important element of Si Jun Kasai is one of the Marco Polo travel east China during the stay here as long as a year. As China's historical and cultural cities, Zhangye has a wealth of historical sites, such as Blackwater Yueshi country sites, the Great Wall Feng Sui, Sui Dynasty Wooden Pagoda, the five-Tsung of the Tang Dynasty Site, the Western Xia large Buddhist temple, bell tower in the Ming Dynasty, Matsuyama Pro horseshoe caves, and so on. In addition to the heavy historical relics, Zhangye much of the scenery is located, such as when the Royal Race Course - Jun Machang Shandan viewing financial, entertainment and living in one grassland, beautiful scenery, natural Wild. Sunan since Yugur County's unique ethnic customs, the more the products of the rich "Golden Zhangye" enriched many.

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Tang Chung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Now flying in the city of Zhangye Zhenyuan upstairs, and copper-based alloy cast, superb casting process, the immense physical magnificent. 10 minutes of the outer wall slightly, in yellow and blue with iron. 1.3 m high 10 minutes, New Zealand and 15 cm high, 10 cm diameter, high-lip 9 cm, 1.15 m diameter. Under the rough on small, slightly flared Rim for six ears, mouth than straight. Weighing about 600 kg. 10 minutes are decorated with patterns, cast three points, each grid was divided into six, three for the grid-like map, a total of nine three-map images between the inside "," Wen will be separated from the image. The photo shows the three top flight, the Flying wearing a crown, bare upper body, under a dress, Lu-foot, hand-held flowers , Light and graceful, dancing fly, and murals in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang quite Flying Tang style. Three mid-level map grid for the two birds, one for the basaltic grid. Qu Suzaku long-necked, long legs stretched, Alice Nagao, Zhanchiyufei; basaltic long beak, long legs, the Youth Pre-employment for around-like. Third, the lower map, the grid for the white tiger, a grid for the Blue Dragon, Tiger and Dragon . This mouth for the clock cast alloy, is the sixth of its gold and tin Ju, which can withstand severe impact, and can have a clear voice, the bell can be spread to the whole city. Zhangye liberation did not fire, a fire broke out in the city, which I rely on the alarm bell. This bell announced in 1963 for the provincial cultural relics protection.

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Desert Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 19 km east, to the edge of Tengger Desert, China's first financial desert scenery, grassland and customs, landscape features as one of the desert park. Visitors can Dengshang undulating dunes, overlooking the vast desert landscape of the western region, but also through a pair of land enjoy the flowers in the desert greening Jade style. Park Undulating dunes, the pavilions can not. Park race track has a swimming pool as well as the "Desert Pavilion," "Heart Tao House," "Mandarin Pavilion", "Peach Blossom Pavilion", and other recreational facilities. Undulating dunes in the park, the problems of a hundred herbs, persicum, birch, red, Shami, Peng desert plants such as trees, and provide sand bath, water bath, Hua Sha, riding a camel , Swimming activities, unique items. More people can enjoy the wonderful taste of the western region.

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Roche Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuwei standing in the North Main Street, to mark the Kumarajiva WU Cheng to carry forward Buddhism and the classic translation of the merits of the construction. Roche Temple was built in the first post-cold (386-402) and Tang had greatly expanded the Ming and Qing all repair. During the Ming Dynasty in Shaanxi liangzhou become a big temple, 10 years Yingzong orthodoxy on February 15 Roche presented to the large Tibetan monasteries. And a Sheng Yu, the golden mean encyclical: "printed Tripitaka, Banci the world, with widely spread, it is a one-possession, resettlement liangzhou large temple in Shaanxi Province, Yong sufficient support." Encyclical is the well-preserved in Wuwei City Museum. Qing Emperor Kangxi 26, "Roche rebuilt temple tablets," set after the rehabilitation of Roche "Hospitals around, a new look, is a blessed land of five cool; magnificent change of Ha Tay Cheng also resort." Roche octagonal Temple of the existing 12 layers, 32 meters wide strip to Fangzhuan structure. Starting from the third, five, eight are no doors, is at the top of the gourd-shaped copper Aquarius, the top things have their own small shrines, There are Buddha, is said to be the real gold. 1927 earthquake was destroyed and rebuilt in 1934. Roche's stand Temple, a symbol of the ancient city of Wuwei and a long history of civilization, but also more than 2500 years ago on the Silk Road to witness the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures.

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Queen Niangniang Taiwan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Queen Niangniang Taiwan Ms. Yin ruins of the old name of Taiwan. Wuwei county in Gansu in the northwest 2.5 km, is a "Qijia culture" sites, since about 4000. Sites 500 meters from east to west and 250 meters wide north-south, cultural thickness from 0.62 to 2.3 meters, the rich have unearthed the site of the Housing 9, Yiu around the hole Housing, round, oval and rectangular 3. With the largest number of historical relics unearthed pottery, stone tools, bone Kok, bronze, both Bo Gu. Knife, cone for the Copper, casting points, two Duanda. Tools to fight for the system, grinding stone also increased. Funerary objects between the size of the tomb, a symbol of power and wealth - , Also found that Yu wall. At that time, that has entered the phase of the copper and stone, a late Neolithic period.

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Ray Park, Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Wuwei City, North Guan Road. The park hours: Area food culture, history and culture district, cultural district folk, entertainment, rest areas, flowers and birds fish in the market area, reception area, six regional services. The main signs of copper for the gallop. Watch on tourist attractions: the Silk Road sculptures, paintings liangzhou poetry into the hospital thinking, to Pegasus instrument sculptures, nine days Lingquan falls off , Guan Pu Tse, Xiliang park song and dance halls, light the Kikunami Court, listening to drunk together, the five Shrine, Sin House, 30, and other Suoi Tien-ting. Water stone arch bridge there are 8, Ray Lake Park is the main tourist attractions, Lake mine in Taiwan, the Loess base building, there are mine Temple for the construction of the Qing Dynasty. Stephen around more, convergence into a lake. Lake Week Liu, Ju-huai Cooper on the stage, screen-day lay-day. Ray Park, Taiwan is your best entertainment and leisure destination.

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Han Lei Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

October 1969 was in the audience found the mine a large-scale late Eastern Han Dynasty brick tomb, as a result of the cultural relics unearthed treasures, China sign tourism and the well-known copper gallop. Taiwan is a mine of ancient ritual Raytheon, as a result of a high of about 10 meters of land on the stage built in the Ming Dynasty in the construction of the medium-term outlook Leizu named after. According to the figurines unearthed Ma Ming chest Records, Lei Han Department of Taiwan, "Zhang Jun Chang Shou-Zhangye" Tomb, about the year between the years 186-219. Mudao 19.34 meters long, the tomb hours before, during and after Room and the Room with about 3 ears, have unearthed gold, silver, copper, iron, jade, bone, stone, 231 cultural relics such as pottery, figurines guards of honor Tong Juma 99 . Among them, copper gallop the highest artistic value. Copper Horse, also known as Ma Chao-long bird, was bronzed hair green, MA 34.5 cm high, 45 cm long and weighs 17.5 kilograms, was flying horse-shaped, three-foot vacant, the head end of Jan, right after a treadmill with a single step Fenfei Looking scared as the Youth Pre-employment Training " Aeolus birds, "Long birds, has changed the traditional day The modeling approach, in line with the principle of the mechanical balance, the rich culture of Tianma, superb casting techniques, bronze art can be the best. Original Jane gallop copper is deposited with the Gansu Provincial Museum.

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Tianzhu Three Gorges National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianzhu "Three Gorges" is located in Gansu Province, Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County of south-west, deep in the hinterland of the Qilian Mountains, East-West Cross-Island to 63 km, 68 km north-south vertical, with a total area of 162 hectares, accounting for the whole county has a total land area of 15%. On a high mountain territory in a deep valley, and landforms strange, because of the risk-jun, craggy rocks. Unique ethnic customs Its strong sense of religion. The territory of 2040-4446 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 0.2-0.4 ?, inhabited by a Tibetan, Han, Hui, Mongolian and other nationalities. Zhu fork Gap, Gap Sands, the first Ming Shek Mun Gap and Gap formed the scenic Tianzhu "Three Gorges" Forest Park. It's in the ancient Silk Road Chong, 144 km east of the provincial capital Lanzhou, Nakagawa from the Civil Aviation Airport 80 km, 312 State Line Road and Lan-Xin Railway across the county and, in scenic highway is smooth, can drive directly to and from tourist attractions, transportation and communication is very convenient.

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Wuwei Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuwei is located in the Loess Plateau region, the Qinghai-Tibet and Mongolia plateaus of the new crossroads of three major areas of low-lying South High North, southwest to the northeast by the tilt, followed by the formation of the southern Qilian Mountain in the central corridor in the northern desert plains and the landscape of the three units above sea level between 1020 -- Between 4874 meters.

Wuwei is a Vibrant historical and cultural city and the city opening to the outside world, China is also a tourist signs, "Copper Horse" of the land. Wuwei is that since ancient times, "Head-to populated San Fused Billiton," the scratch-rich land, known as "silver Wuwei" reputation.

Wuwei favorable conditions for agriculture in the city is flat, light, heat, soil A rich source of the country's grain production bases, Gansu Province, grain, oil, meat, melons, Levin major producing areas. Wuwei is the hometown of Chinese wine, Wuwei its unique geographical and climatic conditions to become the best brewing grape production, the well-known poem "grape wine Remanbar" Wuwei is the portrayal of the rich history of wine. Public Works Begun to take shape after years of development, has brewing, food processing, building materials, textiles, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, coal and other key industries.

Wuwei rich tourism resources has a long history of many famous cultural relics and cultural and artistic treasures, there are unearthed More than 30,000 pieces of material, cultural point of 54. The more well-known have been designated as a national symbol of China tourism "Copper Horse" and the discovery of the "Han Lei Taiwan"; have a wide Prince Edward million Swiss Tibet and religious leaders held Saban "will liangzhou League," witness Tibet China formally into the territory of "a hundred liangzhou pagoda"; there Unique, high-level study on the value of the precious cultural relics, "the Western Xia monument"; there legitimacy Ming four years, the momentum, the so-called "palace Longyou school's number one and the Confucian Temple in Wuwei as the ancestors of the Chinese grottoes Ladder Cave Hill: There are ancient ruins of the Great Wall, the Silk Road, Sea Temple temple, the ancient clock tower, Temple, and other major Roche Precious historical relics, the desert reservoir in Asia, desert parks, desert botanical gardens, and beautiful scenery of Tianzhu "Three Gorges", these are the ideal situation for sightseeing. In 1986, the State Department was cool city as the national historical and cultural city, the same year Liangzhou District and County have been approved by the State Council City opening to the outside world.

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Long Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei-shui at Sea, the Wenshan Yam, west of the sitting East, an area of 13 acres. Ji into the main hall, is a nine-room Xieshanchongyan Ming and Qing architecture. 45 meters long, 27 meters high and 13 meters deep into the sixth.

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La Cave Temple slightly - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui city is located in Wushan county, about 50 kilometers north-east of Tower Hill, also known as the Big Buddha cliff. Wushan is Shuilian Dong Grottoes, including the Vision of the pool, take along Temple and Latin America, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, the three Qing-5 one of the famous landscape. You Lin Labyrinth in the mountains, birds contend, the response to the Valley, and Ge Shan Shui Liandong relative. "Wushan County "Contained, according to legend Kumarajiva Yun uncanny workmanship, and Latin America Chengshan trees, as a result of this name. Northern Zhou Yuwen Yu Wu Ming Di into the first year (the year 559 AD) in the early Qin Jiong Yuchi Zhouci Shi Jian, Terauchi save a great deal of the Northern Zhou Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty of the grotto art. In a huge cliff Cliff on the shape of a relief as much as 40 Sakya-meter statue of Buddha, the cliff face for two-thirds of the frescoes, some of the existing extremely valuable. There are steep cliff relief 3, is holding a lotus flower on both sides of the bend stood threat of paternity Buddha. WU Cheng next to the first year of the Northern Zhou Dynasty (559 years) Mexican titles in mind. Mid Fozuo, engrave a lion, deer, as the row 3, 6, the top Lion, the middle 9 , As the lower 9, many around the shrines stands a small statue of Buddha in the Song Dynasty. Department of protruding surface of the cliff forward, and increase building canopies to shelter from the wind storm, the canopy side carved animals Fei, Tong-ling to fly, too gentle breeze, the sound Ding Dang, it's the whole modeling left traces of Theravada Buddhism in China Chinese grotto art is rare.

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Fuxi Miao Tianshui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People commonly known as the Temple, located in the western city of Tianshui Guan Fu Road at the western end, the country's largest Fuxi Miao earliest. For three years Koji Ming (1490), three Jiajing (1524) rehabilitation. Legend has it that King native place Tianshui for Xi, Fuxi Miao is the Queen of the Fuxi Temple Festival. Temple built the street, sitting south, two three, from south to north St. Paul, temples, platforms, Beiting, Zhudian, such as Cooper, the temple covers an area of 3700. Arranged neatly symmetrical temples, the layout of the strict rules, Diaolianghuadong, majestic spectacle. With a rich architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, the temple's main building - first at the Dian-in open house on the platform, Zhong Yan brackets, glass Tongwa, Long Floriation all reflect the simplicity of the whole building and elegant. Wang Diandong first on the south side of a hexagonal Zanjian Ding Pavilion, known as the music pavilion, is the chant of the Fu Fu Qin. Heting to music and Thinking back to the pavilion looking to legend, white crane had come to hear live music. Court Fu Tai Jidian with clay as painting, the original Hall of congenital backyard Siren Agriculture, Shen Nong Xiang Yizun with plastic. Fuxi Miao also Cooper's vigorous tree group. Cooper the original map by Fu Gua ranked 64, has planted a total of 64, but the survival so far, only 37. According to legend, during the first month on the 16th birthday of Emperor Xi, both delights and God will come on earth, the people of the world to promote better problem-solving, phuc duyen broadcasting, The whole city came to the young and old will be the most hi deciduous tree of God, seek help of Fuxi, An Kangning life in the coming year.

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Li Dragon King's palace ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxi County is located in one rural village of Nam Temple Lane children, Lee is a legend, the family settlements. "Li Dragon King's palace" by the upper, middle and lower three groups composed of construction, the temple buildings, towering building, the size and specifications for more than Temple, Li since ancient times, people worship their ancestors were here, Zhu Ji Tong to fly, "Hall Longxi" Horizontal inscribed board. Dragon King's palace was built The mid-Tang, after Bingzai destroyed, only this decorated archway. Longxi Tang Wei River is located in scenic Sea. Built-in, "founder Li Li Zhen public", "Lee's first public Zubo Yang", "Lee's first public Zubo You" 3 tablets; columns have linked the book: "5000 ethics statement, as a deer-Lung Lau-fong, Xu Jia, 18-million-designate on behalf of the public often robes dyed Liu Long-open. "Longxi hall covers an area of 220,000 square meters, split Longxi detract from the fact that its arches, Taibai restaurant, guests district, Jin ancestral area, worship area three buildings. Longxi Church has become a cultural study of Lee, Lee pilgrimage Ancestor's an ideal place.

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Maijishan Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

2 km away from the Maijishan Grottoes, is a unique different flowers everywhere and every green heart, You Sedum plants into the Kingdom, which is the world famous botanical gardens Maijishan. Botanical Garden covers an area of 5500 mu, a renowned both the North and the South China more than 1800 kinds of subjects 146 seed plants, a large area of green green Ye, broad-leaved and coniferous forest, created a vibrant, colorful natural beauty. Botanic Gardens on the west side, the early Eastern Han Dynasty were divided on Long Kui noise summer palace ruins, people pay Dunsheng meditate feeling.

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Yuquan view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui is located in the north of the city, in accordance with the Liangshan built, there are 20 km away from the railway station. Temple said at the beginning north of the city, Chongning Temple, Temple, in the mountains after a Yingying of the clean water, pure sweet Gan named after the Yuquan. Yuan Yuan Dynasty was founded in 13 years that have elapsed since the 700 years of history, is a quiet Labyrinth Road linger, pavilions Diange Yi Li Resort. Yuquan view, there are eight Qinzhou, one of the "dong Yuquan," It is said to Lu Liang, Ma Zuohua live burial place. Southwest has a hole Beiting, is embedded in the Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhao Meng four cursive note, a letter to Wu Yan quatrains 4, Yuanhun vigorous brushwork, Bold plain, and the audience was all praise. A year old calendar Nine month, is the concept of Yuquan temple, the local people known as the "concept of North Korea," Chunzao who value free, extraordinary excitement, a component of the customs people happy map. Yuquan view of the existing building for the Ming and Qing dynasties, when most of the reconstruction. Transport: railway station in a multiplicative way to the bus terminal and then take bus 3 to be Yuquan ; Such as the Qin from the city, where the 3 by bus. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Qu River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qu River, is located in Tianshui City, North Road, south-easterly direction, away from the railway station 60 kilometers away from the Maijishan about 20 km south-east. You Lin Shan area with quiet, fog on the hills sparkling wind, a very strong life Pure nature. Where the clear stream, 18 Bay 9, a step King. River stone, turf, sand, Huguang, trees add radiance to each other, their exposure to Such as in the painting. If the song went to the river, in North Road, Tianshui city, or to the car rental area; Maijishan to or after the transfer can be. Tianshui city without this train.

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Li tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the tomb of Li Wenshan foothills of the southern suburbs of the urban area. Metella tall and magnificent, a monument on the tomb of Juan "General Li Han Tomb of the" seven characters. According to research, Li is Cimu "Yi Guanzhong." Tianshui City West have this clearance, "will fly Lane", according to legend Li for the native place.

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Maijishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maijishan, also known as Michael plot cliff, was founded in 16 countries Houqin (Sanbasinian to Siyiqinian year) period. Shochiku problems in the region, Cui Diego mountain, surrounded by the surrounding peaks, show a rise of wheat product, Gu Cheng, "Qin Zhu Lin in the crown", China's Qinling Mountains in the western end of Xiaolongshan a Qifeng, 1742 meters above sea level, from the days 30 km railway station.

  Hill is only 142 meters high, but the strange shape of the mountain, the rise of Gu Feng, as if stack, it will be known as the Maijishan. To the south-west of the mountain cliffs, the famous Maijishan Grottoes in this cut on the cliff, some 20 to 30 meters away from Hill-based, some up to Qi Bashi meters. In the case The steep cliffs and caves cut hundreds of statues, grottoes in China is rare.

According to historical records, the famous Yuen Chan Seng, Tan Hong lectures here, "three hundred monks gathered." Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern North Korea Wednesday, Tai Hing Cliff House, thousands of statues. Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming and Continue to have cut or repair. Although many have been in the history of earthquake, fire damage, and 194 preserved Kukan, clay sculpture, more than 7800 pieces of stone, murals more than 1000 square meters, the Northern Dynasties Cliff Court 8.

Maijishan the surrounding beautiful scenery and clouds on the mountain Calocedrus pines, wild flowers Mau Tso. Climb Peak, Yuan Wang Ji Mu, all surrounded by lush Castle, the only Qianshanwanhe, Luan re-stacked peaks, green pines sea, cloud bursts, near-vision combined, constitute a beautiful picture, this picture was that Tianshui is the first of eight "Amidst the wheat plot."

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