Monday, December 22, 2008

Li Dragon King's palace ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxi County is located in one rural village of Nam Temple Lane children, Lee is a legend, the family settlements. "Li Dragon King's palace" by the upper, middle and lower three groups composed of construction, the temple buildings, towering building, the size and specifications for more than Temple, Li since ancient times, people worship their ancestors were here, Zhu Ji Tong to fly, "Hall Longxi" Horizontal inscribed board. Dragon King's palace was built The mid-Tang, after Bingzai destroyed, only this decorated archway. Longxi Tang Wei River is located in scenic Sea. Built-in, "founder Li Li Zhen public", "Lee's first public Zubo Yang", "Lee's first public Zubo You" 3 tablets; columns have linked the book: "5000 ethics statement, as a deer-Lung Lau-fong, Xu Jia, 18-million-designate on behalf of the public often robes dyed Liu Long-open. "Longxi hall covers an area of 220,000 square meters, split Longxi detract from the fact that its arches, Taibai restaurant, guests district, Jin ancestral area, worship area three buildings. Longxi Church has become a cultural study of Lee, Lee pilgrimage Ancestor's an ideal place.

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