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Huangguoshu Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangguoshu key national scenic spots located in the southwestern Guizhou Province, from the provincial capital Guiyang city 128 km away from the tourist center in the western city of Anshun 45 km in the urban areas, the Yunnan-Guizhou railway, six double-track railway lines, Huangguoshu Airport, 320 National Highway, your (yang) Huang ( Fruit trees) highway linking the whole territory of the new-ching ( ) Huang (fruit) direct access to the scenic highway. Inside the area to Huangguoshu Falls (77.8 meters high and 101.0 meters wide) as the center-hung distributed, extraordinary and dangerous, show different styles of the 18 large and small waterfalls, a huge waterfall "family", Diogenes World As the headquarters of the world's largest waterfall Group, included in the Diogenes world record. Huangguoshu Falls Huangguoshu Great Falls base is one of the most spectacular waterfalls, is the world's only from the upper and lower, front and rear, left and right direction to watch six of the falls, there is also the world's natural Shuilian Dong able to link from the Inside the cave outside to listen to and watch, Waterfall of touch. The great Ming Dynasty Travel Xu visit Great Falls praise: "trace and collapse Chu-yu, Chung anti-droplets, such as smoke vacated, very grand and powerful; the so-called 'non-hook Zhulian volume Pilian linked to remote peaks', are also strong enough to be his , Who has several times of high and steep, but not from those big and wide. "

  Huangguoshu scenic spots in order to Huangguoshu Falls King As the central distribution area Shitou Zhai, Tian Xingqiao scenic spots, water falls Beach area, Baling three ancient river canyon scenic Yidao, steep slopes and scenic pond, the Lang Palace area, and other major scenic spots. Is the first batch of national key scenic spots and was the first national assessment of the class AAAA tourist areas, has been named National Scenic Spot Pu education base, "the National Scenic Area civilization" Demonstration, "the most charming tourist areas of the western region." In 2005, China was the National Geographic magazine as "China's most beautiful places", "People's Daily" Society as a "Chinese scenic spots of the 10 customer satisfaction with the brand", was awarded the "European tourists favorite China's top ten scenic spots "such as the honorary title.

  Huangguoshu scenic spots within the scenic and beautiful environment, fresh air (measured by the provincial environmental protection departments in each cubic centimeter of air with negative oxygen ions more than 28,000), climate (average annual temperature around 16 degrees Celsius). Has a long history text , Facilities, is the leisure, vacation, sightseeing, convalescence, oxygen, "lung wash" the ideal destination.

  Shuilian Dong at the Great Falls 40-47 meters in height, the total length of 134 meters, six-hole windows, Dongting five, three-and six-channel-chuen. Great Falls itself into cardiac shock , To fly the Spirit of God moved, and in Great Falls through it, God can not help but feel really frightened, but the Huangguoshu Falls and not Shuilian Dong Jin, will not really notice the Huangguoshu Falls and the magnificent spectacle, it would be A major regret in life.

  Shuilian Dong through, there is a wonderful phenomenon from the various holes in the window to watch Rhinoceros on the Rainbow Lake, where the rainbow is not only a taste of the colorful two-Road and is dynamic, as long as the weather was fine, from 9:00 to 17:00, can see and as you move around and change and movement. Predecessors: "rainbow in the sky to heaven for lining, the rhino's Rainbow Lake to falls of snow-white lining", the title "Snow Ying-chuan . "Lianzhui Silver Lake Falls, located in the Star Stone Forest scenic water on the upper left. Huangguoshu waterfall in the group, it is not to win the high, wide or is not surprising, but it was a web of modal and Ruqirusu waterfall of sound, people do not want to see on the left. The only falls more than 10 meters high above into leak Shape, is at the bottom of the trough shaped solubilization Tam. Tam in the uplift of rock along the surface of the package, as the faces under the cover of lotus leaves, even staggered board, the water in each leaf surface evenly spread, Man Liu heartily, as tens of thousands of large and small Silver Chain, Light yell to the sound slowly melting into the dam, never go on forever. Star hole located in scenic Star , Silver Lake Lianzhui falls not far left bank. Inside there are a number of huge Dongting and the large number of karst cave landscape, the magnificent scenery and some spectacular, some exquisite small, and some gorgeous colorful, dizzying. Dongting one of the largest 50 meters high with a diameter of 150 meters with a total area of 10,008 large more than 1000 square meters, 4 with more than 20 meters high Zhuiman "crystal flowers" carved pillars, as if through the sky, "Optimus Prime." A hole in the calcium carbonate to form the flow Beach, strewn with vivid patterns, different body of the stalagmite combination of the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea"; a number of colorful, unique shape of the stone edge of the basin and a few small plates and cloud Shi, co-portfolio has become a "kingdom of heaven feast." Star of the hole can be described as colorful colors, shapes with a variety of rich colors, so that the Star-visible exquisite five-star looks, magnificent. Looking at all kinds of color-rich accumulation of caves, reminiscent of the heap is the gold-plot is ice-hard steel, cloisonne is, the three-Tang ... ... Buyi Glass-like villages, located in the West Huangguoshu Falls 1 kilometer. Sit village north to south, Yishanbangshui, Ming Che clear the water falls by foot stockade. There is plenty of rainfall and sunshine, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, no heat is not cold climate. He Bao saw three or four of the 11 banyan tree, one up Green "sky", peach, plum, orange trees and bamboo Congcong, all over the village, like the Tao Yuan-ming like a pen into the "Shiwaitaoyuan." Puyi of the Glass-like, like folk songs. Every happy event, Zhu Jiuge sing, to congratulate the newly married couple Xielao old age. Jia Wu is also the building when singing, all to congratulate the host Italy, Rending prosperity. This type of song, high tone, generous tolerance. The elderly sing their own narrative of the history of songs, both sad and strong. Young men and women love, "rush" to sing the love songs, soft mild tone, lively and appealing. Book Redcliffe, Huangguoshu waterfall in the distance about 7 km of the Mid-Levels on Hong-Ya Shan, A huge piece of light red cliffs, the 100-meter long wall, up to more than 30 meters, in the hills of a green, very bright colors, as if mounted on the green carpet of Ruby. Shek Pik on more than 21 dark red in the shape of the ancient symbols, like non-seal characters seal characters, if non-Li Li, non-engraved Juan, Wang is not listed, do not erect Line, such as those who fight, or if small, have revealed a quaint charm of the vigorous. Jiajingnianjian since the Ming Dynasty, many of the literati had to Yinshizuofu here, to study it. There has Rubbings, facsimile, and so reduce Edition come out, and the national income recorded in the tablets. On the cliff on the interpretation of symbols, a lively debate Confused, but they can not understand why, so far remains a mystery. Redcliffe on the origin of hieroglyphics, the representative said there are three: one of the three countries said to be left behind when Nan Zheng Liang's remains, they were there, "Zhuge monument"; II said Gao Yin cutting side when the ghost of Jigong monument; that the three Cuan family is at the head of Shu Han Ji-fire to help Liang Zheng meritorious, Cibei is to use text written in ancient ethnic Cuan relief fire, "Ji Gong monument."
  Redcliffe Book CMV spectacular, complicated and confusing, and look forward to the people to explore, to solve the problems with our fans.

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