Monday, December 22, 2008

Oasis Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangye city at the northern end of North County, was founded in 1984, covers an area of 299 mu. North-south central axis to open the doors of a garden. To the south gate at the main entrance, then the former North County, North Ring Road in front of the temporary, two-door connected by wide connectivity. Connected, even shade the south wall, built the North Bridge, the Second East-West Lake in the same bridge. Jin Nam , On the left side (the West) have a lawn, garden, fountains and Fang Tang, Tong a bridge north of the West Lake in the island, built on the island booths. Fang Tang and then the West has three pavilions, two east side, a south side, adjacent to the northwest, the book will be for tea. Kosai to the north gate, trees lake pavilion also has temples and palaces of victory. South Gate into the right side of the (East) have a children's paradise. Yum-off , The asymptotic Bridge, West Lake Road, left for the waters, the Dow has the right garden pavilion and a sister. East Pavilion, that is, North East Lake. South-ting way to Hunan. Hunan and Canton, planting more trees tsugae odd, winding streets. South East Hill there, built on 1.40 Wangting can get to do the whole garden scenery. Arch-off after the Road for the rockery from the left wins, the right side of the east have Quqiao Ting Kok, stretching south along the eastern Hubei lake.

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