Monday, December 22, 2008

Hsi Lai Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? located in the city of Zhangye Xinan Yu, to this West Temple Lane. According to the "Gan Zhi-state" set: Ming Cisi North Korea, which formerly Wan Jing She is Phor retreat al-National Division-Su (natives of the West) created. Gambari read-National Division-gun fan-free education from Canon, when North Korea Zou Qing Emperor Kangxi granted quasi-red Canon 108. Kangxi 51 years 1712), who will own the housing be re-Wan Jing She Temple. Jian Ying House, five for the Canon's. Qing Yongzhengnianjian side will be the general gun Wang Peng, the official leisure, Linxingcisi, thanks to the amount of grant payments, so that Tibetan lamas Liu repair workers, named the Hsi Lai Temple. There are storage by the Maitreya Buddha and, under the Baby Buddha and National Division I Yung. South Hall with Inwang protect the country and there is a statue of Buddha, with the North Hall of Days Tsun protect the country and there is a law, the main hall as a Buddha, the Temple had to go out there Weituo, like the King. Look different, big-Grand View. Dan Yan Xie Shanding Hall of Guanyin, Miankuo 3, the center hall at the top of the caisson, Wai to a variety of patterns painted ceilings. Tibetan Dan Yan as the hard floor of the Peak, on both sides of the volume increase Peng Ding, Miankuo 5, 5 deep into the beam rafter 8. South Hall with three wide (11.4 meters) into the 6.2 m deep. Buddhist Xianmi 2, Zhangye the temple is more than Hin-Chung, only to the West for the Tantric Temple, and governance in view of Nanshan Temple & P (commonly known as Mati Si). In 1963 published Provincial heritage conservation unit.

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