Monday, December 22, 2008

Zhangye City, Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Forest Park is located in the Hexi Corridor, Zhangye oasis in the central plains, in a unique geographical environment, our long-term north of Long Hill when the first families in the northern part of the cottage garden Wai Wan, south of the Qilian vision loss, Zhongjing fell across sand dunes, while the south Kowloon Jiang Lin angustifolia green and luxuriant, in the park on the beach, sun, forests, water and so close to the urban area Since the world into the environment elegant, Shensui mood is good and ideal landscape. Zhangye Forest Park with a total area of 1133 hectares, of which 1090 ha of forest area, 136 kinds of trees, including 910,000, 124 varieties of fruit trees, 23,000 dollars, 270 kinds of flowers 50,000. Zhangye-sen Huguang park is divided into color, the center area, a children's amusement park, Makino miniature video Lake Beach, try the five major exhibition demonstration area.

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