Monday, December 22, 2008

Zhunbao ancient village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhunbao ancient village located in Anshun City in the east, 7 Town Hill Washio Cloud Canyon in Tuen Yunshan, as a result of the more well-preserved ancient Tun Bao, a street in the Ming Dynasty, as well as Tun Bao culture of the Ming and Qing architectural art and Tunbao Religious culture, existing as a "Tun Bao culture museum on the ground." According to historical records, are Zhunbao 6 0 years ago Dynasty guard Anshun descendants of the army south of the Yangtze River, the hillside villages, criss-crossing streets and alleys, Zhaizhong each group of buildings, towers constituted a small courtyard, and in the towers or on top of the wall, with shooting Hole, into defense, to live together. Since the independence of the building to take care of each other, the old buildings Zhunbao This shows that the body defense. Zhunbao ancient village buildings appeared to be rough, internal decoration is very attractive, such as Chuihua door, lattice windows and doors fan, Zhu Chu, and other parts of the southern wood and stone carving art on its head, quite attractive. Tickets: Tuen Mountain is a village, do not need tickets, cloud Washio Admission into the Temple 1.

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