Monday, December 22, 2008

Zhangye - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Cheng Zhangye Ganzhou, the ancient Silk Road was an important element of Si Jun Kasai is one of the Marco Polo travel east China during the stay here as long as a year. As China's historical and cultural cities, Zhangye has a wealth of historical sites, such as Blackwater Yueshi country sites, the Great Wall Feng Sui, Sui Dynasty Wooden Pagoda, the five-Tsung of the Tang Dynasty Site, the Western Xia large Buddhist temple, bell tower in the Ming Dynasty, Matsuyama Pro horseshoe caves, and so on. In addition to the heavy historical relics, Zhangye much of the scenery is located, such as when the Royal Race Course - Jun Machang Shandan viewing financial, entertainment and living in one grassland, beautiful scenery, natural Wild. Sunan since Yugur County's unique ethnic customs, the more the products of the rich "Golden Zhangye" enriched many.

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