Monday, December 22, 2008

Portland city housing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ancient County jurisdiction ten counties of Zhangye, blue house is one of them. Lan housing estates have also been made to late. "Gan Zhi state customs", said: "The housing estate late this fence is also, of the Western Han Dynasty to the county, claiming late Eastern Han Jin Wei (Portland)." Han Geography, "it reads: Zhangye Prefecture housing Lan County." History of Reading Meanwhile side Minutes ", said:" The location of the Zhangye Prefecture in north-east, East Han adjacent counties of Zhangye. Portland got its name from the house of local residents to call, housing, a homonym of Ukraine, blue, late the same initials, shut up slightly different. Lan Wu for the house when the old Department of plow land, descending Hon tribal Wang, Han and their estates Lan County. "Clearance at Renshou Station, also known as Fort Renshou, ancient custom called East, in this Zhangye City 25 km, the base Rural East Village, the ancient city. "Gan Zhi state monuments" set: "City 50, Renshou this station, known as the" city "is also. Zhangye County house late Chinese counties, the Eastern Han and Jin" blue house "that is, to this." Housing the ancient city of Portland to provide things The door, Simon save weight on top of the Peak attic eaves of a break, there are odd city Wednesday, with the castle Less than 100 people. Heritage is a county-level units.

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