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Anshun tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anshun in Guizhou province is located in the south-west side, Guizhou Province is the current level of the four cities, is famous Huangguoshu Falls home. Guiyang City, capital of east and the west and the city of Liupanshui and Qianxinan, and Qiannan South, North and Bijie Prefecture, which borders respectively. Anshun municipal West show, Pingba, the S & P, Zhenning, Guanling, purple A five-county area (counties) and Huangguoshu scenic spots, Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone, LI Yang High-tech Industrial Park, the three county-level agency. With a total area of 9264 square kilometers. The city's total population of 252.3 million people, Bouyei, Miao, Hui, Gelo, and other ethnic minorities accounted for 38.43 percent. 000 years in June, reported to the State Council for approval by the provincial government to remove the Anshun area at the county level and Anshun City, Anshun City, set up to class.

Anshun is a long-standing historical and cultural city. As early as the Warring States era, there is both ancient and mysterious Xinan Yi minority people Local government - Game in sheep and Yelang the birthplace of the country. Xian Zhu Qin Dynasty set up home county as county, by the beginning of the Central Plains culture and advanced farming methods. Han Dynasty, here in the Central Plains and the political and military relations have been deepened and economic and cultural exchanges increased gradually. Yuan Dynasty, the town began to take shape here, to the Ming Zhuang Xu Southwest, is a "wall of the entire Jun, Jiequhongkuo" ... ... "cross-tower Street, very market-sheng." Qing Dynasty, the local industrial and commercial development step by step to form a "central Guizhou trading port", "Sheng's business, in the province A." In the history of Anshun in Guizhou Plateau is at the center of an earlier economic development of the region, is the ancient culture of central Guizhou Fat , In the central and western Guizhou is the modern political, economic and cultural center.


Anshun is the opening Group A tourist city, is the world's karst scenery preferred tourist areas, the country's tourism hotline, one of six gold and tourist center in the western Guizhou. Peak forest surface, the peak cluster, the Stone Forest, Teeth, karst waterfalls, lakes, Lake, Stephen Chao, funnel and so on can be seen everywhere. Cave on the ground floor, underground river, Fu Liu, waterfalls, dark tan, as well as the thousands of columns, stalagmites, Shiman, stone, and other flowers spread all over. At present, with Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace of the two state-level scenic spots, Yelang Lake, Getu River, Grand Canyon Huajiang 3 Provincial-level scenic spots, as well as the Jiulong Mountain National Forest Park.

Anshun in the world there is a rare group of karst depression in recent years by the International Radio ICSU lead as large radio telescopes of one of the site. The natural landscape and backed each other, each other's cultural variety. There are known as " Chau light civilized "Puding piercing ancient human cultural sites; World Bank has said that" age-old mystery of "Guanling" Redcliffe Book "; in recent years have found that the excavations unearthed Guanling" Chinese Dragon "," crinoids " Pingba group of dinosaur fossils and fossils; complete preservation of the legacy of the Ming Dynasty southern Han Tun Bao culture village, as well as an Confucian Temple House, Pingba Tiantai Mountain, and so on more than 100 Department ancient sites, ancient buildings, Cliff stone, murals, and other human attraction, with local Buyi and Miao ethnic minorities, and other non-interest into embraced the style, form the most significant prospects to develop tourism resources.

  Anshun in the territory-wide network density Home Asia, the ground water, underground rivers and rich, concentrated drops, to facilitate the development of multi-stage in a row. That can be developed reserves of hydropower resources of 180 million kilowatts. At the same time, in and around the region rich in coal resources, water and fire each other with economic advantages for the development of both water and fire the energy industry has provided good conditions for the country, "Kwan Southwest, the South China development program "an important energy base in Guizhou Province and the implementation of the" west to east, "the main supply point.

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