Monday, December 22, 2008

Roche Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuwei standing in the North Main Street, to mark the Kumarajiva WU Cheng to carry forward Buddhism and the classic translation of the merits of the construction. Roche Temple was built in the first post-cold (386-402) and Tang had greatly expanded the Ming and Qing all repair. During the Ming Dynasty in Shaanxi liangzhou become a big temple, 10 years Yingzong orthodoxy on February 15 Roche presented to the large Tibetan monasteries. And a Sheng Yu, the golden mean encyclical: "printed Tripitaka, Banci the world, with widely spread, it is a one-possession, resettlement liangzhou large temple in Shaanxi Province, Yong sufficient support." Encyclical is the well-preserved in Wuwei City Museum. Qing Emperor Kangxi 26, "Roche rebuilt temple tablets," set after the rehabilitation of Roche "Hospitals around, a new look, is a blessed land of five cool; magnificent change of Ha Tay Cheng also resort." Roche octagonal Temple of the existing 12 layers, 32 meters wide strip to Fangzhuan structure. Starting from the third, five, eight are no doors, is at the top of the gourd-shaped copper Aquarius, the top things have their own small shrines, There are Buddha, is said to be the real gold. 1927 earthquake was destroyed and rebuilt in 1934. Roche's stand Temple, a symbol of the ancient city of Wuwei and a long history of civilization, but also more than 2500 years ago on the Silk Road to witness the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures.

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