Monday, December 22, 2008

Queen Niangniang Taiwan site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Queen Niangniang Taiwan Ms. Yin ruins of the old name of Taiwan. Wuwei county in Gansu in the northwest 2.5 km, is a "Qijia culture" sites, since about 4000. Sites 500 meters from east to west and 250 meters wide north-south, cultural thickness from 0.62 to 2.3 meters, the rich have unearthed the site of the Housing 9, Yiu around the hole Housing, round, oval and rectangular 3. With the largest number of historical relics unearthed pottery, stone tools, bone Kok, bronze, both Bo Gu. Knife, cone for the Copper, casting points, two Duanda. Tools to fight for the system, grinding stone also increased. Funerary objects between the size of the tomb, a symbol of power and wealth - , Also found that Yu wall. At that time, that has entered the phase of the copper and stone, a late Neolithic period.

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