Monday, December 22, 2008

Ray Park, Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Wuwei City, North Guan Road. The park hours: Area food culture, history and culture district, cultural district folk, entertainment, rest areas, flowers and birds fish in the market area, reception area, six regional services. The main signs of copper for the gallop. Watch on tourist attractions: the Silk Road sculptures, paintings liangzhou poetry into the hospital thinking, to Pegasus instrument sculptures, nine days Lingquan falls off , Guan Pu Tse, Xiliang park song and dance halls, light the Kikunami Court, listening to drunk together, the five Shrine, Sin House, 30, and other Suoi Tien-ting. Water stone arch bridge there are 8, Ray Lake Park is the main tourist attractions, Lake mine in Taiwan, the Loess base building, there are mine Temple for the construction of the Qing Dynasty. Stephen around more, convergence into a lake. Lake Week Liu, Ju-huai Cooper on the stage, screen-day lay-day. Ray Park, Taiwan is your best entertainment and leisure destination.

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