Monday, December 22, 2008

Tang Chung - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Now flying in the city of Zhangye Zhenyuan upstairs, and copper-based alloy cast, superb casting process, the immense physical magnificent. 10 minutes of the outer wall slightly, in yellow and blue with iron. 1.3 m high 10 minutes, New Zealand and 15 cm high, 10 cm diameter, high-lip 9 cm, 1.15 m diameter. Under the rough on small, slightly flared Rim for six ears, mouth than straight. Weighing about 600 kg. 10 minutes are decorated with patterns, cast three points, each grid was divided into six, three for the grid-like map, a total of nine three-map images between the inside "," Wen will be separated from the image. The photo shows the three top flight, the Flying wearing a crown, bare upper body, under a dress, Lu-foot, hand-held flowers , Light and graceful, dancing fly, and murals in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang quite Flying Tang style. Three mid-level map grid for the two birds, one for the basaltic grid. Qu Suzaku long-necked, long legs stretched, Alice Nagao, Zhanchiyufei; basaltic long beak, long legs, the Youth Pre-employment for around-like. Third, the lower map, the grid for the white tiger, a grid for the Blue Dragon, Tiger and Dragon . This mouth for the clock cast alloy, is the sixth of its gold and tin Ju, which can withstand severe impact, and can have a clear voice, the bell can be spread to the whole city. Zhangye liberation did not fire, a fire broke out in the city, which I rely on the alarm bell. This bell announced in 1963 for the provincial cultural relics protection.

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