Monday, December 22, 2008

La Cave Temple slightly - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tianshui city is located in Wushan county, about 50 kilometers north-east of Tower Hill, also known as the Big Buddha cliff. Wushan is Shuilian Dong Grottoes, including the Vision of the pool, take along Temple and Latin America, Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, Shuilian Dong, the three Qing-5 one of the famous landscape. You Lin Labyrinth in the mountains, birds contend, the response to the Valley, and Ge Shan Shui Liandong relative. "Wushan County "Contained, according to legend Kumarajiva Yun uncanny workmanship, and Latin America Chengshan trees, as a result of this name. Northern Zhou Yuwen Yu Wu Ming Di into the first year (the year 559 AD) in the early Qin Jiong Yuchi Zhouci Shi Jian, Terauchi save a great deal of the Northern Zhou Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty of the grotto art. In a huge cliff Cliff on the shape of a relief as much as 40 Sakya-meter statue of Buddha, the cliff face for two-thirds of the frescoes, some of the existing extremely valuable. There are steep cliff relief 3, is holding a lotus flower on both sides of the bend stood threat of paternity Buddha. WU Cheng next to the first year of the Northern Zhou Dynasty (559 years) Mexican titles in mind. Mid Fozuo, engrave a lion, deer, as the row 3, 6, the top Lion, the middle 9 , As the lower 9, many around the shrines stands a small statue of Buddha in the Song Dynasty. Department of protruding surface of the cliff forward, and increase building canopies to shelter from the wind storm, the canopy side carved animals Fei, Tong-ling to fly, too gentle breeze, the sound Ding Dang, it's the whole modeling left traces of Theravada Buddhism in China Chinese grotto art is rare.

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