Monday, December 22, 2008

Mu pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mu pagoda is located in the county of Zhangye City Street South, the school is in Zhangye in the park, formerly known as Wanshou Si. Was built in the beginning of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, after Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties rehabilitation, reconstruction of existing Wooden Pagoda in 1926, the tower is one of the five elements of Zhangye City.

  9 High-tower, each class there are eight wooden head, mouth with the Pearl, under the Campanula. Their construction skills-carpentry, iron works, artist techniques in one. For the wooden tower of the main structure of the Department of Wai Yan-style pavilion construction, for the hollow brick tower wall, all doors and windows on each floor, floor, corridors and towers heart, carving a window on floriation, brick inlay door banners. Tower no one nails the whole a riveting, entirely poor brackets, beams Link column, criss-crossing each other Rachel. On top of the tower, railings overlooking the city beautiful panoramic view.

  East for the first level, "Gordon-day Paradise," the West "into the samadhi." The second tier for the East, "Ching West," West "Bao Daijin rope," and so on, the whole tower did not nail a riveting one, entirely brackets, beams, Column, criss-crossing each other Rachel, is a complete and solid wooden structure modeling. With a staircase for people to climb. Each floor has gallery, the railings, the column can view, the whole tower to give the tall, majestic feeling, reflecting China's unique architectural characteristics of the pavilion. At the top of the original an ancient bell, the call-in, hidden bell If in the sky, the vast expanse of open ground were heard. "Zhong Shu Wooden Pagoda", was one of eight Ganzhou, can be described as: "The Peak Tower and powerful Han, call bell white clouds."

  Zhou Wan title monk Bu Shi Yishou Tower: "Wei-ran cold dip gesture Valley, 9 Linglong each other good luck, won the top end Ying-sun, the wind tangled Aoshuang. Voice of smoke floating outside the King Weimang Alluding to lack of waves, Zhangye Zhong Xiu Ling Rui Yu, Jen Fan S flow East. "The tower is not only beautiful shape, and fine-structure and style. Tower after the building, floor, and name, meaning Blackwater take Zhenshe . For existing reconstruction of late Qing Dynasty, also known as the Canon House, 5 wide, 27.4 meters. Floor, there are two-Zhong Yan Xie Shanding Timbers around the field, the magnificent grand. 1983 to 1986, the People's Government funding to repair, repair of a new, full-Temple formed a relatively complete ancient buildings. Wooden Pagoda Temple Pi You are Zhangye City Folk Museum.

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