Monday, December 22, 2008

Erlang Miao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Young Street is located in Zhangye. Before the liberation of the town hall for Oasis, the county education people Museum, now converted into Zhangye City Food Company. The temple, there is the East Hall of Qingyuan, the West has Wulie Palace tomorrow three-shun (1459) Jian Qing Emperor Qianlong 18 (1753) rehabilitation. Hall lost the public (that is, Lo Pan Temple), Wu Lie in the Palace of the West, Temple Wulie division in the East Palace. Ming Jiajing 42 (1563) to build. 12 years of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1673), 1953 (1703) rehabilitation of the two. 24 Qianlong (1759), and other rehabilitation GUO Yan. Green glazed tile walls, around two-phase Doo Wai-chu, iron rod, majestic Weiwei, the grand temples. Tongfo for 3, sophisticated and unique style. Memory "during the Western Xia Imperial monument Heishui He gods, and shun tomorrow 2002 (1458) to monitor the removal before the Huguang Yu Shi-wen Lin Lang Qingcheng Shanrenmulun wrote," Erlang Miao reconstruction, "the monument. Former education Archive people in the showroom Tongfo six, for the first three statues from the temple Jen to take, the Department of Tang After the casting; as three, Sakyamuni for the middle (to face on the pattern, Tang seems to be the wind), as Zhenjun to the North, South, as Wei Tuo was, after all is Tang works. "Gan Zhi state," wood-chip version, this deposit. Westinghouse has showroom library Twenty-Four Histories, Wanli out there, Jiajing version. There are other "solutions by the Qing emperor," " Chi-tang by the solution ", the former are Tibetan by Oasis College. After the liberation of frequent relocation, now in the possession of Zhangye City Museum.

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