Monday, December 22, 2008

Maijishan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Maijishan, also known as Michael plot cliff, was founded in 16 countries Houqin (Sanbasinian to Siyiqinian year) period. Shochiku problems in the region, Cui Diego mountain, surrounded by the surrounding peaks, show a rise of wheat product, Gu Cheng, "Qin Zhu Lin in the crown", China's Qinling Mountains in the western end of Xiaolongshan a Qifeng, 1742 meters above sea level, from the days 30 km railway station.

  Hill is only 142 meters high, but the strange shape of the mountain, the rise of Gu Feng, as if stack, it will be known as the Maijishan. To the south-west of the mountain cliffs, the famous Maijishan Grottoes in this cut on the cliff, some 20 to 30 meters away from Hill-based, some up to Qi Bashi meters. In the case The steep cliffs and caves cut hundreds of statues, grottoes in China is rare.

According to historical records, the famous Yuen Chan Seng, Tan Hong lectures here, "three hundred monks gathered." Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern North Korea Wednesday, Tai Hing Cliff House, thousands of statues. Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming and Continue to have cut or repair. Although many have been in the history of earthquake, fire damage, and 194 preserved Kukan, clay sculpture, more than 7800 pieces of stone, murals more than 1000 square meters, the Northern Dynasties Cliff Court 8.

Maijishan the surrounding beautiful scenery and clouds on the mountain Calocedrus pines, wild flowers Mau Tso. Climb Peak, Yuan Wang Ji Mu, all surrounded by lush Castle, the only Qianshanwanhe, Luan re-stacked peaks, green pines sea, cloud bursts, near-vision combined, constitute a beautiful picture, this picture was that Tianshui is the first of eight "Amidst the wheat plot."

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