Monday, December 22, 2008

Star-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Star-Tian Xingqiao scenic spots in the middle. Is a typical karst cave. A number of naturally formed inside the hall and the Office of the side. In the bright lights, endless changes Qifengyidan, 4 Dong Ding leading to large columns, each columns are more than 20 meters high, the stone pillar of Health flowers, such as carved Diao Long Feng, beautiful color. The main cave in to the artificial landscape-oriented, unique style, exquisite appears to be visible, magnificent. The main cave has a wonderful scene full of calcium carbonate gel, Zhuangruo train piled grapes grapes Office; there is scattered legislation in the flow Beach dam if the "Eight Immortals crossing the sea," the group stalagmite; there are colorful, unique shape of the stone drops, Cloud discs, disc-yun I like a light-Gold Cup, Qiongjiang food "feast Heaven"; In addition, there are like, "Hawthorn", "Great Wall" and "the tip of the field", "Miao Village Terrace" and "fish birds animals, flowers, trees, melon Fruit and vegetables "and other shapes, are very similar, if rare in the world, the Kingdom of Heaven Shenwu all this together. Tickets: Pass area as a whole Tian Xingqiao 30 yuan

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