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Wuyishan May under the old residential areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

May under the old residential areas located 12 km southeast of Mount Wuyi in the urban areas, Wuyi is the jurisdiction of the town. Under the Village has a long history, renowned Humanity, the rich cultural heritage, ancient Ming and Qing style residential long hours out in the 900 meters on either side of the river when. Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient houses, ancient markets, together with the antiquity of the simple people Customs, constitute a typical style of the South River.
The early years of the Qing Dynasty, under the Village into the development of the peak, Mount Wuyi become an important tea collecting and distributing center. When the River Terminal 8 must not working, Zhou day 300, a peak. Tea trade brought prosperity and well-off places. Under the four-Mei Chow brother Millions of pro-funded, under-rich A-mei, massive construction projects to build 70 luxury buildings. Before and after, surnamed Fang, Yue family name, surnamed Cheng, Mei Chen, also built in the next house repair Temple, constitute a unique group of construction, well-established. When the building to the river for the axis, pillow River built, the giant mansion, officials of the mansion, hidden The villa, there are scholars of the temple, living mainly in order to function, combined with education, assembly, leisure, entertainment, and other places. There is still more to maintain the integrity of the Ming and Qing styles, reproduce stem Spirit and Culture of the economic prosperity of the historical facts.
May residential construction next to the structure of the main Zhuanmu, Shi-Qi Qiang, Zhu Chu Mu-oriented in order to benefit Pick by Liang-chu, the expansion of building space, the house is generally three or three-bedroom Suite Office into four, the East West Wing House, House Rendezvous range. The combination of sophisticated women's apartment floor, Tower book, Garden, Hall, the room was under the old residential Mei an important part of the formation of the next-mei residential style. In order to lighting, rainwater harvesting, ventilation The residential areas have set up a four-courtyard, a heavy emphasis on a courtyard room, reflects the ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature. Underground days are generally long stone decorative flower, plant flowers for the head of the household, and flowers.
May under the residential structure to the outside of tall wind-based firewall, reflect the closure of the villagers, the sense of security. Wind firewall To draw more than two consecutive Dynasty, elegant implication. These beautiful colored pattern is still clear, the sun and wind for hundreds of years without fading, and people can not help for the old artisan skills and high quality paint very impressed by the width. The residential areas of the underground drainage ditch covered mainly linked to the same household. Cuoluoyouzhi layout of the residential areas, vertical and horizontal neighborhood Winding roadway, paved with river gravel road, Puya Jie Gu. Wu Culture Village people

Fashion may be, the same people to reach out into the nostalgia of "the history of the refrigerator" to search for a period of the past, the Old Streets, Gu Xiang, ancient, ancient village which has stood lonely for many years Ancient ruins now become Mentingruoshi. Get this opportunity, in 2001 developed under the May Wuyishan ancient folk houses in the village of multiple 30 stem-kang Year period preserved the Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient market "in the possession of purdah did not know" The popular things up overnight.
World Cultural Heritage Village on the ground floor from the old villages in the country next May at Wuyi Mountain in the urban area 12 km south-east, has a long history, renowned Humanity, the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient residential-style brick, stone carving, wood carving art together, the appearance of simplicity, the strong local flavor and form The distinctive buildings, more than 900 meters The artificial canal through the village, along two rivers to build a pavilion there is beauty bar late on, Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient houses, ancient markets, together with the simplicity of the ancient customs, creating a typical south of the Yangtze River Water features.
The early years of the Qing Dynasty, under the Village into the development of the peak, Mount Wuyi become an important Leaf collecting and distributing center. The central village of artificial canals - when the river eight busy loading and unloading terminal, "raft trip on 300, the transfer must not" ( "Sung County"), the tea trade brought prosperity and well-off places. Under Chow Mei-owned by four brothers million, the richest man in the next May, will be large-scale construction, built 70 luxury buildings in this , Surnamed Fang, surnamed Cheng, surnamed Yue, Chen Jian Mei, also in the next house, constitute a unique community to identify the building, the formation of scale. When the building to the river for the axis, pillow River built, the giant mansion, the mansion of officials, the settlement of other people, there are scholars of the School Book House, the main function in order to live, with education, Will, leisure and entertainment facilities such as places. Umemura under still more to maintain the integrity of the Ming and Qing styles, still antiquity, the provision of Kangxi and Qianlong of the economic prosperity of the developed evidence.
May residential construction under the multi-decorated brick facade, Diaolou, Qingwa flat planes from the roof, wall fight to adopt legislation brick block, the wooden partition wooden pillars. Pick by the use of Liang-chu Building the expansion of space, the East West Wing House, House Rendezvous range. Outside the tall structure in order to seal the main firewall, reflected in the village closed, conservative consciousness. The scattered layout of the residential areas there are addressed, winding roadway, the delicate structure of the women's apartment floor, Tower book, do not, Garden, is under the wing Mei ancient residential areas is an important component of the Department . May the formation of the next residential style. In order to lighting, rainwater harvesting, ventilation, residential areas have set up a four-courtyard, underground days are generally long stone decorative flower, plant flowers for the head of the household, and flowers. A heavy emphasis on a courtyard room, reflects the ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature.
Brick, stone carving, wood carving and wall color Under the old May is a wonderful residential areas. The gatehouse of the residential areas, without exception, beautifully decorated with brick, reflect the luxury and wealth. To the main brick reliefs, there are hollowing carving. Content from more than historical figures, myths and legends, folk helenahat auspicious flowers and so on. Pay attention to patterns carved, life-like figures, the environment since portrayed appropriate , Yuyishenke the spirit of flexibility, to show the rich cultural charm, the ancient working people to express good wishes. In the brick patterns, such as carved doors of the first books, calligraphy and painting rooms in the Qin Qi, flying the skies 5 trippingly bat, referred to as "Wu-fu in quick succession," the first power bat down, and we are subsidizing the Chinese New Year " "The same meaning. Braving the pot of hot air and sinks with the bat as a symbol of" good fortune "; wishful flying bottle, a symbol of" good luck, happiness peace, "sword flying bottle," Commodities (bottle) or Level "; a person standing on one foot while the head is a monster," top ", and flowers such as cloud patterns, as "Flowers of wealth", "Ziqi East" and the like, are not introduced one by one.
The main stone by stone in the foundation, when the door, Shek Kwu, flower, pool bar, Tseng Lan, water tanks and other objects, it is not only supplies and accessories is, after all, with tours of both technology products. May under the old wooden houses are colorful, pick Leung, Top, tables and chairs, railings, window frames, such as Zhu Chu, particularly for the most window lattice windows in order to spend through the main format is 4, 6, 8 Tang is a grid of the window. Syria has lattice window lattice, parallel to the lattice, and so on, to the maximum of Art. Wood carving patterns and more popular with the masses of plants and animals, characters, themes cloud, the performance of Ancient hard-working people, good deeds, such as the traditional Zhongxiao the United States and Germany.
Meimin next Curie, has retained a few ten ancient plaque, which can be roughly divided into Chai Tong important question, important life and important respect, the process incised, carved-yang, have carved edges. These tablets are rich, exquisite calligraphy, both recorded under heavy Umemura Cultural history, after all, treasures of the art of calligraphy. The Minister Wang Qing Dynasty military aircraft by the book, "Church policy" is more treasures.
May is still intact under the residential areas there is the ancestral hall Chow, West of other water sector, Chow Tai Fu Tai, the policy-tang, Chen Tong is Confucianism, Zou Guixiu House floor, Fang first to join the army, the hermit, he was admitted to Home 40 near residential areas, and the temple town of the country, Tianyi, and other ancient buildings well.
Chow ancestral hall - located in the Xixi when North Creek provisional, 55 years Qianlong Dynasty (1790), covers an area of about more than 200 square meters for the brick. By Zhang Mao Chow, Zhang Shi Di-British joint venture to build. Man Ting temple doors to shape, symmetry Ladder-out brick patterns, as reflected in the traditional Chinese family don, decorated with special "woody" and "water" It's two seal of Calligraphy, which means blood patriarchal family tree like this, the source of water, related to interest-bearing. Shuanma front of the temple with stones, stone drums hold for future generations of ancestor worship to come in to stop. Cinei for regulatory Temple, Shi Jia Ci The Tablet. Main Office Open, as both sides of the room, upstairs for the concept stage. Qianlang arching wooden pillars for the sophisticated, chic style, hanging lanterns, lantern. Zhaobi for the 4-in-one wooden door Huabing, the main performance for ethics, patriarchal, life. Firewall to double its wind wave modeling, Hong Kuo momentum. Banquet facilities available Cinei The altar, because of serious damage during the Cultural Revolution, is now gone.
Chow Tai Fu Tai - is located under the North Village, for the construction of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial court as a result of the owner Letters have been closed, "the doctor in the constitution" and got its name. House gate laying on the ground by Qingshi, Shuanma on both sides of the stone and stone flagpole is still well preserved. Door facing the wall with all the Carved decoration, rich in subject matter, realistic image of the rich flavor of life, the way to relief and Toudiao combination of structured and appropriate composition. The hatchback Gechuang decorated with wood carving, sculpture, respectively bats, flowers, geometric shapes, and so on, the house was magnificent contrast. Queti of the house are decorated with wood carvings, all of the original post Hot Ziguabaolian. Each has a courtyard of a high-low two stone flower. Concept behind a flower garden to celebrate the "Fan Chuan", a southern style garden, "mirror on" Taiwan, the fish pond, game units, such as stone flower. Podocarpus planting a garden, window embedded on both sides to set Louhua brick, through the use of King in order to give the "wall flowers Animal suspected to Yu Ren, "the aesthetic experience. Bright and spacious building as a whole, the hero of the show are rich and prominent position. The house is a large number of ancient residential areas under the Village in one of the best preserved. Fujian Province in 2000 as a protection unit .
Hedley Lane - at Under-mei North side gate of a big house, close to the home side The first to join the army. "Lane about the amendment to the Qing Emperor Qianlong 20 (1755), then the richest man in May under Chapter Zoumao descendants of housing construction in the home side the first to join the army to the south, the two families back wall close to, you can not open the back door, Fang Guarding the frontier in the north of the Great Wall, a non-commissioned officers were killed, The Valiant Ones for the first gate, the families of poverty, Zhou Fang read meritorious, Silver-funded pension. Fang grateful, was to let the wall move. Zou opened the back door, to fall back on the eastern side of the Fang Feng-made firewall Joe Lane 10, hundreds of silver consumption of the two. Lane was known as the United States, "Hedley Lane," Yu "reasonable" means.
Church policy - right at Chow Tai Fu Tai, Suite for the three structures, Court books, flowers, but also to preserve the ancient Cantonese-style furniture such as chairs Rohan, Wood Beds-style Qing Dynasty, and so on, the carved patterns are already legendary, Qing Emperor Qianlong between one of the four major degree, when the imperial court for the minister of military aircraft Wang pro title for the book's "policy together," Tang Shang horizontal inscribed board hanging, has well-preserved.
Guixiu floor -- In the North-Mei Zou, was the first Jhainei a subsidiary of construction, primarily for family Guixiu yellow, my daughter Qiqie entertainment. This delicate structure of the floor for two-floor: the ground floor of wood decorated with patterns; Fangzhuan floor, clean design. Exquisite decorative wooden ceiling design, the walls carved window, the window ring scenery Vision scenery. Church school is - at North Street next May, three-bedroom Suite for the construction, because the owners have been waiting Yong Chen Tong is Confucianism, important system suspended Hall, the first door Guangyao, said local people for the mansion of "Confucianism is together," House set up private schools , The full moon has on the floor, such as the Office of the construction subsidiary. At present, Jhainei also retain more than a half-Muzhuo. Yong Chen was the first Gong Yuan, Confucianism is the candidate of victory after 100 years together, still attached to the walls of the house, the text said, "your old House of Chan-yong, the township have taken it for granted to the five recommended by the first Chinese Yuan Kun, Li Bu The Church is the candidate of Confucianism" "Confucianism is together," the board is also well-preserved. Family tourism resort only 8 km, so that the villagers are proud of United Nations officials Baqiekefu UNESCO, the architect Yang Tingbao, Lu Bing Jie, a professor of Tongji University in Shanghai have visited over the next Umemura, and gave high marks. Wuhan School of Architecture Professor Xin Kejing

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Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve is located, Jianyang, shiny three counties (cities) at the junction, 52 kilometers long from north to south, east 22 km wide, around 570 square kilometers. More than 1,000 meters above sea level there are 377 peaks, of which 1,500 meters above 112, 2000 meters above 7, Feng Huang Gangshan 2158 meters, Mount Wuyi is the highest peak pulse, known as "the roof of East China." As the steep mountains, many peaks, not only blocking the cold north-west of the invasion, and the interception of the warm ocean currents, so that wind around the region all year round clouds, rainfall, temperature and humidity climate, is typically in the sub-tropical.
Protected areas, forest coverage reached 92%, mainly coniferous forest, evergreen broad-leaved forest, mixed coniferous and broad bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens, shrub forest, coppice mountain, coniferous forest, and other categories 7. In particular about the type of bamboo in more than 80, accounting for one-third of the types of bamboo. Some plant species , 4 thousands, the name has been Section 149 of the 1800 kinds of higher plants, such as ginkgo, Liriodendron autumn, the South Iron shirt, yew, Cephalotaxus, maple and a half-Dutch, silver and planting trees, water, and other song, "Natural Garden" The said.

In the region amounted to more than 400 kinds of wild animals, 100 kinds of vertebrate animals in South China Tiger has, monkeys, Tufted deer, Elliot's pheasant, Cabot's Tragopan, pangolins, Su Ling, and other countries to protect animals and rare or uncommon in the country's mustache Sung toad (also known as the strange angle), Brentisentis Hold fast to Rhizomys, Cuora and the salamander, Hyla, and so on. Tun is linked to migratory birds along the North-South migration of the rest, is the world's birds The largest source of one of the regions, about 300, Hailed as "birds of paradise."

Otake Lan is the world's biological mode of production samples, "Insect World" and "Kingdom of the snake." National Insect 32 heads of Section 1000, and the name of this place has had 31 heads of more than 300 . The snakes here than in Dalian on the Snake than a snake. Section 5 has been found to have 26, one of China's unique opera snakes ? ? acutus have more than 500,000. No wonder many experts and scholars amazing that in one place the survival of so many species, which is rare in the world.

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, the National Nature Reserve, one of the key 5. Mountain ride ? ? ? ? Shaowu protected areas of the car, you can experience the magic of her landscape.

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Man Ting-feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Man Ting Wang Feng Tai Wangfeng interjection in the northern side of the foot of connected, high-Tai Wangfeng less. Flat top, there is a huge rock, like a tripod incense, the feast known as Tan Sian. It is said that year-Wuyi in the banquet Man Ting-based local people, "Man Ting" that is, in the name of the resulting.

According to Song Zhu Mu "Wuyi Mountain in mind" set: two of the First Qin Emperor August 15, basking Huangtai and Wuyi Jun, Wei Qian Prince 13, and other immortal, yet in the wide peak for the mantle Zhang Ting, Cai end housing for hundreds of years, local people feast. The call came more than 2000 men and women, and in single file through Hongqiao, to a peak, Man Ting, Yan Cai house covered with Red Cloud, mattress Zixia, Kim Woo-up flowers, fragrant Yinyun Qiming music, singing loud and clear; During the meeting, the non-human world-wide food for all. The Man Ting Zhao Yan's story spread of the Millennium, has not changed. Man Ting-feng Danyajunba, pines cluster ring, as if a huge Ping, a Southern Song Xin poem: "He Sheng sound of the wind on the mountain, the mountain people Cuiyun Wang Ping. Penglai in vain to find the Jade Pool , The world does not have a Man Ting Road. "Man Ting-feng Dongbi degrade in the" Man Ting ", a senior abbot, as prescribed by WU Xue book.'s Peak have Banyao a boulder, unaware Founder, large small, can take about dozens of people, name "Stone chessboard." Legend has it that when the Han Dynasty sent envoys to Wuyi Mountain, here is a dry fish Si-wu Jun, also known as So Tan Si Han. Sima Qian's "Historical Records" on all records.

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Wuyi Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Palace will be known as Sin concept, Chong-you concept million palace, located in the south of Da Wangfeng, overlooking the mouth Jiuqu Xi, is the imperial dynasties Wuyi-worship, is also the view of the Song Dynasty were one of six National .

According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: Wuyi Palace built Tianbao years, Tang (742-755), Wu is Hill of the most ancient palace of a so far more than a thousand years of history. Wuyi Palace built in the early hours, is not part of this site, but to build a house in the Zhou Zhu, said Treasure Palace days. In the 2002 Great Southern Tang (944), Lee Tsung Wang Li Liangzuo for his brother, "his young humanely," before shifting to build this site, the name "Sin concept." View cents following the completion of the history of Xianjia believe in the feudal rulers, we have not hesitated to money in repairs on many occasions, the expansion of the palace, renamed the "View of Zhong You."

Southern Song Dynasty poet Xin, a poet Lu You, James Liu Jun, director of Zhu Xi and so on, you overshoot concept. Thailand will be five million (1328), Outlook for the palace, "the palace million years." Ming Zhengtong 2004 (1439), destroyed outlook Bingxian. Tianshun, integrated-year period (1457-1487), Official despite repeated repair funds are not being brought back to the old concept. Jiajing 2004 (1525), face pressure from the House of the view that a resumption of the following year. Now is the Wuyi .

Wuyi Palace during a long, though history had to be repaired, but not stand up to several House and Bingxian, after only a few left vacant. In recent years, tourism and cultural sectors, supported by Wuyi Palace Gong Zhu once again restored the two trees in the courtyard, is the Song Remains the left, is 800-9 0 years old. Full restoration of the Wuyi Palace will be carried out step by step. The age-old view of the majestic bound to regain its past.

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Jian Hong flow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Was originally called water hole, located in the heart days of rock at the northern foot. Strange to say also, of the Mount Wuyi Scenic Area Xiquanjianshui by the flow west to east, toward the Gap, in the Department of Chongyang River. The only firm in its position, since the three-Feng Yang valley north of origin, tend to flow potential of the Northwest, back to back Hill, named. Would rise steeply on both sides of the pool Cang Shi Danya, Chui Man-Ivy League wild Problems, and during which he mixed with a Congcong Shan-hui, Shi Pu, orchids. "Falling leaves floating Shen Jian, fly-by swift current." Walked all the way, features the sound of running water and fly to give up hand in hand, a delicate fragrance of light continuously, from time to time assail the nostrils. Xu Ming Dynasty poet-fire (sound teng) travel here, can not bear to leave, then Jian "Xiang Jian flow."

With the folding of a mountain to the north, people unknowingly into a deep gorge twists and turns of the rock here is to be known as North Hill resort heat - cool gorge. Cliffs on both sides of the gorge along Jian folder. Looked up, the Quanyajiaocuo Yashi, precarious want to fall, leaving only First-line gap, to enter through noon when the sun ray. Flow hung in Shek Pik on the Road, a water mark, instant, and drop into a rock slide, falling into the stream, sent tingle Dongdong sound very attractive. Tour this summer, sitting on the stone plate Jianbian, breezy feel, Hanqixiren seems to have a clear ??.

A cooler near Strait, we will see a black top of the mountain, stands a stone of a forward tilt, just like a farmer wearing a ramp hats. Legend has it that this is a huge rock from flying in the distance, the peak known as "klippe." Klippe bypass can proudly see straight, pulling to Qing Yu-zhu the peak.

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Yunwo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunwo then shoots at the peak of the West rock wall, surrounded by rock sound, Dan furnace rock, rock Xianji, Tianzhu Feng, Taiwan's changing, peak travel days, Feng Cang screen. Yili huge here, back-Water, the essence is located in the scenic Wuyi Mountain area for the first victory of Wuyi area.

There are more than 10 holes the size of Yunwo Department. Every winter and spring II The sooner or later, often from the cave up a cloud of light continuously, Shi Feng Yang wandering between the light and sometimes a gathering mission, when released into the atmosphere and down freely Shujuan, unpredictable, Yunwo named.

Yunwo have upper and lower division, as the rocks on railways, called on Yunwo; rock, under the name Yunwo. According to the "Wuyi Chi, "it reads: Yunwo has always been seekers can explore the ancient, Hermit Minghuan latent support Habitat heart lies. Wanli next 11 years (Year 1583), Chen Shi Lang Hyobu provinces in the upper and lower Yunwo, the construction of the "David Cao Lu River," including Yun Tang Bin, Xi Yun Court, Yun Lou Chao, Yun-sheng Taiwan, yunting late, and so stop yunting 16 Ting, Taiwan, the floor, Tower, a very magnificent. Unfortunately, the building has already spent Yi, the only left behind some rocks between Cliff Inscription, people can still remember the old downtown.

Yunwo for the resumption of the Wuyi first victory of the historic look of the area in recent years, Wuyi Mountain in the original Commission on Guzhi The reconstruction of the moon in the water pavilions, kiosks de Qinglian, Baiyun Ting, Wang Xian Ting, Yi Xian Ting, such as the size of more than 10 bamboo, wood and cement Antique structure of the building. These kiosks, stand like a wall built on some of the Ren-Feng Yao million on; in some Jiuqu Xi Li River; some in the shade of bamboo leaves, Tingzhong with the old wooden chair, visitors can rest Open.

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San Qingdian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

San Qingdian Wuyi Palace is located 100 meters south, was a subsidiary of the Wuyi Palace construction. In July 1937, the Nationalist government in the re-establishment of the so-called "Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and Fujian and Jiangxi Chaofei Donglu Jun Jun Tao Ni Memorial Cemetery." After the liberation, which has towers, monument, cemetery, and other construction-destruction, and the Chungshan Hall (Memorial Hall And the wall, such as Ji Nianting reservations so far. Renovation in 1983, then reproduce the style of construction. Hall also features art and Wuyi Mountain, "famous praise famous" showroom. Also in 1985 before the San Qingdian to build a new title was "getting better" of the white granite memorial arch, sophisticated and elegant structure, cutting of the Blessed Province famous painting Mr. Pan Zhulan home and wrote the book against "this should be the first of several famous, very Qushui this is not much."

San Qingdian Taoist temples in China is the main temple, dedicated to the "Senior's Yuan Shi Yuqing, Lingbao Senior supernatant, Taiqing Senior's moral." Qi Kang Wo Ming Dynasty's first year in Longqing 1567) is called to the north in winter, in Dian-Zhong Shi Yishou title on the wall: "The sword Han Heng Kong star, with the Fu-Fu Zheng quite Krupp. He is looking for further closures and India, would like this to the king for Hill."

San Qingdian before a group of stone, of which Liu is the highest in the Shinto monument. It even the base 3.7 meters high, 1.45 m, an original five-fu town Mudao Ms Liu, in May 1981 moved to San Qingdian in the collection. October 1985 was classified as provincial-level key protection units. Liu Song Dynasty Shinto monument in mind the long Daru Ms Liu's family and life. Ms Liu Sung Department of the five his wife, Dr. Yee Guan Zhi right direction, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Zhifu term, due to offend Touxiang Pai Qin Hui, was relieved of duty at home. He is the father of Zhu Xi Zhu's close friends. Zhu dead, as young as 14-year-old Zhu Xi, the father of compliance will, his family defected from the mother Ms Liu. Ms Liu Shi Zi Zhi as well taught, so that Zhu Xi has finally become a generation of Daru. In return for the care of Ms Liu Zhu Xi and tears the author to write a Qingzhenyiqie this, a total of 3725 words of the inscription. On the top part of a tablet Zhuanzi: "Song right direction so that the doctor sufficient micro-initiatives Court Dai Zhi Liu toddlers gifts Shinto monument," Department of the Southern Song Chang Shang-Li Bu the book. Shinto monument to the left of this Shibei, Wanli of the Ming dynasty is the examination of the Qing Gong 140 words Wuyi You remember "Seven Poems. Stone is on the right side of the Qing Dynasty years, is Sung County magistrate Liu Jing wrote the "hole Ficus erecta House" and a modern literary giant in 1962 when Guo inspection Wuyishan Expressing "Yu Wuyi 9 boating," Shi Bei:

9 Wuyi around the clean and upright, self-Chu Shou Chang Song of the table. Health Valley Orchids in Hong Keng-sheng, the mountain is covered with green Chimonobambusa over the river.

6633 words suspect Road, Cliff cliff sink sink Xian Zi Jing.

Ling Po light raft beginning of flight, the poem will not be subject.

October 1985 is still relevant departments of San Qingdian Center Church set up a "US-Wu Lanting College Hill "(later changed to Lanting Wuyi International College), recruited from all over the world, hundreds of students. Among them are university professors, architects, = film directors, reporters, psychologists, and so on, while sightseeing in the Wuyi Mountain Study of traditional Chinese culture, very welcome foreign students.

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Hill covered floating scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill, also known as floating cover covered mountains, is located in Pucheng County, set-ting Liu Heung Village in the east, covering an area of 10 square kilometers, the main peak 1146 meters above sea level. It is like a pendulum in the northwest end of the first to the south-east of the dragon, the top three in Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi border. Xu Ming traveler Fujian five times, twice from King traveled extensively in the mountains, and in the mountains Dayun Wrote a "floating swim gebel", spoke highly of the float covered mountains, "Shi Ying marks, Juan ran lovely. Feng love ring out, the only true victory."

Hill is to build floating granite landforms. In the long geological history, as a result of natural forces, the formation of the unexpected Qi, the man rocks slope of the unique landscape, and then lining To the lush green pines and cypresses, the Four Seasons does not withered features Jian Quan, the great power of nature in the three provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang-Jiangxi border created this Qixiu the mountains and rivers.

  Floating Hill area covered a total area of about 10 square kilometers, the main peak of Bi-Mei Shi Feng together in the "6 meters, has been foothills of the mountains 30 km road, large and small - 000.
  Hill covered floating mountain by ancient granite pose. In the long geological history, as a result of a variety of natural forces, crack rock fall off, forming a towering Qi, the man rocks slope of the unique landscape; set off again to the green and luxuriant pines Bamboo, summer and winter is not tied trace of brown Jian Stephen, so natural in Fujian and Zhejiang border On a piece of this beautiful mountains and rivers. Ming Dynasty, China's great geographers, travelers Xu Fujian for the first leg of the tour is the Hill. He was floating covered mountain scenery attracted by CMV, in the mountains to hang around for a few days, "Xu's Travels" left a beautiful text.

  Hill covered most of the floating It is the characteristics of the rocks and Qi. More than 10 visitors at the foot of the mountain where, far from being able to peak Shirengou saw a similar danger of Xian Weng Gaozuo crown in guarding the border provinces; Kuxiao that Schott and plow with the plow into the sky peak; and knuckle Albert is the peak Seonjang is as if the visitors to spirit: Bi Shi Feng peak near the top of the pine Service Rock crouch like a lion, suddenly seems to be a head onto the peak; there are natural rock that formed stacked tired of the board is very much like a huge stone walled castle, and visitors can follow the convoluted cracks in the rock Climb on top ... .... With the circuit to Singapore, Yan Feng as a result of these changes in perspective, were also Fundus visitors A different image, it is a sigh incessantly praise. In particular, the slope of the Shochiku a pair of thick, those strangely shaped boulder, to twenty meters high, ranging from small 35 meters, and some, like barberry Wo Hu, and some, such as Rubi ball, while others, such as 10 minutes If the drum ... ... It is strange, different patterns. These large and small rock Squeeze hard squeeze hard, again and again at various levels Diego, support each other, forming twists and turns, Huminghuan the cave, it was not as limestone cave Shen You, however, visitors to one side but without the lights on the one hand and fully experience "Yu-dong," the taste. Xu was the only monks in the way people pay fuel under the Stone Cave Tour, is Visual rock in the vicinity of a deep Yanxi, visitors from only one person out of the hole's body hanging down, inside the lower end of the capacity on March 5, but narrower upwards, San Wushi meters above, only one person Based on their sides, as a result of long and narrow-body and a crude rock Liangbi Dragonscale You Si, Dong Ding and a clear spring pulse in detail and, therefore, of the ancients "Dragon Stone", which is floating Hill covered only a "dark" in Qidong.

  Floating cover in the mountains, said to have a built in the Tang Dynasty and has a strong incense Fan Yu - Cloud Temple. The temple is a Buddhist temple in relief Ning, Japan was said to be empty of people crossing the sea Master Min, the north central plains has Over here. Although the temple has experienced vicissitudes of life for thousands of years, who is also basically the size of the original, with the exception of incense ceremony, has always been seekers can explore, visitors to officials and appreciation of the scenery floating geb stop o Xu was to travel, they stayed three days in the temple .

  To build floating in the foothills near the junction of the two provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang, Works with a history of the pass - Maple Ridge clearance. This related to control three provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, before the opening of the road, thousands of years the people of the three provinces has been the only channel between each other. Today, its original role came to an end, the entire pass only remaining closed. However, visitors to this, the stop before the Chinese, at the foot of a two-meter-wide stone Road, Wang jumped villages in the provinces of the country, many hills, Heritage and the rise and fall, of nostalgic tone Shizherusi can not help but felt.

  Hill covered float is also advantageous geographical location, and it's important Banbi southeast China's scenic highway all the same? Well be described as "up to four people." This straight-through to the north of Zhejiang Province Xin'anjiang Lake, about 200 km away from: the northwest along the lines of National Highway 205 to Huangshan in Anhui, about 250 km; West Highway to be straight again and again in Jiangxi Province - Sanqingshan, Lung Fu Shan, and other famous Taoist (about 150 km away, respectively, and 200 km): To the south-west highway to pass Wuyishan, the distance of about 130 public ; This drive to the east of Fujian Province, Fujian Tai Laoshan Scenic Area, about 300 kilometers north-east to the highway have direct access to the capital of Zhejiang Province famous green, sword capital city of Longquan, is only 140 km away. Yu Kwok-hing's not possible this guests are free to choose, and then towards the future.

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Source River Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Canyon Creek source is located in Nanping City, urban and rural areas combined, as is the essence of provincial-level scenic spots, covering an area of 28 square kilometers, Canyon Gallery, Shiwaitaoyuan, Grand Falls, Temple De Long, in Lin Fa Shan, and other scenic areas, scenic spots have been developed 100. Canyon Creek source "of the original natural helenahat the United States, a southeast Valley waterfall God," " Poor water suspected to do a blind alley and vista. "Set" clear quiet, soul, show, God, extraordinary and dangerous, wild, "as one, the renowned mountains and rivers in the valleys of the essence. Zhu Xi has the" First Mountain " Chen and the "source of the river in Wonderland" calligraphy. More than 1300 kinds of higher plants and more than 2 times that of Europe, the state protection of rare The dozens of plants, experts say there is the possibility of the existence of South China. The new national group of rare falls, with a total drop 900 meters, high-flow period of the formation of various shapes and the stack falls 108, the main waterfall drops 156 meters wide, can reach more than 40 meters. Millennium De-ji temple Long, a well-known both at home and abroad River source Um, is a pilgrimage Dream the Holy Land. Canyon Creek is the source of Chinese leisure, eco-tourism and adventure, pay homage to, a good place for the scientific exploration.
  There are scenic export 205,316 national and Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, the three provinces out of the railway intersection in Nanping, Nanping and the "double left the world" Wuyi Mountain, the provincial capital Fuzhou, Lake and the Taoyuan-facies, respectively More than 100 kilometers, well-developed communications and transportation convenience. 20 minutes by car from the city center up to Canyon. Block is the history of the ancient city of Nanping and emerging urban lake, Lake Yanping, Gubongsan, Mang Shan Dang, and other attractions, there are a large number of Nanping hotel accommodation available.
Since the upper reaches of the Minjiang River's flow through and, in the Yanping District Mang Shan Dang south of the valley there are more than 5000 meters long, were the source of the river canyon. Feng Ya confrontation here, with mountain influence, Fei Xie hanging waterfall, gurgling mountain stream flow, and Cliffs Wuli, high-shade trees, climbing Laoteng wrapped, insects birds chirp, very quiet wild-money interest, Cheng Sheng Jing, on the one hand, is known as "First Mountain" reputation. Eighteen sources Stream Valley View, three Six holes, 72 and humid climate, ecological harmony. Growth of more than 1,500 species of plants and dozens of rare animals, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is the summer, the tour, is now at the provincial level scenic spots.
Canyon Creek source of food, not only because of natural scenery, but also because of their culture. Fujian folk Yang-respected by the "five Sheng-jun," Xiao Gong, is in the repair of the Zhengguo, and to show miracles.
Ancient Eight Yanping, one of the "extended falls," the source of the river valley is located in the source. The gap between upper and lower falls, about 900 meters, is divided into 9, in which more than 30 meters gap of 6, the highest level drop of 15 M, the wet period of more than 40 m wide waterfall. Rock Falls originated in the vast virgin forest Shan Dang, from the peaks over 1300 meters above sea level Songzhi source of the river in the Grand Canyon and Fei Liu, Ming Liu Zhang writing praise it: "a lofty Fei Liu, Bishan-breaking tobacco industry , Zuiyan dim, Changhong Tamagawa drink. "There is a small waterfall More than 10 groups, to form a national group of rare scenic waterfall.
Source River Canyon
Here, "the original natural helenahat the United States, show the world Feiquan-odd", "Shilihualang, all stacked Fei Bao, the ancient temples of the Millennium" with. . Canyon Creek source has a long cultural legacy. Zhu Xi's reputation of the Northern Song Dynasty, "the first Mountain," Taiwan Chen left, "the source of the river in Wonderland" in calligraphy. There Libushangshu Liu Zhang Ming, Wang Dong-jin of the seven monks on behalf of Sun Zhi-yong, such as the Range Rover for the first several dozen. Dragon Temple De Shannan there for one of Nanping Ming Si. Was built in the early Five Dynasties after the first year of diplodocus and Germany (921 AD), Department of core Canyon Creek is the source of Um Fujian folk worship of ancestors Xiao Gong , There are more than the temple is rare in China's scenic Garden to dream.
Yi Longqiao attractions: There are falls of water tankers, Longqiao Yi River source area for the first bridge. For the rocky shore to the bridge pier, Jian-off single, 10-meter-long, 20 meters high. Health stone tree, co-profile of the deck. Zashu around the sides of the strait, hanging vines, lush foliage, If the covered pavilion. Stream flowing under the bridge, Shek Pik response, the sound of water came, as legend Yi-Fei Long-induced.
Wolong Bridge: In order for the river source area of the second bridge. Light was built before 2008. The bridge is a beautiful area is a wonderful family bridges the Chinese landscape painting.
Um River Source: for most of the existing Nanping Indeed, one of the places of worship, built in the Northern Song Dynasty and the Sun-year period (1119 - 1123), is a legend for religious law Xiao Ming (Xiao Gong) practitioners in the built immortal. Jiaxi 2002 Southern Song Dynasty, Song Methodism will be the source of the river Om has left the religious immortal Zhang, Xiao Liu, and even, five real Shao called the "five Saint. "Sources river is divided into upper and lower of the two Hall of Um, when Shangdian peak, the West side, under the Temple when the river, north side, far more than the two-class level. Incense is very strong on the 29th annual Lunar New Year will Xiaogong Miao, Dream Garden to the public, the number of pilgrims to form a unique cultural system Dream Garden.
Yan Feng Guan: Fengshan Peak, so named for its resemblance to Fengguan. Yan Feng Guan as the source of the river canyon scenic spot for the first stone, with her powerful base for the Fengshan, south Songqi towering, craggy rock, into the air, very spectacular. There are rock bed and the immortal fairy footprint, are said to Xiaogong attained before leaving.
Bian Fudong: Wolong is located on the eastern side of the bridge The hole in the opening ten steps away from the action for the left-and right-dong. Left hole about 25 meters, within a small oval-shaped dam, water seepage chimney, the Millennium is not dead. Right path hole 30 meters, tortuous, up and down, the ostrich has stone, such as the Office of the bat. Bianfu Dong said the old five-hole, after many bats named after.
Kim Bai Shou: Sin who studied under the stream, there are two rocks, and the shape of a turtle and the other shaped like soft-shelled fish. Turtles are submerged in water, the first open water surface, large and sturdy spheronization, full of male style, Shen Jing to march upward. Soft-shelled turtles will be in the possession of the body most of the rubble, and head out, went turtle mouth, seems to be shy of a clandestine love affair, There's an air of intoxication. Laojun Tang: at the source of the river valley bring up the rear on the mountain, as a Taoist temple, Qingwa red walls. The Church built in accordance with Cliffs, next to the waterfall and its accompanying cloud Youde,. Road travel further from the area to watch Tai Shou Lao Juntang saw as its general cling in a bird on the brink of a precipice, is a major scenic wonders.
Peacock Hill: Under the source of the river to the village of Um a Ping-gully, criss-cross paths crossed with Ji Quan Wen, as a result of an old mountain problems, like Peacock, Peacock named Villa. Now been introduced to the farm restaurant, more than 30 hotels, Fujian Province, has become a well-known scenic farm restaurant group.
Stone Herbie: Sin who studied under the stream, there are two rocks , And the shape of a turtle and the other shaped like soft-shelled fish. Turtles are submerged in water, the first open water surface, large and sturdy spheronization, full of male style, Shen Jing to march upward. Soft-shelled turtles will be in the possession of the body most of the rubble, and head out, went turtle mouth, seems to be shy of a clandestine love affair, there's an air of intoxication.
In rock falls: Om away from the river source 1.5 km, from rock, Beidou the two groups falls, dozens of class by Fei Bao Mang Fei Xie down from the Peak. The waterfall of the total gap of about 900 meters or so, as the "East China in the first group of Forest Falls." Hard flow Pentium Fei Xie, different patterns, the group falls within verdant trees, the sound of thundering waterfall, beautiful scenery, is Ideal "forest bath" and places Falls Scenic Area products Expo.
Buyun Bridge: A water tanker falls, Longqiao Yi River source area for the third bridge. For the rocky shore to the bridge pier, Jian-off single, about 8 meters, 10 meters high. Health stone tree, co-profile of the deck. Zashu around the sides of the strait, hanging vines, lush foliage, If the covered pavilion. Stream flowing under the bridge, Shek Pik response, the sound of water came, as legend Yi-Fei Long-induced.

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The ancient town of peace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grand blue tile, Diaolianghuadong, into a room, great style --- Lv Jian Ming and Qing Dynasties era of the Central Plains area of luxury homes are now rare treasures. However, there is still a place left nearly 200 --- It is the culture of the ancient town of Shaowu millennium of peace.

Fujian is located in the northwest town of peace, flour 192 square km, began construction of the Tang Dynasty, Fujian Province, is the oldest one of the ancient town. National is a rare big-castle towns, many of its ancient architecture in China so far to retain the characteristics of the most ancient residential buildings is one of the national tourism resources.

Peace in the town of folk cultural heritage Rich, many folk activities rather peculiar, very viewing value, such as the living fossil, known as the Nuo dance, the dragon unique - candle Bridge; there is peace, "Sanjue" - before Taiwan fruit, tea-viewing, open bean paste, Are able to attract tourists.

Beach of the original dance, folk wedding, fish rice, beans ridge species, age-old Jia Qiang folk customs and wisdom have a flicker of life and the lives of brilliant; "Min wine that when the first" Submit your reputation of the farm, the traditional staple of "Guanyin tea", "Lei peace" and "bean curd peace" "Peace rice", food rich in peace so that people appreciate after a long wave of no less than the warmth and leisure.

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Kiln construction site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kiln ruins to build water Jianyang City, Fujian Province is located in the town of Chittagong, is the Song Dynasty Black-Glazed Shaozao Fujian tea light of the well-known Yao Chang.

Ping Lu Hua sites there, Pilun cattle, mountain road, the battalion commander, etc. dry, distribution remains an area of about 120,000 square meters. The kiln built Shaozao varieties are green-glazed porcelain pottery, porcelain Black Glaze Black Glaze mainly to porcelain.

Black Glaze porcelain lamp again Tu Hao-based, is the best in the Song Dynasty, "Cha Doo," one of the appliances. In addition, oil droplets, partridge spot, Yao change, and so are the glaze porcelain of the Song Dynasty Black-Glazed representative.

Blue and White Porcelain kiln built and built at one time was a tribute, favored by the court, and also spread Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and welcomed by local people in the history of cultural exchange between China have an important place.

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Nanping Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian Nanping area is the largest She Qushi. Jurisdiction of a five-county area in four cities, namely, Yanping District, Shaowu City, Jianyang City, Jian'ou, Wuyishan City, County, Shunchang, Pucheng County, Guangze, Songxi County, the county governance and a total of 121 townships, 19 Office of the street, the village 1601, 69 residents 136 neighborhood communities, the area of 26,300 square km area, accounting for one-fifth of Fujian Province, China Southern has a typical "eight-Hill a Tien Water" features. The existing household registration 3,040,000 of the total population, resident population of 2,860,000 people.


  Nanping has a long history, is to open in Fujian The first one of the regions. As early as the Neolithic period 4,000 years ago, the indigenous people here have evolved. Eastern Han Dynasty, Nanping, Jianou, Pucheng County, has been built, up since 1800. Jianyang, Shaowu, Wuyi County, and so there are thousands of years of history. Sui and Tang dynasties, the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, two in northern Fujian into Fujian Governance, economic and cultural center; the Song Dynasty, in northern Fujian's economic and cultural development in the province at one time, and even the country's leading position, such as "kiln construction," the G-8 country to become one of the Ming Yao, mining and metallurgy industry peak, in order to the country for Fujian Focus on Fujian again centered in northern Fujian. In another example, Jianyang, Jian (this Jianou) County, two carved book One-third of the country, the printing industry is well developed in northern Fujian, Jianyang Ma sand into the three printing centers. In addition, tea and paper industry also developed.



Nanping profound cultural heritage, cultural Fujian is the birthplace of one of the Minyue the cradle of culture, As "state Zou Min Lu" and "Road South Cave justification." Renjiedeling here, history is full of talents, has been out of the 2000 Scholars and more than 17 prime minister, such as the Shaowu Li Gang, Pucheng show the true Germany, Jianou of Yang Rong, and other historical and cultural celebrities such as Zhu Xi, Song Ci, Xin , Lu, Cai Xiang, Yang, Liu Yong, Haneda, and so on have left footprints in northern Fujian. Zhu Xi particularly in the Northern Fujian Province, "Qin book contains 50", so future generations "out of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Confucius, Zhu Xi has the Southern Song Dynasty, ancient Chinese culture, and Mount Wuyi," said.

  Nanping southeast China is a major tourist areas. Rich in tourism resources in northern Fujian, in east China is not more The tourism resource-intensive one of the areas. Majestic beauty of the water varies in Ky Son, a wide range of biological resources, glorious history and rich culture of the native human form of unique characteristics of tourism resources in northern Fujian. At present, 1-3 in the high-end tourism entities 181 (Mang Ping Shan Dang, Jianyang test College, built kiln sites, Jianou million forest, natural rock Shaowu, Li Gang Temple, the ancient town of peace, shiny Ukraine Junshan, Wuyi Tianchi, Shunchang Huayang Hill, etc.). Wuyi Mountain is the only 4 "World Natural and Cultural Heritage", she set national-level scenic spots, national-level nature reserves, national tour Resort Tourism Economic Development Zone in Fujian Province and in one, the territory of Nanping provincial scenic spots include: Mang Ping Shan Dang, al Floating Pucheng Hill, Jianou in the rock, Cham Songxi Lushan, governance and the palace-Hill. Nanping in the urban areas and 12 million mu of water Yanping Lake, summer is a good place for leisure. In recent years, our city is committed to building a "Nanshui the northern" Great Wuyi tourism economy, embodied in the "one big, two-led." "One big," Mount Wuyi is bigger. "Two-led" is to Wuyi Mountain tourism as a leader, led the surrounding counties (cities, districts) Tourism Development; the tourism industry in northern Fujian as a strategic industry, the development of related industries. In 2004 the number of tourist reception in the city 6,610,000 passengers, 22.7 percent growth over the previous year; tourism revenues 1,769,000,000 yuan, 20.4 percent growth over the previous year. The city's total tourism revenue accounting for 5 proportion of GDP. %.

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Earthen tours into the earth storied - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"The United States found that the satellite earth storied building," said Yongding for people talked about: the early 1960s, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in the satellite photos were found in the western mountains of Fujian, there are things like nuclear reactors, causing a panic in the White House. Later, U.S. intelligence agents went to visit the earth storied building, unlock the mystery. Hence, After thousands of years the existence of the Hakkas, the world fame. It's around the world, and it's magical, ancient and magnificent, beautiful, stirring, won the "mysterious oriental ancient castle", "Chinese ancient architecture wonderful" all sorts of praise. Magic residential areas, however, Earthen what this mysterious, or miraculous? Into the House, which opened several layers of mystery, it will find new discoveries and found that the earth storied mystery. A surprising feature of good security. Historically, the Hakka ancestors give people across the border, Buyuanqianli came to a strange land, the choice is conducive to the maintenance of a blood relationship to family-based system, a total of one heart and one mind together people resisting foreign aggression A sense of belonging in the form of housing is essential; defense to indigenous add Dynasty, the first residents to live and banditry, military attacks and harassment, and invented together to form a clan, the defense of the enemies of Islam Hakkas construction. As a result, Hakkas have a number of defense "fortifications", an external high thick walls, an integral whole, the internal security Fire, water and living facilities, the castle is like, easily defensible. Qing Tongzhi years, there have been more than two months Earthen shelling of the shooting, is still intact, Bitui enemy, a case in point. Earthen most, one or two-story windows are not foreign to prevent the invading enemy Pachuang break; more than three windows are also to consider defense Decided to window-size, high or low. With walls around the observation deck and the bullet hole, outside the small bullet hole, with large, trumpet shape, so that not only beneficial to observe the shooting, to protect their own narrow goals, but also very difficult to close down the enemy to attack floor wall. "Five flat" wall "fortifications" is more advanced, two, three-walk -Corridors are arranged along the wall, around the same, in order to prevent the invading enemy use of poverty ladder, the special wall in the allocation of many different heights loophole, not only to glance outside to monitor movement, and Chien-Hou able to rely on the walls, Huanlang convenience and flexibility to carry out the Battle. Earthen closed, in addition to the door Very few side door to open. To hold the floor for the whole of life and death "strategic throat," Earthen Jicun people with thick wood Solid hard together to make door, the fire burned outside the metal nail poleaxe; with logs for Wang stand up to the door latch to prevent the door Impact, both ends of the jack bolt buried in the thick wall, very strong; frames usually be stone Building. Gate set-top water tank, and the bamboo tube on the second floor of the same water tank to prevent Huogong. Top-level windows and doors in a wide field of letters, Yudi would like to attack from the front door to force a breakthrough, the letters column from the Inter-down brick throwing, dumping the water with lime leaves, keep the enemy close to the Lou Men; also In the top corner along the wall building The wood structure of the "Fort", can usually watch the outside scenes and pastoral scenery, can be made in time of war against Taiwan's Wang committed outside. Earthen, divided into a "living units", each unit is an independent living space; between the units, some of the same side door opened, and some completely cut off, subject to the building into the courtyard ; The floor units are located within easy up and down staircases. This design is due to fall in case the door, the unit will be immediately transferred to the fragmentation in order to be reinforcement. As a result, even if large-scale banditry attack, also Earthen impregnable. Earthen buildings of the ordinary, in fact it is a solid security barriers, added to A lot of mystery and color Shensui content. Second odd artillery guns will not be brought down, not fall in the earthquake, flooding was not Baptist. Hakkas, the size of the stone block and lay a solid foundation tired; immature soil blended with brown sugar water, lime Benzhu thick walls, walls to increase rigidity; wall thinning gradually from the bottom up, and buried in the wall Into the bamboo Film, as the modern configuration of reinforced concrete wall, the wall of the overall increase, the formation of the overall flexibility and cohesion, and more solid than other residential solid. Legend has it that, in 1931, the KMT army attack on the Red Soviet Red Guards resident, "Yue Hing Building," the siege no less than three days, artillery shells exploded penetrate walls Department only A washbasin-sized "scars", "Yue Hing Building," Kuiranbudong. Yongding happened seven times in the history of a strong earthquake, but it never happened earth storied building collapse incident; "circumpolar floor," experienced a major earthquake in 1918, split wall Chi Xu, automatic recovery after the earthquake, so far, leaving only a Zhang Yu cracks. Despite the storm hit, the Mass Transit Baptist, Ben Zhu immature soil in the platform or the earth storied stone feet, deep in a long time, is still intact. Three odd floor in the building, outside the high-low, with doors and windows, patio mix of science, good lighting and ventilation. Earthen Qiang Hou, the best record summer heat wave entered, the winter wind can stop the attack, so that the formation of building insulation, the Dongnuanxialiang Climate. Four odd to immature soil as raw materials in the original Hing, attributed to destroy, not to pollute the environment, protect the environment. Ben Zhu walls of the wooden framework of technology and technology can eliminate the effect of focusing the noise inside the building, have a wonderful physical performance. Walls to fulfill its implicit role in building self-adjustment of the dry humidity, Pleasant life. Earthen stand in front of the modern look of the building collapse accidents continue to occur and the worsening environmental pollution, it is inevitable there is a ray of regret today is worse than before, can not help but sigh earth storied building more magical, sophisticated technology, are the so-called "non-Earthen Western-style house soil shame, really old romantic city, the wonders of miracle odd days , Fairy mountains Xianshui floor. "Spiritual home" Zhiga "A, push open the door to earth storied building, into the earth storied building, as an open book, read it contains the condensation of the deep cultural and artistic wisdom. Yongding Hakkas has inherited not only the ancient Central Plains Immature soil residential architecture, based on the specific Health Jianzhuyongcai in the environment, techniques, layout, structure, shape, aesthetic, and so on innovation and development, become the embodiment of traditional Chinese aesthetic thought and aesthetic appeal of residential architecture model, the image of the all-round display of Hakka human history, show Hakka the perseverance to forge ahead and patriotic love, Mutual balance, re-teach the spirit of the Chongwen. Yongding Hakkas not only about the location and structure of the Kit Kat. And its architecture, geography geology, ecology, landscape, folklore, ethics, art, etc. There is a close relationship. Earthen each, the axis is clear, halls, doors, the main building were built in the axis , Wang housing, construction subsidiary symmetrical distribution of left and right; House floor, there are halls to the organization at the core of the ancestral hall compound to compound as the center for portfolio groups; in-plane Corridor, extending in all directions, which reflects the respect Hakka ancestors were muc , The traditional virtues of solidarity, but also reflects the Yongding Hakkas refined the art of architecture And aesthetic value. Earthen inside and outside, couplets Inscription, Fuyangzhijian, can be seen everywhere. There are fixed permanently, but also to update the Sui Sui. The door together, room together kitchen, living room together, the Office of the meal together, the bedroom together, study together; vertical column posted red beam, floor inlay new flats were written together, men and women together Hershey wedding, birthday gifts Shouxing Together, sending the death of the elderly elegiac couplet, a range of meaningful, complete antithesis. It is said that earth storied building in approximately 100,000 pairs of couplets and murals. Hakka traditional culture and carry the Central Plains, as well as their social values, morality, culture, family, public awareness of the system, such as the Hakka spirit of the world are in these couplets Earthen Inscription be leaching Addressed to do the show. Earthen This is a great treasure house of culture, Hakka is a rich cultural legacy of our ancestors spread, is thinking of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the extension of the inheritance. Diaolianghuadong the hall, a large number of elegant, exquisite carving, shows the Hakka people's level of civilization and artistic accomplishment. At the age of festivals, weddings Qing, folklore, ethics, patriarchal attitudes, religious beliefs and to wear eating and so on, all the display of ancient Hakka folk customs. Or building was built in, or at the side of the floor of the school is to teach the traditional emphasis on Hakka culture Chongwen the best witness. Earthen is a temple of art. Earthen each building, With a "big family, small community." Earthen, living under the same roof of the dozens of hundreds of families and ancestors with the blood of the same clan with the family, has lived a gateway to the hall were a total of stairs, a total of the courtyard, the wells were living in harmony. This family-floor, live with the way of living and reflects the typical Hakka traditional family-lun And family friendly. In addition, the building of the Hakka people, is home to the same floors, an area equal to the room, no significant difference in the direction, but not as high or low grade equal room. Equal settlement, reflecting the harmony of harmony Hakka Family tradition of solidarity and equality. A variety of functions, self-contained living facilities, Within the overall style and the coordination of the landscape outside, but full description of the Yongding Hakkas by running through the people-oriented, ideological harmony between man and nature. Rich, extensive and profound. Yongding Hakkas are a symbol of Hakka culture and the epitome of! Yongding Hakkas is a never-ending time of the Encyclopedia! Is off People's spiritual home place to live!

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Liang Ye mountains Wild Found - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuping town north-east, there is a wild Liang, Liang, also known as the Peak, the ancient home of "Eight Wuping King" in the first, as the "Liang mountains wild," is now the class nature reserve in Fujian Province. Since ancient times, people Wuping seen as a symbol of the Wu-ping. Liang Ye mountains, along the southeast area of more than 7000 hectares, the Millennium sleeping million years, to preserve One in the world full of natural forest communities, rich resources and unique species of the natural landscape. This is a "green pearl." Four roads, every wild-beam. East Road, one of the most convenient and direct access to the car in a natural valley villages, and along a stone path up the mountain. Hill ANGLE Traction of visitors rose, carried away. Old stone home, left standing on the Peak, on the verge of collapse, waiting for the top of every visitors to enjoy unlimited scenery. Usual Shek this, but a magical folklore, read it on earth do the vicissitudes of life, to withstand the storm's wind mill sleep, sculpture beam into the wild soul with the soul. Known as Knowledge of China, Egypt see Pyramid and Xiao, Lin Feng proudly witnessed as long as the mother of the ancient stone, it will blurted, "This is the wild Leung." "Fairy Cave" home away from the ancient stone of about 500 meters, in possession of a steep slope in the desert. According to legend, the Buddha Light here is scheduled to practice. Near Kwu Tung's annihilation by the re - Finishing-de-sac, before the Baiyun Si-site re-see daylight. Fairy Cave people out, top-head long white clouds, thousands still look down at the foot of cliffs, ancient monks can not help but sigh of extraordinary perseverance in this thorny problems, inaccessible Cave Qingxiu years of quiet! Years of vicissitudes, has been in the Tang Dynasty Baiyun Si Destroyed, the remaining sites. But Liang Song Dynasty on the field remains the same Temple. Despite the far Shangao Lu, Xing after crash, but it is still strong incense, Mingzhen Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi. Wuping difficult to flick one rust Baiyun Si in the hearts of the deep-prints now, it has always been like this used to say, Leung said the wild for the Baiyun Si Temple. Sifeng Buddha temple will be light. Buddha will be light The protection of the Hakka people of God, deeply devout people of faith. For thousands of years, the Buddha of Light will be the magic legend in the civil widespread. Possession of a water front, an area more than 3000 square meters, in excellent shape and on top of Office, quietly lying on the small hill surrounded by, the vast shade of the sky, like a fairyland on earth, the sky Yao . Clear blue water, the scenery reflected, as serene, as bright and clean, as Liangze, exciting people. This is the top beam of white wild Lianchi, a wordless scene. Leung's quiet in the wild, Matsukaze Zhu Yun, spring water features, birds Ni-nan, and stands next to the stream of water tankers is not the oldest non-urgent relief to rotate Shi Xiong, Common Sense play melodious sound of stone pestle, reverberated in the valleys, mountains significant benefits with the profound quiet. Dragging tail beautiful pheasant in the distance leisurely jungle in search of food, clever squirrel in the bush and jumping between Guteng variety. Taxus hectares of natural native communities, cathayensis "Liangxiaowucai" combination of the world's rare and endangered Species of maple and a half-Dutch, this tenacious survival of the "living fossil" Ginkgo biloba, added to this rare and wonderful mountain. Wild beams of the United States, the United States in its original and natural, in the United States and its quiet and wild.

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Zijin Industrial Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Purple Mountain in Fujian Province is located in the north of Shanghang county, Ting Jiang on the left bank, in the mountains, "craggy rocks, Song Zhi-day", known as "Hang Chuan spots in the first" reputation. In the mountains there are very rich in gold, copper, Saying "doll wearing a copper gold hat." Purple Mountain gold mine, to maintain reserves of 138 tons of industrial, With reserves of more than 200 tons, is to maintain the current domestic reserves of the largest single gold mine. "Sunshine Jiang Cheng Chau fog open, gold-gang female Okuma, American Indian jewelry Hau Wong, full of sand waves in the end," describes the ancient artificial gold. Today, the Purple Mountain gold mine production of gold using modern technology to achieve The election, rule of modern production. Purple Mountain open-pit gold mine using the method of mining the highest level elevation 1050m, bottom elevation 616m, the largest up to 434 meters elevation. Open-air mining at the platform on the first stone mining or need to be stripped from the rock blasting through the rock (ore) down isolation To achieve an appropriate degree block; excavator will then scattered ore body or waste rock into the means of transport, mineral Fensan Lu Bing, through the courtyard to the transport belt, or the courtyard of the electric rail cars, or directly from car to the dressing Plant. In the ore dressing plant, after crushing, washing, screening, 5 cm in size Under the ore belt after a cargo plane to transport ore powder warehouse, and then dump truck Yun-yard to build reactors, the use of ore in the yard sprinkler, so that the leaching gold from ore, Kim Boo-containing liquid form, absorption through the pipeline to the workshop The rich pool of liquid, and then level 5-6 after absorption of carbon absorption in the bucket, the water has been activated carbon filter gold Left-laws, the liquid solution to poverty, poor liquid and then again by the increase in drug use pumps able to get into the yard as a liquid spray recycling. Carbon adsorption gold, gold to become carbon containing charcoal gold grade of 4 kg /ton smelter to send more than smelting. The activated carbon adsorption gold mine into the gold smelter, the first tower completed in the coal desorption Separation enables the re-soluble in water, Kim Boo-bearing formation fluid into the electrowinning tank through the electrode response to the formation of gold mud; gold in soil purification plant after a wet refining, electrolytic refining, processing the last "49" gold ingot product.

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Looking for Mao Zedong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang very proud people, from May 1929 to November 1933, 4 in this coming year in advance, Mao Zedong had come to Shanghang 9, 3 times to the town of Shanghang Furuta, 3 times into the Hangzhou, 3 Hang up before Rural Township. Shanghang in the rivers and mountains, Mao left a great many of the tracks, down a More than the story of Mao Zedong. Shanghang into, as pilgrims walked into the hall. ? Mao Zhu Linjiang game in front of the building in October 1929, suffering from a serious illness in the Mao Zedong by several Chiweiduiyuan on stretchers into Hangzhou, was admitted to the Linjiang floor rooms on the second floor of the East. Earlier, he has the right as a result of their own Not see the adoption of the left Hong Sijun. Pontoon bridge is located in the county seat of the eastern side of the door Linjiang floor, was a local businessman to open a "broad Fulong" goods money, later renamed the restaurant, facing the Tingjiang, so this change, three high, covering about 300 square meters. As the Chung Yeung Festival on the eve of autumn wind blowing, the plant in full bloom, garden Fragrance of chrysanthemum. Ten days ago the Red Army took over the "iron Shanghang," Mao Zedong Linjiang standing on the upper floors, in the face of surging water Ting Jiang, Jiang's days look Liao Kuo, Chujingshengqing, wrote a famous through the ages, "Cai Sangzi Chongyang": "The old life easy Difficult days old, Chung Yeung Sui Sui, the Chongyang again today, especially in the field yellow incense.'s Annual autumn wind Jin May not spring, spring increasingly, Liao Kuo Wan-li Jiang day cream. "Mao Zedong also had Linjiang floor Chung Yeung Festival. Chung Yeung Festival day in Shanghang Li Jia Ci civilian vessels of the union local chef cook-lin holiday custom, he sent Chestnut Braised pork, chicken stewed mushrooms Luan , Braised dishes, and other fans. Frail patients after Mao These eating, repeatedly praised: "delicious! Delicious!" Linjiang front of the building, Jiangan pontoon pier, the century-old banyan tree root-long rock climbing, Climb, Lvyin Blot out the Sun, such as the canopy tower; under the old banyan , Shizhuo a few Zhang Dan Deng, quiet and pleasant. This is the Mao Zedong and Zhu De was playing chess game. , Hong Sijun Zhu De led the capture of "Iron Shanghang" after living in the south Temple, with the floor Linjiang distant relative. "Fujian out" failure, as well as troops in the wrong thinking to breed and spread further, Zhu De and the vast majority of officers and men have gradually realized that can not be separated from the correct leadership of Mao Zedong. As a result, in the past two days on Hangzhou Zhu, Mao often below the old banyan game chat while the situation in western Fujian revolutionary struggle. According to the local people said that Zhu and Mao were a few war game and a few, is that the case had been unable to verify, but Zhu and Mao in this game, no doubt Zhu opened a hair of a new chapter of cooperation, pointing out the direction of the Chinese revolution. ? three to Caixizuodiao Lipa was to encourage women to study the river, is one of the Shanghang Township, from the Chengguan, Furuta in the town are 40 km. Only the river is very familiar with Mao Zedong. At that time, he personally nurtured the Central Soviet Area "in the first model township"; after the Agrarian assigned to the land of farmers to join the Red Army, the cast of "Nine 18 division, "" General town "reputation. He was early in June 1930 and June 1932, November 1933, three times in person before the river, to carry out social investigations, wrote a well-known" before the investigation Rural Township "," The hard facts, and given us a powerful weapon to crush Opportunists cut the nonsense ", set deep into the realities of the communists, investigations and studies, a shining example of seeking truth from facts. In his second National Congress of the Soviet only to the exemplary deeds of Rural Township, called on the entire Soviet people, the unity of millions of people, To establish the real impregnable fortress, the development of the revolutionary war, the eradication of a Counter-revolution, the whole of China to seize victory. River before, never mind the Mao Zedong. One day in 1930, before Mao Zedong came to the river, to convene a forum on behalf of women. At the meeting, he asked with concern: "When men went to the Red Army on the front line, the youngest to take care of you at home, but also production, while supporting the front What are the difficulties encountered? Soviet Government should help you solve the problem? "" Revolutionary base of everything, can assume, is to plow the fields, Tian Shi lack of labor, is difficult because only in the river Also in the history of women in science has never been Lipa, Shi fields! "On behalf of the women were not about With the answer. "You have to organize themselves well, to play the role of women hold up half, get rid of old customs and old habits, to learn how to plow and harrow fields, Tian Shi, the Institute also headed in the future, the housekeeper ah!" Hair inspired by a member of a smile . "Women's Studies Lipa, for fear of cattle, which are not obedient!" "Science does not, afraid of giving Xiao Bai! "Discussions with representatives of women. Mao further encourage members of the women delegates" As long as there is confidence and determination, we will certainly be learned. "Members of the Mao's remarks were made only for the first time in the first women's Creek was led by Fu Niu Plow the fields, school Lipa, Tian Shi, the first woman to make the river before the first cattle production. The other night Women will be opened on behalf of the investigation, that individual lesbian dozed off, then stopped in the hands of members of the hair of a pencil, quipped: "to sleep, and men will be reunited. When the men went to the Red Army, you do not want to like them? Will the heart of free ah? "Women have to see an interesting question, can not help but laugh, again and again Baishou: Would like to think, but do not become heart, a man in front of the dog-fight, we engaged in the production of supporting the front in the rear, are all of one mind in front of the rear revolution! Do not get heart! "After listening to Mao Zedong smiled with satisfaction, Lively atmosphere all of a sudden, nobody had dozed off. During the investigation, Mao Zedong personally to the Red Public inspection field production, participate in the work to help the masses firewood. To hear "bad hole" after the name of the village, his village cadres and the masses said: "The leadership of the Communist Party there will be prosperity, decline in this village were not pit, it is better to be changed to 'pit-fat, all right?" In the village were pleased to To accept. Since then, the "bad hole" into a "fat . "Mao Zedong and the river was not even together, with the" Rural Township to investigate "this brilliant book containing the names and the history books." Nine Army Division 18 "display, one after another, a piece of commemorative items only River of the memorial hall, only to ask the banks of the River "glorious Pavilion", Tingzhong set of "model is the first district Stone, is the witness of history. It is said that Mao Zedong's life only had two booths title character, Changsha is a "love late Pavilion", a river that is only the "glorious pavilion." ? Chairman of the Chairman of the Shan-dong and only Gutian River, is a revolutionary Mao Zedong, have pride of the land. Furuta Hakkoda lights in the village of Song Yin-tang Do not put out. l929-year in December, Mao Zedong live here, He Zizhen in the cold winter night in his pot Shaoqi charcoal fire; pot of hot charcoal fire, a kerosene lamp, such as fireflies flashing, accompanied by a great man spent a sleepless night . Furuta Lai Fangcun into the Association of Spark shine shop. In January 1930, Mao Here in the East story book, "A single spark can start a prairie fire" lit up the Chinese revolution, the way forward. He used the language of poetry in general portrayed the great Chinese revolution: "It is standing on the sea coast look into the distance has been a visible mast cusp of a ship, which is an alpine top of the East From a distance, their views shine Radio emerge in all its splendor of a North Korea-Japan, which is restlessness in the Mufu about the maturity of an infant. This is a small town, there is a "Chairman of the Hill." Furuta site of the right side of the mountain, from afar, like the portrait of Mao Zedong, after the comb his hair, wide forehead, high nose, under the full amount, around world Xu, such as Health, as if the great man quietly thinking, pursuit. Therefore, the locals affectionately known as the "President of the Hill." This is a small town, "Chairman of the hole." And the Association into a shop not far from the Su Shu-Huai Tong Po, the CPC is the former site of the Recorder of western Fujian. In October 1929, led by Zhu De was ordered to attack Hong Sijun Jiang, in place to guide the work of the CPC with Mao Zedong came to the western Fujian authorities recorders Su-po, Shu-Huai in the halls of civilians started primary school, local farmers to teach children literacy, the spread of revolutionary truth. Tang Shu-Huai on the left side of his small attic room, a narrow wooden ladder, low beam, all of the display is a table-lamp Yan. Shu-Huai not far away from the Church, on a hill a dense tree cover an operation was not easy to find the back of the Shenzhen-dong. Mao Zedong was often hole in the rest study. Later, the locals call it, "Chairman of the hole." "Chairman of the hole," I rugged rocks, a foot of a mountain stream acoustic pulse of small brown-brown. Or is it that evening Early in the morning, Mao Zedong and Deng Zihui a stroll in the stream. Asked Mao Zedong, the leader of the responsibility for what? Deng Zihui silent, thinking. A great man, pointing to fields of work Gengzhe, Hill scamper on the lumberjack, with his heavy Hunan accent answered himself, in my view, lacks the leadership skills of the big deal that his task When a good message for the masses, the poor workers and peasants to the requirements of leading agencies, research analysis, and make practical decisions, and then spread to the implementation of the masses. Is not that a great man "from the masses, the masses to" shape the thinking of the flash? Shanghang small, but all the great historical legacy for future generations of maintenance , Recalled. Shanghang is small, but a collection of copies of the memory of a great man, always forever.

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Asked tea tea - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fujian is the hometown of tea, Wuyi Yan Cha "Dahongpao," Anxi "Tieguanyin" is one of the best, an international reputation and highly respected. In the mountains of western Fujian, producing a cloud in the wind around the mountains on the high mountain tea, for its good quality products, pollution-free, no pesticide residues, etc. The best in the world. The only domestic Jinya Cha tea Zhangping "Narcissus tea cakes", that is, the mountains of western Fujian tea. Narcissus tea, the name of good, tasty, the tea produced in Southeast Asia. Nanyang, central and western Zhangping Department Jiupeng the lower reaches of the river, which rise amid even show, Pinnacle pastoral, mountain tea, a four-Hong, a well-known as the "birthplace of tea." Hill here, year-round cloud Around, vertical and horizontal streams, dense forests, climate unique to form the development of the high mountain tea superior natural ecological environment. Jiupeng River, Gu Chen Ning Yang Xi, Yan Xi Jia Zhi peaks, lush ancient technique guess g flow twists and turns, surging back to the world, dozens of Yuanyang water, the wonders of the spectacular. Gordon won the bridge, Buyun wooden bridges across the streams of Corridor Bridge , The pleasant scenery. Xu Ming Dynasty Great travel home twice Shun boat down the river described in detail for future generations describe the taste of drifting Ning Yang Xi. Tea on the banks of the hillside, layer upon layer, stretching g green tea in the blue sky, cloud, sucking the pure air, Qinglie of rain. A Taiwan business Only 10 minutes from the sea, this tea in the mountains. Deep in the mountains of white clouds floated melodious folk song, "Mu-Cha, so Hall 18, were polite to busy day and night. Vessels 18 18 Hall, the bow of the ship put up red lanterns. Countryside Murdoch rough Black tea, is sent to the back edge Xiao ", the singing of the tea industry, tea and prosperity of overseas Xiangpiao scene. Q Zhangping tea, fall out of a temple on the former site of the Ming Dynasty unearthed an ancient sand bucket straight pot, the local tea culture pleasant surprise Zhangping a long history of empirical added. Production of flowers, a tea Shengjing $ Narcissus, keep winning. Pro Shengjing tea houses, goods Shengjing the tea, mellow feel perplexed about Liu Hua, Jin-sheng full throat. "Tea industry leaders" Fu spoke highly of the old days Shengjing Narcissus "Tai Ping Tea", Jiang Kun, also a famous comic dialogue masters of the inscription is pleased, "Miles tea."

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Huaxiang Flower Search - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongfu trip, with the "flower" of the appointment. Fujian has two large natural garden, Xiamen is a "sea gardens", Yongfu and the other is the "Alpine Garden." Yongfu, the southernmost tip of the Fujian Branch of the mountain basin, Zhangping City is a high mountain village and township: mountains, Yimapingchuan |, like spring all year round, " Mountain "in the world. Here is worthy of a country of the 10 flower production base, filled with flowers of every breath, every play up the color of the flower. Yongfu into, as you move into a colorful world. Garden, Tian Long, is to spend, the Housing Behind the former, the shop on the street is spent; see the eyes of flowers, mouth, "chew" is , Nasal smell of the flowers is; red, white, purple, yellow, the color of $ colorful orchids, Mrs Magpie, Daphne, Tieshu, camellia flowers, and other types of more than 100 more than 1000 varieties seen, there is no Seen before, said David Card of the well-known, Jiaobu Chu's name, variety is wide. Here, only to experience the ancient words "chaos To become fascinating eye "in a taste. Yongfu" Nianhuarecao "is not the time-hing, has 700 years of history. In the early Southern Song Dynasty, Yongfu produced orchids, camellias, Daphne, and other flowers were already firefly southern sound, money When sold on behalf of the Southeast Asian countries. It is said that Chia-ching for eight years, Zou Li Yongfu Sin Temple to the court Gong treasures of the pot-blue heart, flowering seasons, fragrant overflowing, so that Wong Yuet Yan Tai, and Cifeng "Jinbao champion." Local genealogy is documented in this Anecdotes, and local widely famous "Eight Immortals" one of the Huaxian Tieguai Li Yongfu and the myths and legends, the disclosure of details of the Huaxiang Yongfu. Flowers for the edge. Yongfu and uncompleted Inextricably linked with that interpretation of the rich and colorful flowers and legendary stories. Flowers for the media. Flowers bear the Yongfu, "Magpie Flower of Chinese Du villages," the fruits, flowers and achievements of the party Yongfu economy. With flowers, Yong Zhu Yongfu Fuxiang g with flowers, Yongfu always to the benefit of people. The search took Yongfu, take a look at the color, smell Floral smell, a James James, "Hua Xiang," Blessed are a blessing!

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Tin-pui feelings: "The brilliant large manor" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

30 at the Ming and Qing dynasties built the house Gao Hua, 20 Guci, 5 College, an Old Streets km, 2 Cross Street, St. Paul, merging to form a group, the scale of the event, about the layout, designed Ancient villages in residential buildings. This is the "Hakka" mountain in western Fujian Liancheng an old Hakka village - Tin-pui. Tin-pui of the Hakka architecture and ancient residential Yongding Hakkas different style. If the earth storied castle is to close and solid, then the estate is residential Tin-pui, Bold and elegant. Tin-pui is the second residential Earthen Yongding, Meizhou crowded house after another was found well-preserved Hakka residential architectural treasures. ? villages in the picture It has been set, Wu, the ancestors as early as 1344 moved to Tin-pui, in the open base, the proliferation of the world so far has been here for 30, when the last 700 years. To date, more than 300 households in the village, population 1,400, for the all-Wu, of the same clan, the culture in the civil field it referred to as "Chia Square." If the Crown Hill, Beacon Hill, Wuyi South vein 3 green barriers, from north to south, in straight sets Tin-pui, such as the dragon surrounded by three, Frostbite off the cold, summer and fall of the typhoon hit. The five hill outside the village, Hu Ju five security guards You Si, Hu You-pui the field side of peace. Guan Dao village and a rub-off, leading to Changting, City Link, Pei Tian Guan Dao is an old post. A Heyuan left the village around the river, not only for the village farmland irrigation, and security needs in the village. Outlet villages in the south, Mounded, Xiang Feng dense shade, like the giant mouth, "Bao-side good fortune." Tin-pui is located in the picturesque piece of the treasure feng shui. Pei into the fields, everywhere will feel it is painted. There are dust-color high wind firewall Qiaojiao cornices of the gatehouse of the authority; flowers and birds or fish or historical story or fine brushwork decent carved wooden window Jiyu pursuit of the ideal, the longing for a better life ?? ?? nickname? Yard deep, faint wah-wah $ lanes rice fields, such as Dai-Toyama, far away Mean ... ... Tin-pui, worthy of praise for the people of villages in the picture, is everywhere between man and nature Harmonic images. ? water is the spiritual center of a village of Old Streets kilometers long, runs through the village, next to the Guci out, residential areas, shops, Tin-pui is the main commercial market. Legend has it that, when sung dozens of shops on the street, off sticks, car line, gambling Zhuang, cloth store, and so all-encompassing. Old Streets twists and turns, the roadway, connected to each other, Scattered buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties organic together, "is artificial, as if heaven." Side streets with water accompanied by Chun, had Chuanjie Lane, through the family, is the ancient water works. For the elderly in the village memories of the past, Shenzhen bottom water clarity, the villagers rely on Wu Pang Chun water flows as water, Wash rice and vegetables. Village I have a reservoir, Furui, Fangqianwuhou seen. Hundreds of years ago to build the village, the village is extremely particular about the rationale for water. Each of the old buildings have an underground drain cloth are used to discharge the courtyard of every household rainwater, domestic sewage. Residential roofing down to the courtyard of a pool of rainwater, Shun groove out Inflow stone fountain, full "Four to the water together, roll busiest financial resources from" psychological enrichment. Drainage path should pay attention to hidden, should not be exposed; bending should go, should not be out of Zhixie, takes into account "the mother of water for the gas, then reverse and leave together; water is also money to stay song will not have to." Some residential halls are set up under the dark clay pipes, the tortoise in stock Climb inside the animal plays a role in the sewage ditch clearance, try to be different. If the street is the village of bone marrow, water is the lifeblood of the village. Smart water to give a village water kind of spirituality. ? architectural charm to walk through the Old Streets, value Ancestral Hall, the Ancestral Hall for a long time, the Ancestral Hall Chang-ting ... 20 ... 100 Guci, closely linked; construction of sperm The amount can be as much as most of China. ? Hakka attention to the doors of the House structure, "Hall-third of seven House door," said. Tin-pui the Temple Gate House sophisticated gorgeous, magnificent, Jiangxinduyun. Its support base brackets, Li pillars carved beams, cornices Qiaojiao frame, the plaque hanging Rongji, the Red Gate home color painting buildings, the floor, chest wall carved window screens, carved stone pillar Alliance, painted wood wall painting, on both sides of the squat stone lions at Shek Kwu. Ancestral Hall Gate House value brackets mounted on the color painting, more than 300 calendar years long and do not fade, the pattern is still clear lines, lifelike characters. Ancestral Hall in the village for a long time is the most well-preserved, the most exquisite carving Zuci one of the five-door House brackets, Datang legacy, a very See. Village of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Shenzhaidayuan, an attached building, the layout of science, in an orderly close. It was very different than Royal featuring Earthen and closed within characterized Wei Wu. It does not have walls, there is no borehole, and everywhere people are a pleasure to look at the Ping-yu, according to the wall, fish, flowers, people feel that this A health and recreation of the beautiful manor. The building in the village for more than "nine wells Office 18" large-scale, the most typical is "the first doctor", "Yin Hing Tong," "Guanting", in an area of 6900 square meters more than the Office of downtown Gao, Diaolianghuadong, Cross the main vertical, supporting the Office of the car, attached to the main room separated Wind, lighting, drainage, sanitation and improve the science, technology and construction is the perfect combination of science and technology. "Tai Fu Tai" from "moderate", "Machimura husband, who, following good ambition, good business references," stated Therefore, also known as Ji-Tong. She is the largest village in a nine Office of Pit 18 buildings, built over 11 years Covers an area of 6900 square meters, there are now l60-year history. Into the "first doctor", the Office of wearing too well, is entering the compound into another, one of the courtyard, the main hall. Winding corridors, extending in all directions 3 Qiang Shi Hua Ting-yun Glass to spend Louchuang cell, next to the painting poems, lyrical couplet E given in the courtyard, fish pond Fish, flower fragrance, poetic, dreamlike Cantabile. Build a high brick wall sealed, the compound appears to be separated by an independent, is also linked into an indivisible whole building. Its solid solid, comfortable and easy. Embedded in the walls of windows, brick with a "blessing", "Shou", "hi" and other traditional characters, or a variety of plans , And elegant appearance, meaning better ... ... "the first doctor" on the floor, a "concrete" that is, sand, Wong, a small amount of lime blended with brown sugar, and lay a solid foundation from glutinous rice, Stone appears to be on the ground, such as the formation of the new, hard as usual, France amazing architectural scholars as "the world's architectural wonders of science, ancient Chinese residential buildings Boutique operation "." Yin Hing Tong "in front of a pair of" match ", contains men and women Hop, the family business thriving, prosperous million on behalf of the idea, Yu said the guest of the Hakka ancestors in different places together to form a clan against clan and the prospect of self-government Pursuit. This is Beijing courtyard in front of the set is almost the same, reflecting the central plains of mass culture . "Guanting" based on the former Tong, Anhui and construction "four to the water together," there are similar. The purpose of this is that one gram of water meant fire, the second check, "the Office of eighteen nine wells, water wells to the pond" edge, which means no fertilizer flow fields to outsiders. "Two-Zhuo Tong" is a nine Office Building Pit 18, fine decoration, the test . Hall of the screen, sashes, the first beam, Queti carved, and other parts, especially the front 8 exquisite sashes, each fan a relief words together as a "courtesy, justice, honesty and honor, filial piety, the Buddha, loyalty, Letter ", made no secret of its four-dimensional Pate, the rule of virtue to the village, home to Germany's credo. Ancient sculpture covered with houses, planting , Horizontal inscribed board, the process sets, fine arts, sculpture, calligraphy, literature and art, and so on the whole, very spectacular. Ancient residential buildings, the arts are the crystallization of an ancient residential g each, have a distant story.

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Red, "Min" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

To water and soil, a city of this territory is on the corner, it's just a name only a symbol, but a period of history, or an incident, often to make it go down in history, lasting light! Changting, is A city, the mountains of a tight encirclement of the city. L929-year in January, Mao Zedong, Germany led from the main Jinggang Shan Hong Sijun, he moved to Gan Xinan, western Fujian, and create a "workers and peasants armed separatism," a new situation. March, for the first time Hong Sijun Fujian people, the Changling Walled fighting Changting stationed in the city. Since then, the city in the Second Revolutionary Civil War period, the Central Soviet Area has become the center of the Chinese revolution to victory A line of "Red China" ceremony, and the list of famous Chinese revolutionary sites. - Ge Ji-yun, a built in the Song of the old buildings, was born in the Central Soviet Area of the first red political power at the county level, "the Revolutionary Committee of the Changting County." - Lane street deep inside the villa Xin Geng Hong Sijun held an enlarged meeting before the committee to determine the open The Central Revolutionary Base Area of the great strategy. Hong Sijun Command, the Special Branch set up here, Mao Zedong, Zhu De was also living here. - "Wearing a red star, the red flag hanging on both sides of the revolution." Lenin is fitted gray cloth coat, gray cloth pants, red Ling Zhang, red five-star service cap, gray cloth package composed of leg wrappings. This is the The first in the history of the Communist Party of building a unified set of uniforms, and the existing memorial at the Gutian Conference. Changting in the red for the first dress uniform, well-known American writer Agnes Mo Si Shite dishes in the book "Great Road" in his book, invoking memories of Zhu De to describe: "Now we finally have the first The formal award Military uniforms ... ... it does not have a foreign military uniform so beautiful, but for us, its really a very good. "-" Gospel Hospital, "a founder of the Church of the hospital nearly a hundred years to become the first in the Central Soviet Area for the services of the Red Army Hospital , After the move to "red" Ruijin in Jiangxi Province, changed its name to "Red Central Hospital . Even the president of the Fu Zhang is the first doctor in red. Mao Zedong and other Chinese Communist Party leader in the medical infirmary. - In the past, the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee, the Soviet government in Fujian Province, the provincial military region, the provincial banks, corporations Provincial Party Committee, provincial Postal Authority and a number of provincial-level institutions are located here. Changting, Fujian became the Soviet Union The capital, it said, "all red Min." Museum of the Chinese Church of Christ, Zhang, and so on the former site of the temple, that is, "Min-red" witness. - At this time, Tingzhou shops, trade and prosperity, a strong financial basis, the economy is booming, and the founder of the Red Army clothing factory, weaving factory of the Chinese, red hats and other plant Central Soviet Area and the backbone of the enterprise to become the economic center of the Central Soviet Area, Shanghai, and similar to as the "red Shanghai." - Changting also??????25,000, starting in one of the long march. A Red Army Memorial has been built here. More than half a century later, this piece of red land So far retained a considerable number of revolution and revolutionary cultural relics site, including Villa Xingeng (Mao Zedong, Zhu De old), Xiang Ge Yun, evangelical hospital, the former site of the Fujian Provincial CPC Committee, the former site of the Soviet Fujian Province, Fujian Province, the former site of the Federation of Trade Unions (Liu Shaoqi Old), 6 national key cultural units and to commemorate Qu The Office of the National Martyrs Memorial day focused on the protection of the building units. A small town, seven national treasures. Its rich cultural revolution, I am afraid that were rarely seen in the country, and this is a magnificent ancient city picture!

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