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Tin-pui feelings: "The brilliant large manor" - Chinese tourism scenic spots

30 at the Ming and Qing dynasties built the house Gao Hua, 20 Guci, 5 College, an Old Streets km, 2 Cross Street, St. Paul, merging to form a group, the scale of the event, about the layout, designed Ancient villages in residential buildings. This is the "Hakka" mountain in western Fujian Liancheng an old Hakka village - Tin-pui. Tin-pui of the Hakka architecture and ancient residential Yongding Hakkas different style. If the earth storied castle is to close and solid, then the estate is residential Tin-pui, Bold and elegant. Tin-pui is the second residential Earthen Yongding, Meizhou crowded house after another was found well-preserved Hakka residential architectural treasures. ? villages in the picture It has been set, Wu, the ancestors as early as 1344 moved to Tin-pui, in the open base, the proliferation of the world so far has been here for 30, when the last 700 years. To date, more than 300 households in the village, population 1,400, for the all-Wu, of the same clan, the culture in the civil field it referred to as "Chia Square." If the Crown Hill, Beacon Hill, Wuyi South vein 3 green barriers, from north to south, in straight sets Tin-pui, such as the dragon surrounded by three, Frostbite off the cold, summer and fall of the typhoon hit. The five hill outside the village, Hu Ju five security guards You Si, Hu You-pui the field side of peace. Guan Dao village and a rub-off, leading to Changting, City Link, Pei Tian Guan Dao is an old post. A Heyuan left the village around the river, not only for the village farmland irrigation, and security needs in the village. Outlet villages in the south, Mounded, Xiang Feng dense shade, like the giant mouth, "Bao-side good fortune." Tin-pui is located in the picturesque piece of the treasure feng shui. Pei into the fields, everywhere will feel it is painted. There are dust-color high wind firewall Qiaojiao cornices of the gatehouse of the authority; flowers and birds or fish or historical story or fine brushwork decent carved wooden window Jiyu pursuit of the ideal, the longing for a better life ?? ?? nickname? Yard deep, faint wah-wah $ lanes rice fields, such as Dai-Toyama, far away Mean ... ... Tin-pui, worthy of praise for the people of villages in the picture, is everywhere between man and nature Harmonic images. ? water is the spiritual center of a village of Old Streets kilometers long, runs through the village, next to the Guci out, residential areas, shops, Tin-pui is the main commercial market. Legend has it that, when sung dozens of shops on the street, off sticks, car line, gambling Zhuang, cloth store, and so all-encompassing. Old Streets twists and turns, the roadway, connected to each other, Scattered buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties organic together, "is artificial, as if heaven." Side streets with water accompanied by Chun, had Chuanjie Lane, through the family, is the ancient water works. For the elderly in the village memories of the past, Shenzhen bottom water clarity, the villagers rely on Wu Pang Chun water flows as water, Wash rice and vegetables. Village I have a reservoir, Furui, Fangqianwuhou seen. Hundreds of years ago to build the village, the village is extremely particular about the rationale for water. Each of the old buildings have an underground drain cloth are used to discharge the courtyard of every household rainwater, domestic sewage. Residential roofing down to the courtyard of a pool of rainwater, Shun groove out Inflow stone fountain, full "Four to the water together, roll busiest financial resources from" psychological enrichment. Drainage path should pay attention to hidden, should not be exposed; bending should go, should not be out of Zhixie, takes into account "the mother of water for the gas, then reverse and leave together; water is also money to stay song will not have to." Some residential halls are set up under the dark clay pipes, the tortoise in stock Climb inside the animal plays a role in the sewage ditch clearance, try to be different. If the street is the village of bone marrow, water is the lifeblood of the village. Smart water to give a village water kind of spirituality. ? architectural charm to walk through the Old Streets, value Ancestral Hall, the Ancestral Hall for a long time, the Ancestral Hall Chang-ting ... 20 ... 100 Guci, closely linked; construction of sperm The amount can be as much as most of China. ? Hakka attention to the doors of the House structure, "Hall-third of seven House door," said. Tin-pui the Temple Gate House sophisticated gorgeous, magnificent, Jiangxinduyun. Its support base brackets, Li pillars carved beams, cornices Qiaojiao frame, the plaque hanging Rongji, the Red Gate home color painting buildings, the floor, chest wall carved window screens, carved stone pillar Alliance, painted wood wall painting, on both sides of the squat stone lions at Shek Kwu. Ancestral Hall Gate House value brackets mounted on the color painting, more than 300 calendar years long and do not fade, the pattern is still clear lines, lifelike characters. Ancestral Hall in the village for a long time is the most well-preserved, the most exquisite carving Zuci one of the five-door House brackets, Datang legacy, a very See. Village of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Shenzhaidayuan, an attached building, the layout of science, in an orderly close. It was very different than Royal featuring Earthen and closed within characterized Wei Wu. It does not have walls, there is no borehole, and everywhere people are a pleasure to look at the Ping-yu, according to the wall, fish, flowers, people feel that this A health and recreation of the beautiful manor. The building in the village for more than "nine wells Office 18" large-scale, the most typical is "the first doctor", "Yin Hing Tong," "Guanting", in an area of 6900 square meters more than the Office of downtown Gao, Diaolianghuadong, Cross the main vertical, supporting the Office of the car, attached to the main room separated Wind, lighting, drainage, sanitation and improve the science, technology and construction is the perfect combination of science and technology. "Tai Fu Tai" from "moderate", "Machimura husband, who, following good ambition, good business references," stated Therefore, also known as Ji-Tong. She is the largest village in a nine Office of Pit 18 buildings, built over 11 years Covers an area of 6900 square meters, there are now l60-year history. Into the "first doctor", the Office of wearing too well, is entering the compound into another, one of the courtyard, the main hall. Winding corridors, extending in all directions 3 Qiang Shi Hua Ting-yun Glass to spend Louchuang cell, next to the painting poems, lyrical couplet E given in the courtyard, fish pond Fish, flower fragrance, poetic, dreamlike Cantabile. Build a high brick wall sealed, the compound appears to be separated by an independent, is also linked into an indivisible whole building. Its solid solid, comfortable and easy. Embedded in the walls of windows, brick with a "blessing", "Shou", "hi" and other traditional characters, or a variety of plans , And elegant appearance, meaning better ... ... "the first doctor" on the floor, a "concrete" that is, sand, Wong, a small amount of lime blended with brown sugar, and lay a solid foundation from glutinous rice, Stone appears to be on the ground, such as the formation of the new, hard as usual, France amazing architectural scholars as "the world's architectural wonders of science, ancient Chinese residential buildings Boutique operation "." Yin Hing Tong "in front of a pair of" match ", contains men and women Hop, the family business thriving, prosperous million on behalf of the idea, Yu said the guest of the Hakka ancestors in different places together to form a clan against clan and the prospect of self-government Pursuit. This is Beijing courtyard in front of the set is almost the same, reflecting the central plains of mass culture . "Guanting" based on the former Tong, Anhui and construction "four to the water together," there are similar. The purpose of this is that one gram of water meant fire, the second check, "the Office of eighteen nine wells, water wells to the pond" edge, which means no fertilizer flow fields to outsiders. "Two-Zhuo Tong" is a nine Office Building Pit 18, fine decoration, the test . Hall of the screen, sashes, the first beam, Queti carved, and other parts, especially the front 8 exquisite sashes, each fan a relief words together as a "courtesy, justice, honesty and honor, filial piety, the Buddha, loyalty, Letter ", made no secret of its four-dimensional Pate, the rule of virtue to the village, home to Germany's credo. Ancient sculpture covered with houses, planting , Horizontal inscribed board, the process sets, fine arts, sculpture, calligraphy, literature and art, and so on the whole, very spectacular. Ancient residential buildings, the arts are the crystallization of an ancient residential g each, have a distant story.

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