Thursday, December 4, 2008

Zijin Industrial Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Purple Mountain in Fujian Province is located in the north of Shanghang county, Ting Jiang on the left bank, in the mountains, "craggy rocks, Song Zhi-day", known as "Hang Chuan spots in the first" reputation. In the mountains there are very rich in gold, copper, Saying "doll wearing a copper gold hat." Purple Mountain gold mine, to maintain reserves of 138 tons of industrial, With reserves of more than 200 tons, is to maintain the current domestic reserves of the largest single gold mine. "Sunshine Jiang Cheng Chau fog open, gold-gang female Okuma, American Indian jewelry Hau Wong, full of sand waves in the end," describes the ancient artificial gold. Today, the Purple Mountain gold mine production of gold using modern technology to achieve The election, rule of modern production. Purple Mountain open-pit gold mine using the method of mining the highest level elevation 1050m, bottom elevation 616m, the largest up to 434 meters elevation. Open-air mining at the platform on the first stone mining or need to be stripped from the rock blasting through the rock (ore) down isolation To achieve an appropriate degree block; excavator will then scattered ore body or waste rock into the means of transport, mineral Fensan Lu Bing, through the courtyard to the transport belt, or the courtyard of the electric rail cars, or directly from car to the dressing Plant. In the ore dressing plant, after crushing, washing, screening, 5 cm in size Under the ore belt after a cargo plane to transport ore powder warehouse, and then dump truck Yun-yard to build reactors, the use of ore in the yard sprinkler, so that the leaching gold from ore, Kim Boo-containing liquid form, absorption through the pipeline to the workshop The rich pool of liquid, and then level 5-6 after absorption of carbon absorption in the bucket, the water has been activated carbon filter gold Left-laws, the liquid solution to poverty, poor liquid and then again by the increase in drug use pumps able to get into the yard as a liquid spray recycling. Carbon adsorption gold, gold to become carbon containing charcoal gold grade of 4 kg /ton smelter to send more than smelting. The activated carbon adsorption gold mine into the gold smelter, the first tower completed in the coal desorption Separation enables the re-soluble in water, Kim Boo-bearing formation fluid into the electrowinning tank through the electrode response to the formation of gold mud; gold in soil purification plant after a wet refining, electrolytic refining, processing the last "49" gold ingot product.

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