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Wuyishan May under the old residential areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

May under the old residential areas located 12 km southeast of Mount Wuyi in the urban areas, Wuyi is the jurisdiction of the town. Under the Village has a long history, renowned Humanity, the rich cultural heritage, ancient Ming and Qing style residential long hours out in the 900 meters on either side of the river when. Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient houses, ancient markets, together with the antiquity of the simple people Customs, constitute a typical style of the South River.
The early years of the Qing Dynasty, under the Village into the development of the peak, Mount Wuyi become an important tea collecting and distributing center. When the River Terminal 8 must not working, Zhou day 300, a peak. Tea trade brought prosperity and well-off places. Under the four-Mei Chow brother Millions of pro-funded, under-rich A-mei, massive construction projects to build 70 luxury buildings. Before and after, surnamed Fang, Yue family name, surnamed Cheng, Mei Chen, also built in the next house repair Temple, constitute a unique group of construction, well-established. When the building to the river for the axis, pillow River built, the giant mansion, officials of the mansion, hidden The villa, there are scholars of the temple, living mainly in order to function, combined with education, assembly, leisure, entertainment, and other places. There is still more to maintain the integrity of the Ming and Qing styles, reproduce stem Spirit and Culture of the economic prosperity of the historical facts.
May residential construction next to the structure of the main Zhuanmu, Shi-Qi Qiang, Zhu Chu Mu-oriented in order to benefit Pick by Liang-chu, the expansion of building space, the house is generally three or three-bedroom Suite Office into four, the East West Wing House, House Rendezvous range. The combination of sophisticated women's apartment floor, Tower book, Garden, Hall, the room was under the old residential Mei an important part of the formation of the next-mei residential style. In order to lighting, rainwater harvesting, ventilation The residential areas have set up a four-courtyard, a heavy emphasis on a courtyard room, reflects the ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature. Underground days are generally long stone decorative flower, plant flowers for the head of the household, and flowers.
May under the residential structure to the outside of tall wind-based firewall, reflect the closure of the villagers, the sense of security. Wind firewall To draw more than two consecutive Dynasty, elegant implication. These beautiful colored pattern is still clear, the sun and wind for hundreds of years without fading, and people can not help for the old artisan skills and high quality paint very impressed by the width. The residential areas of the underground drainage ditch covered mainly linked to the same household. Cuoluoyouzhi layout of the residential areas, vertical and horizontal neighborhood Winding roadway, paved with river gravel road, Puya Jie Gu. Wu Culture Village people

Fashion may be, the same people to reach out into the nostalgia of "the history of the refrigerator" to search for a period of the past, the Old Streets, Gu Xiang, ancient, ancient village which has stood lonely for many years Ancient ruins now become Mentingruoshi. Get this opportunity, in 2001 developed under the May Wuyishan ancient folk houses in the village of multiple 30 stem-kang Year period preserved the Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient market "in the possession of purdah did not know" The popular things up overnight.
World Cultural Heritage Village on the ground floor from the old villages in the country next May at Wuyi Mountain in the urban area 12 km south-east, has a long history, renowned Humanity, the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient residential-style brick, stone carving, wood carving art together, the appearance of simplicity, the strong local flavor and form The distinctive buildings, more than 900 meters The artificial canal through the village, along two rivers to build a pavilion there is beauty bar late on, Old Streets, ancient, ancient port, ancient architecture, ancient houses, ancient markets, together with the simplicity of the ancient customs, creating a typical south of the Yangtze River Water features.
The early years of the Qing Dynasty, under the Village into the development of the peak, Mount Wuyi become an important Leaf collecting and distributing center. The central village of artificial canals - when the river eight busy loading and unloading terminal, "raft trip on 300, the transfer must not" ( "Sung County"), the tea trade brought prosperity and well-off places. Under Chow Mei-owned by four brothers million, the richest man in the next May, will be large-scale construction, built 70 luxury buildings in this , Surnamed Fang, surnamed Cheng, surnamed Yue, Chen Jian Mei, also in the next house, constitute a unique community to identify the building, the formation of scale. When the building to the river for the axis, pillow River built, the giant mansion, the mansion of officials, the settlement of other people, there are scholars of the School Book House, the main function in order to live, with education, Will, leisure and entertainment facilities such as places. Umemura under still more to maintain the integrity of the Ming and Qing styles, still antiquity, the provision of Kangxi and Qianlong of the economic prosperity of the developed evidence.
May residential construction under the multi-decorated brick facade, Diaolou, Qingwa flat planes from the roof, wall fight to adopt legislation brick block, the wooden partition wooden pillars. Pick by the use of Liang-chu Building the expansion of space, the East West Wing House, House Rendezvous range. Outside the tall structure in order to seal the main firewall, reflected in the village closed, conservative consciousness. The scattered layout of the residential areas there are addressed, winding roadway, the delicate structure of the women's apartment floor, Tower book, do not, Garden, is under the wing Mei ancient residential areas is an important component of the Department . May the formation of the next residential style. In order to lighting, rainwater harvesting, ventilation, residential areas have set up a four-courtyard, underground days are generally long stone decorative flower, plant flowers for the head of the household, and flowers. A heavy emphasis on a courtyard room, reflects the ancient Chinese philosophy of harmony between man and nature.
Brick, stone carving, wood carving and wall color Under the old May is a wonderful residential areas. The gatehouse of the residential areas, without exception, beautifully decorated with brick, reflect the luxury and wealth. To the main brick reliefs, there are hollowing carving. Content from more than historical figures, myths and legends, folk helenahat auspicious flowers and so on. Pay attention to patterns carved, life-like figures, the environment since portrayed appropriate , Yuyishenke the spirit of flexibility, to show the rich cultural charm, the ancient working people to express good wishes. In the brick patterns, such as carved doors of the first books, calligraphy and painting rooms in the Qin Qi, flying the skies 5 trippingly bat, referred to as "Wu-fu in quick succession," the first power bat down, and we are subsidizing the Chinese New Year " "The same meaning. Braving the pot of hot air and sinks with the bat as a symbol of" good fortune "; wishful flying bottle, a symbol of" good luck, happiness peace, "sword flying bottle," Commodities (bottle) or Level "; a person standing on one foot while the head is a monster," top ", and flowers such as cloud patterns, as "Flowers of wealth", "Ziqi East" and the like, are not introduced one by one.
The main stone by stone in the foundation, when the door, Shek Kwu, flower, pool bar, Tseng Lan, water tanks and other objects, it is not only supplies and accessories is, after all, with tours of both technology products. May under the old wooden houses are colorful, pick Leung, Top, tables and chairs, railings, window frames, such as Zhu Chu, particularly for the most window lattice windows in order to spend through the main format is 4, 6, 8 Tang is a grid of the window. Syria has lattice window lattice, parallel to the lattice, and so on, to the maximum of Art. Wood carving patterns and more popular with the masses of plants and animals, characters, themes cloud, the performance of Ancient hard-working people, good deeds, such as the traditional Zhongxiao the United States and Germany.
Meimin next Curie, has retained a few ten ancient plaque, which can be roughly divided into Chai Tong important question, important life and important respect, the process incised, carved-yang, have carved edges. These tablets are rich, exquisite calligraphy, both recorded under heavy Umemura Cultural history, after all, treasures of the art of calligraphy. The Minister Wang Qing Dynasty military aircraft by the book, "Church policy" is more treasures.
May is still intact under the residential areas there is the ancestral hall Chow, West of other water sector, Chow Tai Fu Tai, the policy-tang, Chen Tong is Confucianism, Zou Guixiu House floor, Fang first to join the army, the hermit, he was admitted to Home 40 near residential areas, and the temple town of the country, Tianyi, and other ancient buildings well.
Chow ancestral hall - located in the Xixi when North Creek provisional, 55 years Qianlong Dynasty (1790), covers an area of about more than 200 square meters for the brick. By Zhang Mao Chow, Zhang Shi Di-British joint venture to build. Man Ting temple doors to shape, symmetry Ladder-out brick patterns, as reflected in the traditional Chinese family don, decorated with special "woody" and "water" It's two seal of Calligraphy, which means blood patriarchal family tree like this, the source of water, related to interest-bearing. Shuanma front of the temple with stones, stone drums hold for future generations of ancestor worship to come in to stop. Cinei for regulatory Temple, Shi Jia Ci The Tablet. Main Office Open, as both sides of the room, upstairs for the concept stage. Qianlang arching wooden pillars for the sophisticated, chic style, hanging lanterns, lantern. Zhaobi for the 4-in-one wooden door Huabing, the main performance for ethics, patriarchal, life. Firewall to double its wind wave modeling, Hong Kuo momentum. Banquet facilities available Cinei The altar, because of serious damage during the Cultural Revolution, is now gone.
Chow Tai Fu Tai - is located under the North Village, for the construction of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial court as a result of the owner Letters have been closed, "the doctor in the constitution" and got its name. House gate laying on the ground by Qingshi, Shuanma on both sides of the stone and stone flagpole is still well preserved. Door facing the wall with all the Carved decoration, rich in subject matter, realistic image of the rich flavor of life, the way to relief and Toudiao combination of structured and appropriate composition. The hatchback Gechuang decorated with wood carving, sculpture, respectively bats, flowers, geometric shapes, and so on, the house was magnificent contrast. Queti of the house are decorated with wood carvings, all of the original post Hot Ziguabaolian. Each has a courtyard of a high-low two stone flower. Concept behind a flower garden to celebrate the "Fan Chuan", a southern style garden, "mirror on" Taiwan, the fish pond, game units, such as stone flower. Podocarpus planting a garden, window embedded on both sides to set Louhua brick, through the use of King in order to give the "wall flowers Animal suspected to Yu Ren, "the aesthetic experience. Bright and spacious building as a whole, the hero of the show are rich and prominent position. The house is a large number of ancient residential areas under the Village in one of the best preserved. Fujian Province in 2000 as a protection unit .
Hedley Lane - at Under-mei North side gate of a big house, close to the home side The first to join the army. "Lane about the amendment to the Qing Emperor Qianlong 20 (1755), then the richest man in May under Chapter Zoumao descendants of housing construction in the home side the first to join the army to the south, the two families back wall close to, you can not open the back door, Fang Guarding the frontier in the north of the Great Wall, a non-commissioned officers were killed, The Valiant Ones for the first gate, the families of poverty, Zhou Fang read meritorious, Silver-funded pension. Fang grateful, was to let the wall move. Zou opened the back door, to fall back on the eastern side of the Fang Feng-made firewall Joe Lane 10, hundreds of silver consumption of the two. Lane was known as the United States, "Hedley Lane," Yu "reasonable" means.
Church policy - right at Chow Tai Fu Tai, Suite for the three structures, Court books, flowers, but also to preserve the ancient Cantonese-style furniture such as chairs Rohan, Wood Beds-style Qing Dynasty, and so on, the carved patterns are already legendary, Qing Emperor Qianlong between one of the four major degree, when the imperial court for the minister of military aircraft Wang pro title for the book's "policy together," Tang Shang horizontal inscribed board hanging, has well-preserved.
Guixiu floor -- In the North-Mei Zou, was the first Jhainei a subsidiary of construction, primarily for family Guixiu yellow, my daughter Qiqie entertainment. This delicate structure of the floor for two-floor: the ground floor of wood decorated with patterns; Fangzhuan floor, clean design. Exquisite decorative wooden ceiling design, the walls carved window, the window ring scenery Vision scenery. Church school is - at North Street next May, three-bedroom Suite for the construction, because the owners have been waiting Yong Chen Tong is Confucianism, important system suspended Hall, the first door Guangyao, said local people for the mansion of "Confucianism is together," House set up private schools , The full moon has on the floor, such as the Office of the construction subsidiary. At present, Jhainei also retain more than a half-Muzhuo. Yong Chen was the first Gong Yuan, Confucianism is the candidate of victory after 100 years together, still attached to the walls of the house, the text said, "your old House of Chan-yong, the township have taken it for granted to the five recommended by the first Chinese Yuan Kun, Li Bu The Church is the candidate of Confucianism" "Confucianism is together," the board is also well-preserved. Family tourism resort only 8 km, so that the villagers are proud of United Nations officials Baqiekefu UNESCO, the architect Yang Tingbao, Lu Bing Jie, a professor of Tongji University in Shanghai have visited over the next Umemura, and gave high marks. Wuhan School of Architecture Professor Xin Kejing

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