Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tien Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longyan City, located in the town of Shi Yan, Peak 1594 meters above sea level, is a religious tourist destination in western Fujian. According to ancient records, the Mountain "review of Yunqi often, Yin Hui Xiao Wen, or drum, temple named." As early as the Tang Dynasty temple has been built temples on the mountain, when the Qing Dynasty incense to the already flourishing. In recent years, Tien Temple concept of non-construction End Zhen, Yamashita has the Mountain Gate, after the order for the Mountain Gate into the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Main Hall, the Hall of Great Mercy, and possession of view, as well as Dian-hui House, Temple, the margin of the dream temple, hotels and so on, these Siguan deeply embedded in the area of construction 3.2 square kilometers of mountains, for the Mountain View Xiuse added. Tien Shan magic beautiful natural scenery, Substantial sea of clouds in the mountains, Qi, as well as Quanbao dawn, sunset, fog-lan scene, and so on, it is pleasant linger.

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